Great Wolf Lodge, Concord NC - A GREAT VACATION

The tree house splash area!
The tree house splash area! | Source
The bucket on the top poured out all it's water, a great time!
The bucket on the top poured out all it's water, a great time! | Source
The logs and lilly pads.
The logs and lilly pads. | Source
One of the large slides.
One of the large slides. | Source
Nightly Story Time with Santa and the reindeer.  They made it snow inside!!!
Nightly Story Time with Santa and the reindeer. They made it snow inside!!! | Source
The "stomp stomp, clap clap, HOWLLLLL" of the Great Wolf Cubs :)
The "stomp stomp, clap clap, HOWLLLLL" of the Great Wolf Cubs :) | Source

The Great Wolf Lodge in Concord/Charlotte North Carolina was one of the best vacations we have been on. There was so much for the kids to do and for the adults to do as well that we never heard the kids say they were bored.

Your Great Wolf Lodge adventure begins in their massive 84-degree indoor water park. Some of the best attractions include jaw-dropping slides, polor bear race slides, log and lilly pad courses, zero-depth entry areas for the little ones and a HUGE water fun tree house with two water slides and a large splash bucket. There is over 80,000 square feet of water-packed excitement. During the summer months there is also an outside the water park and a mini golf course.

There is a place called MagiQuest where you build your own magic wand and battle a dragon. You go all around the lodge with your magic wand collecting clues and opening treasure chests.

Young girls (ages 5 and up) can also get an ice cream-themed manicure and pedicure in the Scooops Kid Spa. There is also a full service spa for the adults.

There's the Cub Club where kids can go to paint, play, color, tye-dye, anything you can imagine. Parents have to be with kids at the Cub Club except for nights when you pay for kids to go for an hour or two without parents having to stay there.

While you are having dinner, if you order a kids meal, they give you a set of wolf ears. The kids just LOVE these. It makes the Cub call that much more fun. Stomp Stomp, Clap Clap, HOWLLLLLLLLLLL :) I love hearing that walking down the hall.

Every night at 8pm there is a gathering for your family in their Grand Lobby for fireside Story Time which is the perfect ending to a Great Wolf Day.

Most of the above can be booked with your reservation online. The hight for the slides and rides can be found on the website as well.

One of my favorite parts of this Vacation was their key's for their rooms. It was your wrist band that you have to keep on the whole length of your stay. It's for access to the water park as well as your room key. Makes it so much easier so you don't leave the key in your room or lose it.

For anyone in the area looking for a GREAT family vacation this would be a perfect one to look into. The Concord mall is right across the interstate and it took us 3 hours to walk around it (and we only went into a couple stores). Bass Pro Shop, Dave and Busters, Best Buy - these are just a few stores connected to the mall! There is a Walmart by the mall as well that is HUGE. There are tons of places to eat. Charlotte motor speedway is also right up the road. There is so much in this area to do and see.

Below is the link to the Great Wolf Lodge website. Stop by and check it out. It will be a vacation worth taking!!!

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I'm going not sure when

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It's a blast!!! You'll love it for sure!

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