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 Which hotel would you rate the best as far as offering the most accommodations.  Some people would say, the larger hotel chains offer the best accommodations; however i have stayed in smaller chain hotels, and found them to offer just as many accommodations as the larger ones.  hotels have come a long way from just getting a room with a television and a nightstand, some now offer DVD players, appliances, fireplaces, fitness centers, as well as a jacuzzi. 

Individuals today get a complimentary newspaper, as well as a full-service breakfast.  It's not just donuts, coffee and bagels anymore, but hotels are now serving a hot breakfast, buffet style.  The hotel industry has come a long way from the past.  Some people look at it as luxurious living.  Some hotels, has even went as far a to rent their rooms out like an apartment, now who can beat that, with a flat rate once a month, a person can have room service, as well as a complimentary hot breakfast every morning.  The accommodations that the hotels today offer, is better than people living in their own homes.  Today's visitors will find the most modern conviences of hotels most comfortable and luxurious of all times.

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Hotel Accomodations, Do You Judge An Hotel For their Accomodations Share Your Response With Us

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    Hotel Accomodations Are Important When Choosing A Hotel

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