How to Save Big Money on Winter Vacations

Winter Savings

The ongoing recession has had positive impact for the vacation traveler. Many companies that at first resisted discounting their rates have now began to cave in. This winter you will find amazing deals on tropical resorts. Many have dropped more than $1,000 of the bill when staying four or more days. The smart shopper will look for those pockets of opportunity and save big on their winter vacation.

1. Save Big on Mexico

The popular resorts of Mexico are suffering in the recession. A tropical vacationer will find an abundant supply of rooms and suites in places like Cancun and Los Cabos. Do a little research and one can find airfare plus hotel packages for the winter to be down over 30% from last year. If you chose a more off the beaten track resort those packages can be as low a 50% from last year.

2. Fly Business Class and Save

As business continue to downsize and budget cut their bottom line, many corporate travels have had to move from business class to coach when they fly. Airlines need to fill those business class seats and are ready to deal. Again, with a little research one can find excellent deals, especially traveling to Europe.

3. Europe is Still Cheap

If your destination is Europe or a tropical location, you will find substantial savings if you book it as an airfare and hotel package. The cost of airfare and hotel packages to popular European destinations have dropped anywhere from 25% to 30% since last year.

4. Las Vegas and Chicago

Two of the biggest convention cites in the United States are Las Vegas and Chicago. The ongoing recession has created a steep decline in conference business in these two cities. Couple that with an increase in new hotel rooms recently built and you have a prime opportunity to find hotel space at a greatly reduced price.

5. Save on the Caribbean

If the snow is getting a bit old, you may want to search out Caribbean locations for your winter vacation. For a cheaper rate, consider islands served by the low fare airlines such as the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Nassua, Puerto Rico or St. Maarten. In addition, look for islands that participate in government sponsored package discount plans such as the Bahamas, Barbados, and St. Croix.

6. Save on Cruises

Sometimes waiting until the last moment is a good thing when vacationing. Many cruise lines offer last minute deals. Some are promoting two for one deals and many are offering up to $1000 of shipboard credits. Look for up to 40% discounts on some cruise lines in the Caribbean.

7. Save as a Hotel Loyalty Program Member

Hotel loyalty programs with the larger chains are another great way to save this winter. Many of the hotel chains save their best deals for their repeat customers. Look for discounts up to 50% for those loyal customers from many of the larger hotel chains.

8. Save on Snow Vacations

If you do enjoy the snow, then this is your year. Many ski resorts are offering the third and fourth nights free on some of their packages. Look for other compensations such as free daily lift tickets with your discounted room. Good values are expected in such places as Whistler and Jackson Hole this winter.

9. Save on South America

If Buenos Aires and Santiago are your destination of choice, again this winter is an excellent time to go. Airfare has dropped considerably this past year for these South American vacation spots. Once you have arrived, staying there is very cheap. Most four star hotels can be had for as little as $100 a night and dining out is inexpensive as well. Bringing a family for an extended stay is a great choice for either of these locations.

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