Beautiful Gumbrechts Green Pit Viper Snake

Gumbrechts Green Pit Viper

Gumbrechts Green Pit Viper

Gumbrecht Green Pit Viper, it was noted that Thailand had so many scientists found many species exist. World Wildlife Fund (WWF) group of scientists also said that more than 1000, they discovered a new species of Southeast Asia, the Greater Mekong Subregion. One of them is a green snake snake.

This Gumbrechts green Pit viper or as they call it Trimeresurus gumprechti. It looks so beautiful, is not it? Unfortunately, scientists have been unable to find them in the woods, but they did it on the table in a restaurant in Thailand. What's sad is not it? I hope that scientists can the people of this beautiful snake. Gumbrecht green pit Viper snake.

Gumbrechts Green Pit Viper Species have been discovered in tropical forests and wetlands along the Mekong River, which flows through Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and the southern Chinese province of Yunnan.

Gumbrechts Green Pit Viper


Gumbrechts Green Pit Viper

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ciearra 6 years ago

this is one snake i wouldnt want 2 run into

Armando Esteban Quito 6 years ago

Lovely scales!!

armando 4 years ago

pliz put more usefull information of this snaek

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