Hong Kong Local Food Guide - Real Taste that Not been Recommended in the Tourist Guide

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Ever wonder while you travel to a new place, new countries for a visit or business, you are looking for some real local taste, would like to ask where local people go for their meal?

The recommendations on the travel guide booklets are usually reflects "what the author" expects the foreginers would enjoy. Those restaurants being introduced are famed, national-class, great services and mostly required the waiter/waitress do speak English. But there really is many GREAT places to eat at Hong Kong, where most local people recommend, the waiter are usual civilians lived in HK where they may not able to speak different language, BUT they provide Great Taste of choice, if you are curious and not satisfy with the touring guide, here I will introduce some good Hong Kong Local Restaurant to you!

Old Man Hot Pot

Old Man Hot Pot (老坑火鍋 ~ Lao Han Fo War)

Adress: 25-31 Backstreet path of Cooke Street, Hung Hom, Hong Kong

Phone: 2365 2405

Dish: Hong Kong Style Hot Pot (steamboat)

Avg Cost: $100~$150 HKD ($13~$20 US) per person

Old Man Hot Pot's Famous Hot Pot Soup - Tomato Crab Soup
Old Man Hot Pot's Famous Hot Pot Soup - Tomato Crab Soup
Don't miss out to order a Fresh Beef Slice ~ great ingredients for the Hot Pot meal!
Don't miss out to order a Fresh Beef Slice ~ great ingredients for the Hot Pot meal!

Hot Pot Steamboat

Hot Pot (Steamboats) is refer to a variety of dishes eaten throughout China, where fresh ingredients are cooked in a simmering pot of broth at the table, usually communally similar to a fondue.

Typical ingredients of hot pot include thinkly sliced meat, leafy vegetables, mushrooms, tofu, noodles and seafood. And Hong Kong people prefer to eat hot pot with Fresh egg (stir the york and egg white in the bowl along with the hot pot soup) where they believed fresh egg can cool down the sore throat while eating the spicy hot pot food. The cooked food is eaten with a dipping sauce (Mixed with Chilli, Ginger, sauce oil) and the soup.

The Hot Pot soup is the main spirit of the whole meal, it differentiate it from a good taste to a bad meal, there are several different kind of soup for hot pot from herbal, chicken soup, chill, satay, winery, and more.

The Old Man Hot Pot's favorite Hot Pot soup is the Tomato Crab Soup. a Whole fresh crab with tomato in the pot with tofu and Chinese carrot. That's a real fine taste of meal you should experience once in your life!

Meat Ball ~ beef, squid, shrimp and more
Meat Ball ~ beef, squid, shrimp and more
Fresh Scallops
Fresh Scallops

Review: 8 / 10

I paid my first visit to this famous Old Man Hot Pot with a group of friends around 14 people last week. There is no other better choice to have a warmy hot pot meal and full of beers in this cool winter.

The location of this store is quite secluded, it took me 15 mins to find out the store (actually i was standing right outside of the store but i didnt realized here that is). And the interesting point (or i should say the reasons make me took that long to locate this store) is Hung Hom is the centric place for the stores for selling funneral products ~ coffin, sacrificial offerings, paper dolls, flowers shop...etc SO it bit "scary" while you walking alone at 9pm over there. (People tends to believe there are "buddies" walking around those shops and many ghost stories are related to the "paper doll" ~ paper doll is made and believed burning the paper doll, they will be work as a servant to the ancestor in underworld)

Back to the food:

We have order the famous brand ~ Tomato Crab soup with extra tomato sauce, that is a really good taste, the crab is really delicious! Ingredients with Beef Meat Slice, Squid, Beef lungs, Shrimp balls, Fried Fish skins, Clam and Tofu Pok. All ingredients are in great quality with Fresh, juicy meat ball. Yummy! I also recommend the Fried Fish skins which is custom made in the store, crunchy! and thats great while you pour a little tomato crab soup on it, a hot crunchy fried fish skin!

We ate from 8:30~11:00pm with 2 dozen of beers, end up with $150 per person.

That is a good restaurant i would recommend my friends to go. And I m looking for paying another visit in near future!

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Get Free Visitors 6 years ago

very fine

ken 6 years ago


dante 6 years ago

i have no idea what this is...but it seems quite fun! thanks!

febriedethan profile image

febriedethan 6 years ago from Indonesia

wow..you've made me drooled man..I've already bookmarked your hub, and If I visit HK, I will definitely look for the Old Man Hot Pot haha thank you for sharing this.

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tim-tim 6 years ago from Normal, Illinois

Love to visit HK! I came to the US in 1975. I have not been back to visit. Need to do it soon. Thanks for sharing.

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