Haunted Scary Places that One Should Never Miss to Visit

Haunted Places Around the World

There are several places around the world which are believed to be haunted. While some of them are reported by the people who have been in these places and gone through certain strange experiences, some are simply folklores. Below are some of the places around the world that are reportedly haunted, even though there are several others too:

The World's Scariest Places And Most Haunted Locations

  • Changi Beach, Singapore: During the Sook Ching Operation, several Chinese were tortured and killed, suspected of being anti- Japanese. At present, people report of seeing heads of Chinese dead bodies flying all over place as well as headless bodies walking all around. People also hear cries and screams and dug holes similar to those used to bury dead people.

Haunted places around the world
Haunted places around the world

The World's Scariest Places And Most Haunted Locations

  • Bhangarh Fort, India: As per a legend, black magic tantrik cursed that everybody in the palace would die and their souls would remain there for centuries. Tourists coming to this place experience a strange feeling of restlessness and uneasiness. It is said that those who stay there after dark would never return. Government too has prohibited this area from staying after sunset. Also, people of this place never built roofs for their houses since it would collapse.

  • Monte Cristo, New South Wales, Australia: The house was owned by Mrs Crawley, who never came out of her home after the death of her husband in 23 years of her remaining life except for two times. It is said that the place has undergone several tragic incidents including the murder of a caretaker in 1961 and the imprisonment of a mentally impaired man for many years in the dairy. During the Crawleys' occupation, a young child is said to have been fatally dropped down the stairs, a maid to have fallen from the balcony, and a stable boy to have been burnt to death. There are reports of ghostly figures, strange lights, automatic on and off of lights, invisible forcefields, terrifying sounds and animal mutilations in this house.

  • Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, Chicago: According to a legend only men were buried here and hence the cemetery got this name. There are several paranormal activities that have been reported over here. One of the most famous sightings is the woman sitting on a tombstone. There have been several others like: the graves were opened and caskets removed, bones found to be strewn about the cemetery, the apparition of a horse emerge from the waters of the pond nearby, pulling a plow behind it that was steered by the ghost of an old man, disappearing ‘ghost cars’ on the road near Bachelor’s Grove, sighting of the "phantom farmhouse", ghost lights, sightings of unbelievable creatures etc. It has been reported that black magic and occult rituals have been occurring in and around the graveyard and hence the ghostly powers are severe here

  • Myrtles Plantation, St. Francisville, Louisiana: It is often reported that 10 murders occurred in the house, but historical records only indicate the murder of William Winter. William Drew Winter – an attorney, who lived at Myrtles, was shot on the side porch of the house by a stranger. He staggered into the house and began to climb the stairs to the second floor, but collapsed and died on the 17th step. It is said that his last dying footsteps can still be heard on the staircase.  Handprints in the mirrors, footsteps on the stairs, mysterious smells, vanishing objects, death by poison, hangings, murder and gunfire, all such phenomenon has been reported in this house.


  • The George Stickney House, United States: George Stickney built this house with rounded corners to facilitate the free roaming of spirits and to talk to the spirits of his dead children. It is believed that corners trap the spirits they call upon, which can anger them and cause grave danger to anyone that is in its path. Hence there was only one corner in the house at ninety degree and oddly enough, George met his demise in the same corner with a terrified look on his face. George and Sylvia held many seances in the home. Sylvia continued to conduct large seances in the home in the upstairs ballroom after her husband’s death. It has been reported of seeing figures moving about, hearing footsteps and strange voices. Now it is a Police House and police claim sudden turning off the lights, doors opening by themselves and door knobs turning suddenly, sounds of footsteps and strange noises here.


  • Screaming Tunnel, Niagara Falls: There are several legends behind the screaming tunnel. The most popular legend is about a family who lived in a farm house near the tunnel and caught fire. A little girl from the house ran into the tunnel with fire caught on her clothes. She collapsed and died in the middle of the tunnel. Another legend says that a little girl was burnt in the tunnel by her angry father when he found out he lost his children to his wife in a bitter custody battle. Another story revolves around a rape and murder of a girl in the tunnel. Whatever the story, any one if lit a fire standing in the middle of the tunnel, the fire gets blown off and the screaming of a little girl is followed. It is also noted that the middle of the tunnel is quite cold, even on a hot summer day.


  • The White House - Washington D.C., USA: There have been several stories about ghosts of former Presidents revisiting the White House, of which the most popular is that of Abraham Lincoln. Several of them like Eleanor Roosevelt, Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, Calvin Coolidge's wife, a young clerk have reported seeing the former president at different sites in White House. Ghosts of President Harrison, President Andrew Jackson, and First Lady Abigail Adams were also claimed to be seen in White House.

  • The Queen Mary - Long Beach, California, USA: A former luxury cruise liner which was later converted into hotel by the city of Long Beach is said to haunt by many passengers and crew members from its sailing days. Some of them that have been reported are: bangs on pipes throughout the engine room which is believed to be the ghost of a 17-year-old sailor who was crushed trying to escape a fire, a "lady in white" around the front desk of the hotel, ghosts of children haunting the pool area, furniture moving about by itself near the pool’s changing room, experience of being touched by unseen hands, screaming and several other strange phenomenon.


  • Edinburgh Castle - Edinburgh, Scotland: Edinburgh has been said to be the most haunted city in all of Europe. Some of major spots where the ghostly experiences have been reported are the castle’s prison cells, the South Bridge vaults and Mary’s King Close, a disused street used to quarantine and eventually entomb victims of the plague. Certain strange occurrences that have been reported are a phantom piper, a headless drummer, the spirits of French prisoners, colonial prisoners, ghost dog, sudden drops in temperature, feeling of an unseen presence and of being watched, appearance of shadowy figures and several others. 


               So visit these places and get ready for those live ghostly experiences!!!

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Kim Lynn profile image

Kim Lynn 5 years ago

Fascinating stories. I get spooked just reading about these haunted sites.

Ingenira profile image

Ingenira 5 years ago

Interesting. These are famous places which are haunted. Nice stories to chit chat on during gathering.

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 5 years ago from Central Texas

I love scary places! I have several hubs about haunted places in Texas.

Zeusedon 5 years ago


jhendor profile image

jhendor 5 years ago

The Niagara falls story is really touching. The current miracle that happens there is just what ponders me. Does it means her soul is still there?

Mochan profile image

Mochan 5 years ago from Texas

Ooooh! I LOVE haunted places! This is a great guide for when I decide to go on my 'haunted places national tour'. Thanks for the hub!

Joesy Shmoesy profile image

Joesy Shmoesy 5 years ago from New England

You gave me great chills! I love spooky places. Thanks and if I get to any of them I'll be sure to let you know what I thought.

Kevin Peter profile image

Kevin Peter 3 years ago from Global Citizen Author

Hi Mochan,

Did you go for the tour? How was it? I hope this hub was useful to you.

Hi Joesy,

Did you get the chance to visit any of such places? Let me know if you visted any one of them.

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