Haunted Places In Michigan

The Whitney

The Sweet Dreams Inn

This inn is located in Bayport Michigan and overlooks Lake Huron. It is a very beautiful victorian mansion that was built right there in Bayport. The first owner of the inn was William H. Wallace and said to still roam the inn. They can hear heavy footsteps, and he is said to tell the guest to get out by whispering in their ears.

His first wife died there and wanders the second floor trying to get into each bedroom to check on her five children. Ora, the youngest daughter lurks around the third floor, moves furniture and touches guests. She's been seen looking out the third floor window.

The Whitney

This restaurant is located it Detroit Michigan but wasn't always a restaurant. It was originally the home of David Whitney. Claims include the doors opening and closing on their own. The table settings have been moved and the elevator operates when no one is there. There are many cold spots. A few have actually claimed to have seen what the think is the ghost of David Whitney.

Mission House

This place is located on Mackinac Island at a location that is called Mission Point. It was built in 1825 missionaries William and Amanda Ferry. It's the centerpiece of a major effort by the American Board Commissioners for Foreign Missions, a Calvinist group to spread Christianity among Native Americans of the Great Lakes. It is also a standing remnant of the fur trade era of Great Lakes History.

This place used to house Native Americans. At one point the Native American children there became infected with tuberculosis and were locked in the cool cellar, believing that it would help them. It resulted in many of them dying. Reports of seeing apparitions of the children walking around all areas of the house. Screams have been heard coming from the basement.

The Paulding Light

This takes place in Paulding Michigan. A train engineer was hit by a train and it is said that he still wonders the areas in the form of light. The light can instantly appear as well as disappear. It can change colors and directions swiftly.

Fox And Hounds Restaurant

In Bloomfield Hills there is a restaurant called Fox and Hounds Restaurant. Every night around 11:30 pm the pots and pans in the kitchen will fall out of the shelves. This happened twelve times then the cooks decided to place them on the ground. In the morning the pans would be placed back on the shelves.

The Old Abbot Mansion

This place is located in Reading Michigan. There are all kinds of claims. Shades in the house will raise and lower on their own. The light will turn on and off. Sometimes a gruesome face appears in one of the windows. Loud banging have been reported on the floor around 3:00 Am. Dusty foot prints appear on every step leading upstairs and only a visitor to the house can wipe them away. No animals will go near this place.

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JadedLove 5 years ago

Looks like someone knows her stuff. I want to be scared to death. Great hub, thank you for sharing.

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Cresentmoon2007 5 years ago from Caledonia, MI Author

Thank you, I do indeed know quite a bit about haunted places.

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FlourishAnyway 3 years ago from USA

Very interesting list! I'm going to send this to a friend who just moved to Michigan a few months ago. She'll enjoy it.

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Thank you I am sure she will enjoy it

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Well done. Love a good ghost story.

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