Great place to Stay

How many enjoy going on vacations, and not really know where to go or how much it will cost you.

Well I can say for many to go to the Philippines the cost little and when you get there so much to see and places to visit.

To travel around the fares so cheap compared to other places.

You an stay can stay can stay in a 4 star hotel for less than $30.00 per night and with B&B, air fares also cheap to fly to most places cost return about $50.00 from Manila.

We have been to Palawan underground River Caves such a wonderful trip you go in the caves in a boat and guide, the inside walls are so beautiful.

If you want to go to Bacolod the weather is cooler there, many mountains to climb if that what you want to do.

Barocay has many great beaches white sand.

Many of the beaches are all white sand and away from strong wind blowing in, great places for diving too around some of the islands..
You would never regrete going there for your nxt vacation.

When we go on vacations we always bring God into it as he is our life support, he said that when we are his children he will never leave or forsake us, this is why we have God in our lives then we know that our vacations will be as it should be.

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