How to Holiday at Ibiza's Best Boutique & Luxury Hotels

Tranquil escapes

Atzaro amongst the orange groves
Atzaro amongst the orange groves
Na Xamene on the beautiful northern coast
Na Xamene on the beautiful northern coast

Ibiza's hidden secrets

The Ibiza that the vast majority of the world know or are aware of via television or package holiday exposure is a thoroughly different place to the place that those of us who are lucky enough to live in Ibiza know.

The island is literally peppered with stunning boutique and luxury hotels, scattered out around the island, far from the tourist enclaves, which in all honesty seem to residents to be specifically designed for maximum efficiency at importing, extracting money from, and removing the less desirable tourists again with minimum disruption to the rest of the island's residents.

If you have been on a package holiday to any of the tourist "resorts" catered for in the majority of holiday packages, and didn't go far from your hotel the whole holiday, then you have no clue as to the nature of the real Ibiza.

High-end travellers and the affluent to super-rich will be aware of the places I'm talking about, and during the summer tourist season that level of financial comfort is actually required to indulge yourself in these places, however out of season, it's a different story altogether and you can enjoy the most amazing high-end venues at extremely reasonable prices, given that these luxury boutique hotels are amongst the very best hotels in the world, the choice of the jet-set and uber-rich.

Cliff side spa pools at the Hacienda - Na Xamena

This hotel starts from £60.00 ish Out of Season!

Thankfully, once the fashionable summer season (June-Sept) is over and the rich and famous have gone home, thanks to Ibiza's great year round climate these millionaire's playgrounds can be enjoyed for distinctly budget prices.

The stunning cliffside spa pools at the Hacienda (above) on the island's Northern coast can be enjoyed from approx £60 per night out of season, - you can pay that for a Travel Lodge in Birmingham!

Hotel Booking Companies

Use a specialist booker

One easy way to get the best deal for your hotels in Ibiza, in both availability and price is to use the services of a specialist local hotels booker or concierge company.

These companies spend their entire lives organizing anything and everything from full wedding planning to hotel bookings to the highest end VIP services for rich visitors to the island and have excellent local knowledge (they know all the receptionists) and have special arrangements, usually meaning that they are able to secure you the best deals, for the best prices, ie better rooms and prices than you could get by calling the hotel yourself and still take a little commission for themselves, it's no wonder they have become so popular.

The best hotels in Ibiza

So here's a few of my own personal favourite five star luxury hangouts you can enjoy for bargain bucket package prices while on the island

Can Xu Xu (right)

A real islanders and "those that know" secret - Can Xuxu is located on a hill, on the West of the island near the village of San José, only 2 km away from some of the most beautiful beaches of Ibiza, it is a tranquil finca converted into a stunning boutique hotel.

Atzaro Spa - picture top

Set in it's own orange groves in the centre of the island Atzaro, aims to be a fusion of Ibizcencan, Arabic, African and Asian. Since it's opening 5 years ago the venue has become one of the most talked about and stylish destinations in the world, chosen by the likes of Mango, Gisele Bunschen & Vogue for fashion launches, it truly is a world-class boutique spa hotel destination, and again is fantastic value out of season.

The Hacienda - Na Xamene - above

The legendary Hacienda / Na Xamena is situated high on a clifftop overlooking the sea on a 2 km stretch of coast amongst a Mediterranean pine wood forest in the NE of the island.

So I hope this has whetted your appetite for the kind of places you should be staying in, especially in the off-season, and how to have a few days living like the jetset do, but without the jet-set costs, and here's some more options courtesy of the Guardian - The 10 best Agroturismos in Ibiza

Hope you get to and enjoy our beautiful island and the truly great hotels.

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wytegarillaz profile image

wytegarillaz 6 years ago from Australia

thanks for good information !

Ibiza 4ever 5 years ago

Good information indeed - can someone recommend hotel as mentioned in a quiet and peaceful area? Thanks in advance

James Lardon 4 years ago

@Ibiza4ever: That would be The Giri Residence

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