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As many of you will know, in April I plan to go travelling and one of the places I plan to stay is in London hostels because it is near to some of my friends who live in Slough, Kent and Windsor. I wanted to share in this hub some ways I have gone about finding hostels in London, in specific districts of the counties surrounding the city centre.

The Generator hostel London is one of the most famous because it has been around for 14 years, it is more specifically designed for accommodating young people who are visiting the UK on a working visa and includes a great bar and entertainment facility.

The immediate photograph above this capsule displays a cheap hostel in London, well it is actually more of a converted Bed and Breakfast but advertises to travellers.  The average price for a single room here is 23 Euros.

One of the good websites I came across when looking for London hostels was '', this was a simplistic web layout that consisted of only the information one would need to book a trip and they didn't confuse the viewer with flash animations.

What I liked was the fact that if there were no hostels available, it would return search results with cheap London hotels instead and these would be relative in price to what you require. We can see an example of this in the screen shot I included above, note that I personally don't mind using a cheap hotel because I am looking for a single room but if you really need cheap hostels in London I will continue to discuss this below.

Youth Hostel in London

If you cannot find a hostel in the specific area that you need then it is handy to visit the local town's news website if they have one, for example, the website above not only recommended Bed and Breakfasts but also youth hostels for cheap sightseeing.

You can also find the essentials for planning your trip on this website because as we can see they  have included the best 'sights' and 'travel' information in the navigation bar. It is best to have a schedule before leaving for your vacation that is why the latter is useful, you don't want to arrive and waste time finding out what to see and how to get there!

UK Local Search
UK Local Search

Lastly I will talk about another tool I came across for finding local cheap London hostels, this was '' and it offered mostly youth hostels. Specifically speaking, I think the search results on this site seemed to be mainly refuge shelters for youngsters and you had the usual Salvation Army type service.

To be fair the above website did return great links to the hostels dedicated home-pages and with a screen shot thumbnail of each. If you can't find anything useful in the 3 websites I mentioned above and you want something a little classier for a shorter break then I suggest you checkout my other hub for cheap hotel reviews.

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freecampingaussie profile image

freecampingaussie 5 years ago from Southern Spain

have stayed in hostels in London ! just spent 3 nights at a backpackers in Exmouth WA

smackins1974 profile image

smackins1974 5 years ago from UK

Useful info, living in Kent myself this is a daytrip area or stop-over with local family in Mitchum Surrey area so wouldn't need the accomodation in London but useful websites I may use to look up other areas of the UK as we holiday in the UK at the moment. Thanks.


Jenny30 profile image

Jenny30 5 years ago from Canada

Very informative. My cousin back packed through Europe and she stayed in hostels. She loved it I have to keep that in mind when travelling! Thanks for sharing!

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