Happy and SAFE journey with travel Insurance

“Mrs.Perera has gone to Europe this time. What are we planning for this summer?” Whenever your wife asks these kinds of questions, you freak out, because you will have so many difficulties in planning a perfect vacation. Where to go (It should matches your family’s expectation as well), what all should be packed, the accommodation, preparing the budget, Etc?

Leaving ones home country and getting into a new environment is a natural cause for anxiety and stress. No matter how well you plan, there are a few things which can be out of your control. Losses can happen anytime. There can be various types of losses. But a travel Insurance can always help you in any emergency while you travel.

Travel Insurance is a protection which you need to have when the place you travel to is new and you are not aware about the circumstances (unexpected) which may arise. Normally it covers the medical expenses, trip interruption/cancellation, and Damages to baggage. It also can help you in the situation of where you have pre paid non-refundable payments. Briefly we can say travel insurance provides additional protection for people who travel for pleasure or business frequently. Who will not like to have?


There are various types of travel insurances which are offered by different insurance companies. Given below are the most common types.

  1. Single Trip Travel Insurance
  2. Annual Travel Insurance/Multi Trip Travel Insurance
  3. Long Stay Travel Insurance
  4. Medical Travel Insurance
  5. Cruise Travel Insurance
  6. Group Travel Insurance
  7. Business Travel Insurance
  8. Trip cancellation/interruption insurance

You can always choose the one that you like. However, you should be cautious about the scams. You should read the entire document carefully to see that everything is in accordance to your requirements. Good insurance policies will not only meet your specific needs satisfactorily, but will also give you the security, confidence and emotional stability that is most essential when traveling and staying in a foreign environment.

It is far better and more productive to buy a separate policy straight from the Insurance Company instead of having it included in your travel package. This gives you freedom to choose benefits according to your specific needs. You also need to scrutinize policies carefully to avoid being subjected to fraud on the internet.

It's impossible to predict what kind of problem may arise during your journey; therefore it is better to have protection rather than worrying after the losses. You have to prepare yourself for all possible problems.

Doesn’t matter how much Mrs.Pereras and Fonsekas jabber about their travelling experiences with your wife. You can plan your vacation with confidence having travel insurance. Enjoy a safe journey without any worries as your protection is guaranteed.

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