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There are many great handmade crafts in Tennessee. Life in the south can be much different from anywhere else in this country. There are still people in the south that try to be self reliant and forge their own way of living. These people still design their own furniture, make soap and create their own handmade goods and gifts. The people of Tennessee enjoy the laid back life and that reflects in the many things they say, do, think and build. It takes a certain type of person to do the things they do. They take pride in the crafts and goods they produce. This type of passion is something that most of us don't have. We're all to busy trying to keep up with the pace of this light-speed world. These people give the rest of us a little piece of their life with every handmade gift, craft and good they construct.

Handmade Soap
Handmade Soap

Gifts and Goods Handmade in Tennessee

You will discover these people here who make their living creating their wonderful handmade masterpieces. You will learn about a man who has had over 30 years of woodworking experience, a group of men and women who take pleasure in crafting handmade sewn goods and wood workings, a married couple named Bill and Judy who craft pottery on their farm in Lascassas, Tennessee and a woman whose skin care problems she solves with her very own handmade soaps and skincare products.

SouthGate Woodwork

Situated at the base of Tennessee's Great Smokey Mountain National Park you find yourself in the second oldest Town in Tennessee. Dandridge is small town of under 3,000 men, women and children. One of it's resident's David Richards is a master Woodworking Craftsman. Richards prides himself on precision craftsmanship and is the proprietor of SouthGate Woodwork.

Richard's has enjoyed wood crafting for over 30 years and works closely with each of his client's to create precisely what they are looking for. He chooses only the best pieces of hardwood to construct his customers furniture. If you ever find yourself in Dandridge and in need of precision craftsmanship stop by and give Mr. Richards a call.

SouthGate Woodwork
117 West Meeting Street
Dandridge, Tennessee 37725
(865) 397-0560

Directions to SouthGate Woodwork

A markerSouthGate Woodwork -
117 W Meeting St, Dandridge, TN 37725, USA
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Heart and Hands

In the heart of Tennessee in a city made famous by a Civil War Battle of the same name is Franklin. It's an upper middle class community with an old southern feel. In this city of Franklin lies a shop on Main Street by the name of Heart and Hands. This shop offers handmade pottery, jewelry and wood workings among other things. This shop has been part of Franklin for almost two decades.

What makes this shop unique to a lot of the other shops on Main Street is not just the fact that they offer handmade crafts and gifts but rather the workforce behind these items. Heart and Hands is a collective of some thirty plus different potters, craftsmen, soap makers and many others all from different backgrounds but all residing somewhere in the great state of Tennessee.

This is a must see stop while traveling Tennessee. Do yourself a favor and make a special trip to Franklin and stop by Hearts and Hands. While you're there look around and find something that is as unique as this cozy little shop tucked away on Main Street.

Heart and Hands
342 Main Street
Franklin, TN 37064
(615) 794-2537

A markerHeart and Hands -
342 Main St, Franklin, TN 37064, USA
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Red Oak Pottery

Lascassas is an unincorporated town right outside of Murfreesboro in Rutherford County Tennessee. The town is named for Bartolome de las Casas a Spanish missionary that joined Christopher Columbus on his third expedition to America. Lascassas is home to a special couple who share a passion for pottery. Bill and Judy Heim meet just as Bill had chosen to take up pottery as a way to escape his trying career in engineering.

Since having met in the 80's and sharing their love for pottery the two have left their day jobs to pursue their passion for pottery. The two formed Red Oak Pottery and the rest is history. Today you can find them in their studio on their farm outside of Lascassas.

Their love for pottery really shows through in their artwork. The couple craft bowls, pitchers and mugs to name a few. Stop by their website to check out some of their artwork and inquire about purchases.

Red Oak Pottery

A markerLascassas -
Lascassas, TN, USA
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Althaea Soaps and Herbals

Johnson City was founded in 1856 by Henry Johnson as a railroad station called "Johnson's Depot" and was a major hub for the southeast. It is home to a woman whose life long skin problems have taken her on a journey to alleviate those skin problems. She has created a line of skin care products she now offers to the general public.

She offers her story on her website along with a blog where she offers up tips for keeping your skin in check without using grocery store bought products that may actually be hurting more than they are helping.

She offers many great products on her site. She not only sells her skin care line but also offers soap dishes and a wide range of soy candles to enjoy while soaking in a warm tub or reading a good book. These handmade products are really something to check out and give a try in your home. Do your self a favor and drop by her website and browse around. You just might find something you like.

Althaea Soaps and Herbals

A markerJohnson City -
Johnson City, TN, USA
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bayoulady profile image

bayoulady 6 years ago from Northern Louisiana,USA

Oh, you make me miss TN! I lived there from 1973 til 1976.Lived in Nashville off Old Hickory BLVD on Bell RD for 1 1/2 yrs and then in Murfreesboro on Rutherford BLVD .Went to church In Franklin while living in Nashville. What a lovely drive it was!

Love all the great stuff to see and do in this hub!

What's News profile image

What's News 6 years ago Author

Tennessee is a really nice state to live in I can see why you. Thanks for stopping by and for the comment.

agvulpes profile image

agvulpes 6 years ago from Australia

Being from Australia I find reading about places like Tennessee fascinating. Even more so when it is first hand.

Awesome Hub :-)

suziecat7 profile image

suziecat7 6 years ago from Asheville, NC

I do love the state of Tennessee. Great Hub.

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