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ms Nieuw Amsterdam

One of the newer ships in Holland America Line’s fleet, only having been in service since 2010, the ms Nieuw Amsterdam is the 81st to be operated by Holland America Line. The ms Nieuw Amsterdam is the second largest ship in Holland America Line (the only one larger is its sister ship, the ms Eurodam). The ship was made to accompany the ms Eurodam as a fellow Signature Class ship; to be a Signature Class ship means the ship is an enhanced version of a Vista Class designed ship with an additional deck which provides additional cabins and facilities for passengers.

Built to glamour the city once named Nieuw Amsterdam, New York City, the inside of the entire ship contains art collections and interior design inspired by this great city. Holland America Line has actually spent millions of dollars on different art to decorate the interior of this ship with such varied works as those from Dutch masters of the past to creations by artists of today. A great example of such art is the sculpture that adorns the ceiling of the ship: a giant structure of an inverted New York skyline constructed using clear blocks that are hung upside-down toward the floor.

A Closer Look at ms Nieuw Amsterdam

Canaletto Restaurant


Dining options are available all over the ship.

  • Manhattan Dining Room – The main dining room of the ship
  • Pinnacle Bar and Grill– Normal dining or casual bar sitting options are both available
  • Canaletto Restaurant – Restaurant that is only found on the Nieuw Amsterdam and her sister ship
  • More Options for Dining – Lido Restaurant is available for any meal, 24-hour dining in-room, and more

Living Onboard

There are four main types of rooms onboard all Holland America Line ships:

  • Standard/Large Interior* – 2 beds convertible to a queen-size bed, w/ shower
  • Large Ocean-View* - 2 beds convertible into a queen-size bed, w/ bath and shower
  • Verandah Suites* - 2 beds convertible into a queen-size bed, w/ whirlpool bathtub and shower, private area, mini-bar, ceiling-to-floor windows, verandah, and sitting room
  • Deluxe Verandah Suites*- 2 lower beds convertible into a king-size bed, large sitting area, verandah, sofa bed, w/ whirlpool bath and shower.

*Staterooms include amenities such as Premium Euro-Top mattresses, Egyptian cotton-made towels, premium massage shower heads, fresh fruit, a flat-screen TV with a DVD Player, and more. Verandah Suites and Deluxe Verandah Suites each include mini-bars, concierge services, extensive DVD libraries, and varieties of pillows. Deluxe Verandah Suites always include extensive service in all fields.

Ocean-View Stateroom

Nieuw Amsterdam Shipboard Features

  • Canaletto Restaurant - A restaurant made exclusively for the Signature Class cruise ship series, the Canaletto Restaurant features gourmet Italian foods that are made by some of the best chefs around.
  • Digital Workshop - An exclusive feature of the Holland America Line, Digital Workshops allow families back at home to see pictures, slide shows, and videos that have been taken and edited almost professionally by you before you even make it home. Microsoft has placed onboard some experts who will help you accomplish this.
  • Culinary Arts Center - Similar to other ships in Holland America, the Culinary Arts Center is one that provides gourmet cooking lessons from the Master Chefs onboard the ship and a demonstration kitchen that allows guests to both learn and allow their mouths to water.
  • Club HAL and The Loft - Club HAL, designed to help facilitate the needs of children onboard, is a phenomenally built area that allows for children have a place to play and have supervision by adult, kid-friendly crewmates. There are scheduled programs and activities to keep children occupied and having fun. The Loft is a teen “chillzone” where teenagers are able to hangout and have a good time with other teenagers of the same age (from 13-17). There are both socializing areas and activities available at the Loft.

Itinerary Summaries for 2014 and 2015

2014 Cruises

The ms Nieuw Amsterdam cruise itineraries consist of a number of different locations, starting with some Mediterranean Voyages that visit great cities in the countries of Spain, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, and Turkey. There are also quite a few variations of this cruise that involve different departure dates, departure locations, and different itineraries, but all involve Mediterranean countries. The longest of these is a 25 day cruise while the shortest is a 12 day cruise.

The next set of itineraries on this ship includes some West Caribbean cruises, East Caribbean cruises, and combinations of the two varying from 7 days to 14 days. There are also some itineraries that are designed holiday cruises through the Caribbean that only run during late December and early January.

2015 Cruises

2015 begins with more Caribbean cruises similar to those that occurred in late 2014. These, once again, consist of trips that vary from East Caribbean cruises to West Caribbean cruises and from 7 days to 14 days. The venue definitely changes quickly, however, because the next set of cruises is in the Mediterranean with one starting from Florida and stopping in Portugal and Spain, and the others almost identically following the Mediterranean cruises of 2014 with different itineraries of stops in France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Montenegro, and Croatia. The periods of these trips are 15 days for the first and 7-12 days for the latter, depending on which itinerary chosen. The last of these trips is a 14 day cruise that will begin in Spain and end back in the United States (in Fort Lauderdale, Florida). Concluding the 2015 season will be more Caribbean cruises similar to those earlier in the year.

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