How to Process UAE Attestation Certificates in the Philippines

Procedure and Requirements for UAE Attestation Certificates

This article goes over the procedures and requirements for processing UAE attestation and authentication of certificates in the Philippines. This is for those who are asking questions and information about UAE authentication and stamps from my “How to get DFA Red Ribbon" page.

OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) are usually the ones who need these documents. Learn why we need attestation, what it's for, what the requirements are, and how to process them.

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What is a Certificate of Attestation?

This certificate confirms the authenticity of a person's document, like their diploma, TOR (Transcript or Records), birth certificate, certificate of nationality, marriage certificate, professional licenses, technical training diploma and the like. Such confirmation is often required by foreign countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, USA, Canada and more. These papers are related to DFA Red Ribbon certificates as they are the same thing as UAE attestations and stamps. People just use different names.

Steps in Processing UAE Attestation

The usual process includes verification from the government authorities here in the Philippines followed by authentication of the documents in the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and then submission to the UAE Embassy or Consulate office for attestation and stamping.

Step 1:

These documents are required to be verified by the authorizing parties issuing them:

  • DepEd – for elementary and primary school certificates
  • CHED – for secondary and college certificates like diploma and TOR
  • TESDA – for technical training certificates
  • PRC – for professional licenses
  • NSO – for authenticated documents like birth certificate, marriage certificate, CENOMAR and the like
  • NBI – NBI clearance

Requirements: Original and certified true copies of the documents are required. You will also pay some fees for the issuance of copies for each document (ie: P125 for NSO BC, P150 for NBI clearance, etc.)

CC BY SA FHKE flickr photostream
CC BY SA FHKE flickr photostream

Step 2:

After that, these documents are forwarded to the DFA to be authenticated. The DFA will give you back the documents from Step 1 with certificates attached indicating their authenticity and attesting to their genuineness.

Requirements: The original and certified true copies of documents you have submitted for Step 1 and any verification paper attached by those authorities. You will pay fees for getting copies of each document (P100 per authentication in the DFA).

Step 3:

UAE Embassy Attestation. All documents are stamped at the UAE Embassy.

Requirements: All your previously gathered documents and certificates. You may have to pay some fees P1700 and above.

Steps 2 and 3 can be done at any DHL branch nationwide. You will pay additional fees for the freight and delivery charges. You will also be required to prepare a Manager’s Check for the UAE attestation payment (P1700) and other fees for the DFA Red Ribbon which costs a few hundred pesos per document. Take note, these prices may change.

The processing time for DFA authentication is 2 weeks or less. It just depends upon the holidays here in the Philippines or the pile of applications. You know how it is here.

There are UAE and Dubai attestation services offered by local agencies in the country. However, they charge higher prices for processing your papers. We can do it ourselves anyway and save more money.

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twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Usually about two weeks or more depending on the files of application or depending on the completeness and consistency of your papers

Ramboy 4 years ago

My Diploma and TOR was red ribboned back in 2009. Can I stiil use this for attestation in UAE Embassy in Manila. Or I need to start all over again from zero.

ANGEL 4 years ago

nagtanong ako sa dhl, red ribboned TOR and diploma daw 1 year lang validity pag papaattest sa UAE embassy (before mag 1 year preferably sabi ng dhl)...

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Yes Embassies really require fresh and recent authenticated documents

elyonezero profile image

elyonezero 4 years ago from N.E.

sir magkaiba po ba ang UAE attestation sa SAUDI attestation?

roxy 4 years ago

this is really helpful...thanks so much...i had no idea on how to go about the authentication procedure but then i stumbled upon your blog and I'm ready to go to DFA next week :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Ely yes because UAE is not Saudi. The two are different

@Roxy No problem Rox :) UAE attestation is easy to do. We can do this alone and not need an agency and we can save money by doing that :)

profile image

Krystelmaicah 4 years ago

Hi 25! Thanks for the info. According kasi sa DHL na pinag-tanungan ko is 1700Php ang fee PER RED RIBBON if mgpapa attest sa UAE embassy. Mejo madami kasi ako docs. Hiwalay ba ang red ribbon ng Diploma, TOR and RLE from school (that is 1700 each ang babayaran ko for UAE embassy attestation?). If from PRC I requested 3 docs hiwa-hiwalay din ba red ribbon nun? thanks!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Yes each document will have its own Red Ribbon authenticated document. It is kinda pricey at DHL since they will do all the things for you including the delivery. If you want to save money, just process them yourself. :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

I am now only accepting comments in English because I am required here. Thank you.

UAE attestation service can be easily and conveniently done via DHL if you are not sure of what you are doing in the process.

esemchoy profile image

esemchoy 4 years ago from Abu Dhabi, UAE

hi 25! can DHL do red ribbon and attestation in just a single process? how about if the ToR & Diploma was not authenticated by CHED, will it be red ribboned? thanks

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Yes I think they offer services for Red Ribbon and UAE attestation but it costs some thousands of pesos. TOR and Diploma will be Red Ribbon after they have been verified at CHED however some State Universities just forward them to DFA straightly.

Jason 4 years ago

i just want to ask how can i process my diploma to have a red ribbon? im here in dubai right now... and my country is Philippines..

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Have your diploma certified by your school registrar as true copy and pass it at CHED to get verified and then they will you stub for claiming the Red Ribbon in DFA. You may proceed to DHL after CHED if you want the document to be delivered to you without going to DFA. If you're in Dubai, just authorize your sister or brother to process it for you

Marissa 4 years ago

Good Day.Hi 25, I just want to ask regarding UAE attestation,my friend will be the one to process my papers in phil.because I'm here in Dubai,this nov.8 she will claim my school DFA.I need also the attestation for UAE Embassy there,she can go there personal to process it?and how long it will take to get back my papers?which is more time consuming?to process it by your own or through DHL?Is it possible I can get it within this 3rd week of nov.thanks.and hoping for your advice and response.

Marissa 4 years ago

Hi 25.I just want to ask regarding the UAE Attestation in phil.we can personally go there to process?how long it will take?which is more time consuming to process by your own or through DHL?I'm here in Dubai my friend will be the one to process actually she will claim my docs.this nov.08 in DFA and after that I need also for the attestation for UAE Embassy there and is it possible I will receive my docs.this 3rd week of nov.thanks and hoping for your advice and response.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

You can authorize your friend to process them on your behalf. DHL is convenient although you have no personal touch with them compared to doing it directly at the embassy. It takes 2 weeks usually, sometimes 10 days

jojo k 4 years ago

Hi..would like to know which mail service handle the saudi attestation...

Henry 4 years ago

Helo 25! What should I do if my authenticated documents are already expired? Should I start from the beginning or I can just go to DFA and ask for renewal? My documents was authenticated last 2010. I need it for attestation in UAE Embassy. Thank you!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

You need to get new ones because the DFA won't authenticate them if they are not valid and if they are expired.

Henry 4 years ago

Too bad.. :( They should offer a renewal services for authenticated documents since it has an expiration. It's hassle to request a TOR or any documents needed for authentication. Anyway, thank you!

jojo k 4 years ago

Hi twentyfive..would like to know which mail service handle the saudi attestation..

Ivan 4 years ago

Hi 25!

After getting a Red Ribbon from the DFA. How long should i wait after sending the documents at the UAE embassy for the attestation? thanks so much

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Henry we have no choice but to follow the rules :) God bless!

@Jojo I think it’s DHL

@Ivan two weeks or less if you’re lucky

xiao 4 years ago

hi! may i ask how much is the UAE Stamp now?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Please read the article above to know about the costs

jen 4 years ago

hi, i just want to know if DFA is catering Saudi embassy stamping? and how long does Red ribbon process?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

I think they do. You can go to DHL to ask about the service

Rose 4 years ago

hi! How long will it take for the UAE embassy for the authentication of the document if I will be using DHL? Thanks for your immediate reply.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

it may take about 2 weeks. DHL is convenient

profile image

rece 4 years ago

Hi twentyfive! I graduated from a state university, is it ok to use the ORIGINAL tor issued to me for red ribbon? This is not certified true copy, isn't it? They're different? And I need not to go to CHED anymore?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

I've never experience processing directly to DFA since my university was not a state university so I still have to go through CHED. I think you need to go to your school registrar for the Red Ribbon authentication and they will process your docs for you without needing to go to Ched anymore

profile image

alphaQu 4 years ago

Can I personnaly bring my DFA authenticated docs to the UAE embassy?

My nagsabi kasi na pwede din yun. Instead of DHL pa?

San na po ngayon ang address ng UAE embassy

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

please see the current address of the embassy of UAE at the related article above

renlan 4 years ago

how much will i pay for the regular processing of DFA authenticated CENOMAR and birth certificate? and for the NSO processing of birth certificate I lost my original birth certificate and I only have a xerox copy of it are they going to process it even without the original copy birth certificate?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

if I'm not mistaken P100 per doc but you need to attach the original NSO authenticated birth certificate and CENOMAR together with the receipts

allan 4 years ago

hi im here in dubai DHL can process may ducumentts i have already a dfa red ribon without any relatives in philippines

jam 4 years ago

it is ok if my brother will be the one to process my cenomar and make it red ribbon in the dfa?how long it will takes bcoz im here in dubai?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Allan that is great news :) Thank you for sharing that. How is Dubai?

@Jam Allan said you can process it there thru DHL

aero 4 years ago

Helow po May experition po ba ang nso married certificate or validity pag magpapa redribbon ka sa dfa? Thanks

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

NSO BC has no expiration date however the authentication from the DFA must always be recent and fresh because embassies prefer them updated and new

aero 4 years ago

How about nso marriage certificate have expiration for dfa red

ribbon or only red ribbon have expiration for embassy

attestation? Thanks again

profile image

ishie027 4 years ago

i need a stamp from uae embassy. if i will go personally to the uae embassy will it cost me 1700 for my TOR and another 1700 for my DIPLOMA?

gemma 4 years ago

hi 25 if i personally go DFA for attestation and stamping how long it will take 1day because i'm from visayas very far from luzon

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Aero like I said, no specific expiration for Red Ribbon but embassies prefer them new and fresh to make sure all is updated

@Ishie the latest price is close to that, you can go DHL and process them there

@Gemma if you have read the article, I have mentioned it there. You can have them delivered via DHL

Clarence Jane profile image

Clarence Jane 4 years ago


How about the attestation of our marriage contract? what is the procedure and requirements needed? thanks

Clarence Jane profile image

Clarence Jane 4 years ago


How much is the cost for Labour attache ( Direct hire attestation ) in Dubai POLO OWWA, before I can register my visa and employment contract with POEA.

Thanks ... pls reply...

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Please contact POLO in Dubai about that

profile image

lafuerza 4 years ago

Hi I called one DHL branch, does it really requires Official receipt of Authenticated TOR (red ribboned) ? Im really pissed because I don't have mine anymore. . . =( or can i just directly go to the UAE embassy in makati to have them aunthenticate?

max von tomas 4 years ago

good day..what address should i use in sending my red ribboned documents to uae embassy thru DHL?my documents is high school diploma and form 137,they are in one much will i pay??thnks

andy 4 years ago

hi! my sisters TRO were already red ribbon by the DFA last nov 2010, and her employer needs the stamps of her document by the UAE embassy to process her employment visa, is it still possible to get the stamp from the UAE Embassy in Manila? thanks!

angel 3 years ago

hi, my diploma and tor certified true copy was lost, and now im here in uae my new employer ask me have my tor and diploma attest by uae embassy, is it possible for the dhl to do the authentication from ched as well processing it to dfa for red ribbon then after to uae embassy to attest? can dhl do it all? tnx

tryitwithme 3 years ago

Hi Twenty Five,

Thank you for the being a great help to everybody.

I am currently working in the UAE - Dubai to be specific. I came here as a visitor and was eventually hired in 2010. I had my red-ribboned documents with me but the company didn't require anything like that so I have kept the docs with me for nearly three years now. A new job opportunity knocked on my door and one of the requirements to get in is the attested docs from the UAE Embassy in Manila which i failed to do as i was totally unaware i had to do it. I only had the stamp from DFA.

So i then couriered my docs to a friend who can act on my behalf in dealing with UAE Embassy in Manila. She went to DHL office in her area and was advised that she needed to get fresh docs from the school I graduated and do the whole process all over again.

My question is can she get authenticated docs for me on my behalf? Or can she process the whole thing for me?

Please help me with the other steps i might have missed here.

Thanks and regards,


Stephen 3 years ago

Hi 25! I went to Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dubai carrying my daughter's birth certificate which already had red ribbon from philippines and only having no stamp from uae embassy in the philippines. MOFA dubai told me to go to phil. consulate dubai to have a stamp and back to mofa. My question is do i need to get a stamp first from uae embassy in the philippines then after going to phil consulate in dubai, or i can go directly to phil consulate in dubai and get a stamp and proceed back to mofa?

rodel 3 years ago

hi 25 i already read all this question to you.and im so wonder that all question to you is u answered politely.I have no more question to ask,because the article u wrote this page is enough for me to have the idea that i wanted to knw.thank you very much

jojit 3 years ago

Hi 25 I just want to ask If I apply for a new TOR,diploma from my school do they need the original TOR and diploma because I only sent to my mother the expired red ribboned documents that I had to apply for a new one because I was not aware that UAE embassy requires a fresh document to get attested.

thank you

shobe 3 years ago

Good day! I already had here the aunthenticated marriage cert issued by dfa, now ill just ask if do i need to attest and stamp it by uae embassy or issued by dfa is enough? Coz one of the requirements of my husband who is at dubai right now is our marriage cert. Thanks

VJ 3 years ago

i m 23 Indian .. just wanted to know i m planning to move dubai so an agent has told me to gv the atested copy of my last sem result and a convogation certificate wth a UAE stamp on it ..

just wanted to know what is the procedure for this and how can it make me easy to find this and get a UAE stamp on my documents ..

Mr yoso 3 years ago

Hi, i just want to ask how can i get a duplicate or another copy of birth certificate of my daughter in abu dhabi..

Mitch 3 years ago

Hi! I would like to ask if it is possible to use the saudi attesTed red ribboned docs from phil to be attested again by uae embassy. Im in riyadh now and i sent my docs to the phil for the attestation in uae embassy.

Akyl 3 years ago

Hi 25. How long will it take when you go directly to DFA to attest the documents on UAE Embassy? Can I get it on the same day or we'll get back to it??

jane 3 years ago

hi 25, just want to ask about the process of UAE stamping through DHL, would you know how much it will cost? and should my birth certificate and TOR/ Diploma be stamped? or just my marriage contract?

Thank you, will appreciate your response.

RG 3 years ago

Hi, thanks for the informative article. I'd just like to ask a question regarding what a certain staff of DHL told me. I went to DHL today to secure their services to have my marriage certificate and birth certificates (all copies from NSO) of my family attested by the UAE embassy. I had already previously gone to the DFA and had all my certificates authenticated (red ribbon). But the staff at DHL told me that I had to secure a copy from the Local Civil Registry of all the birth certificates and my marriage contract as additional requirements. I asked why the NSO certificates with DFA red ribbon were not enough, the guy replied "kasi napepeke ang mga yan" (Those things can be faked). I was shocked. So my question is, do I really need to provide copies from the Civil Registrar? I checked with the Legalisation of the UAE embassy website and there was no mention of it. It was only mentioned that if one could not get a copy from NSO then the copy from the Civil Registrar was used. So because of my lack of Local Civil Registrar copies I wasn't able to have my certificates processed for authentication. I do hope you could enlighten me. Sorry for the long post. Thanks.

aktar 3 years ago

Good day! im diego, im currently in Dubai right now with my wife. We would like to Authenticate or Red Ribbon our marriage contract from NSO, is it possible we can authenticate it here abroad or is there a need to send it to DFA and how can we get it back with authentication?, how long will it takes?. Please help us and Thanks.

patch 3 years ago

hi 25. I am bothered regarding my CENOMAR and birth cert recently issued last week. Im here now in Dubai and I asked my BF to go to DFA for Red Ribbon but they asking for my SPA. We don't have enough time coz his goin off to Dubai next week. I asked him to bring my Documents here. Can i process my documents for the Red Ribbon here in our PH Embassy? thanks hope to hear from ur response us soonest. thanks

JECELYN 3 years ago

HELLO 25 my concern is about my daughter she finished kinder in Shanghai China but in Philippine School then we will be moving to Dubai and she will be Grade 1 there this September ,so where do i need to do the attestation of her TOR and DIPLOMA ? looking forward your response thanks

profile image

timisolidum 3 years ago

Hi 25! Pag nagpa-attest ako sa UAE Embassy ng Certificate of Registration and Professional License ko, ang cost talaga niya is P1,700 each? Or lahat na ng PRC-related documents iisa lang ang cost? Thanks for the information...

shing 3 years ago

Just wanted to know about my docs. Red ribbon has been done but I need to send my docs back to Philippines because it requires stamp from UAE embassy in Manila. I have given my docs to my colleague to send it there through courier company for me to be able to get it stamped from UAE embassy Manila. Do I need to give my colleague authorization letter? how many days required to get it back? Thanks in advance

albert 3 years ago

baket ang name hire kailangan pa idaan ng agency dito sa dubai para lang sa attestation ng employment contract. name hire na nga po!!! buti sana kung mura lang grabe ang mahal!!!

gbturqueza 3 years ago

hi 25,just want to know what are the requirement for attesting death cert in uae embassy,i took a 7 days emergency leave fr my work in abu dhabi to attend to mothers wake,my company is asking for a attested death cert to compensate my leave,how many days also...

joancor 3 years ago

Hi! Can we pay via credit card for the UAE attestation? :)

mayla 3 years ago

I just wanted to ask my tor and diploma for authentication will get on nov. 12, my family need to bring in uae embassy for many weeks it takes in uae embassy? bec im here in uae i got already a job they looking for me those thing.I was came from saudi direct here in uae but they didn't ask me naything about this docs when they hired me in hotel.You can give me advised, bec my last working day on nov. 10 here then after or before they will cancelled my visa. My new employer asking my docs. what can i do? and also my company now will not give my passport until i did not show my new visa with them so they can drop me in airport..pls advised me what im going to do..thanks so much

mary ann 3 years ago

paano ko po malalaman kung tapos na i aunthenticate sa uea embassy dyan sa pilipinas at naipadala na po dito sa address namin dito sa dudai.

wenzon 3 years ago

hi twenty five, i graduated from a state university here in batangas, and i need to red ribbon my diploma and TOR and they gave me certification and certified true copies of my docs, can these docs plus my original TOR and Diploma be forwarded directly to DFA or DHL? my school didn't gave me stub or advised me to go to CHED. and does this certified true copy docs have validity? thanks a lot

nevere 3 years ago

Is the original receipt from dfa needed for the attestation? Thanks

grean 3 years ago

my documents are attested by qatar embassy, can i as if it documents can also attested by uae embassy? tnx

grean 3 years ago

my documents are attested by qatar embassy last year, can i ask if my i can use the said documents to be also attestes at the UAE embassy or do i need to renew my authenticated docs at DFA tnx

Lorie 3 years ago

Good day. I would like to ask if it's true that the UAE Embassy will not stamp the DFA Red Ribboned documents if it is more than 1 year from the date it was authenticated? I had my college documents authenticated back in 2010 by the DFA. Could I still use them for UAE stamping now that it's 2013 or do i need to secure new copies and have them authenticated again? Please help! my email ad is

cherry 2 years ago

hi. i had my red ribbon of my TOR/DIPLOMA last 2008 DFA itself and not fake and its been newly authenticated again here in abu dhabi embassy of the philippines. my question is, why do i need to secure a new red ribbon where it was doubled check already??? what is the purpose of having authenticated here in abu dhabi embassy where they accepted my red ribbon and according to them its ok for attestation because they authenticate it again and we're waited for it for a week...? and for DFA manila, why we can't renew our red ribbon since we had our records there already?? so all of the documents now have expiration date? at least from the time we process for it, they informed us...please help!

Evo 2 years ago

Hi. I have applied for DFA authentication for my Diploma & TOR. The claim stub to get the documents from DFA is already with ME. What I want to know is that If I can have the DHL do the honor to claim my documents(DIPLOMA & RED RIBBOn) from DFA then If they can also be the one to forward it in UAE Embassy at once?? Thanks so much! Please reply

Enaj 2 years ago

Yung diploma n tor k authenticated n last 2007 kng mg start ako uli babalik uli ako s school k for request ng reauthenticate mg ppaattestation po kc ako s uae embassy

khitz 2 years ago

Hi pcncy n po ok lng po b kung tglog kc po mli mli po grammar q pgk ng english aq...mgkno po ang UAE STAMP @ RETURN ADDRESS to Dubai

monmon 2 years ago


My TOR-CAV-Graduation_certificate was considered as one document when I went to DHL.

I went back to DHL to have my PRC documents red-ribboned at DFA. They just told me that it isn't considered as one document anymore? It it happens to be separate, then it would be 4x the fee which is P2,250 x 4 documents= P9,000! Where they wrong?

Reinhard David 2 years ago

Is it possible that all of the transactions from DepEd to Red Ribbon to Kuwait Embassy stamping will be done thru and be received at DHL?

jhen 2 years ago


Can step 2&3 be done at once trough dhl? Does it take also 2 weeks only for step 2&3 to be done?


Monette 2 years ago

Hi!....I would like to ask what would be the process in having UAE stamp/authentication in my Red Ribbon Documents?

Josh oleriana 2 years ago

Hi 25, I just wanna ask if how is the process of authentication ? Coz I'm about to go to UAE embassy tomorrow. How long is the processing time frame ? how much it will cost? thanl you! :) ASAP plss

joebert calantas 2 years ago

Can i ask for me im here in dubai but we need to process my diploma for attestation, and my wife she go to DHL to submit my diploma but the DHL they give another doccuments same form 137-18A Certification of graduates and also endorsement letter im graduate high school not go to college,can you help me what is the correct requirement all for me because my please now in cebu philippines but im graduate in negros occidental and to my cousin she doing their but we need my both from my signature please help me to what can we doing in correct processing..

Aubrey 2 years ago

Hi.I'm done with my red ribbon for my tor and chef docs, if I'm going to bring it to uae embassy for attestation, how much it cost and how long it will take? Thank you 2 years ago

Hi twentyfive, can my husband go directly to uae embassy in the phil. For uae attestation

donna 2 years ago

Hi twentyfive. I went to dhl to stamp my red ribbon docs but they also need official receipt from dfa and i found out that i lost it. Im worried

What should i do?

jennypatuts 2 years ago

If i go directly to UAE Embassy, would you know how much is the attesting cost per document? And how long does it usually take to release/receive the docs . Do they entertain RUSH processing? Thanks.

dangs 2 years ago

good day! i have a question about requesting for a special power of attorney be consularized at saudi there a red ribbon attached in a documents or just a certicate from embassy....

gezz 2 years ago

hi,i already have my marriage certificate authenticated by dfa/red ribboned,my docs have been forwarded here in dubai but they said it has to be stamped in philippines/dubai embassy before submitted back to them. can you help me with the requirements and how the process goes? where exactly do i have the certificate stamped?

Kristel 2 years ago

ask ko lang po kung may stamp na ng uae ambassy sa pilipinas ang red ribbon ko. Ma e.expire pa din po ba?

anna 2 years ago

Hi! Just wanna ask if I still need an authorization letter from my sister who is in Dubai right now coz I'll be the one who will take her TOR to UAE Embassy here in the Philippines to be stamp on. (UAE Stamp) or I just need an authorization letter from her when claiming the stamped docs? Thanks... :)

lucio 2 years ago

hi! 25, just want to ask if i can make attestation or certification here in dubai?since may docs already have red ribbon by DFA my brother. he send it to me just this december but he forgot to bring it to UAE embassy for the attestation. appreciate your advise. thanks in advance!

rose 2 years ago

Hello how many days po mag process ng stamp para sa uae embassy if hindi papaasikaso sa dhl?

Charlene Calilung Ocampo 2 years ago

hi ,

i want to ask a question , if i got already my documents from dfa , where i will go to make in authenticate in uae consulate ? is it dfa can do that one ?

Jastin 2 years ago

Hi.. I got my red ribbon diploma but my form 137 was lost is it ok to get the uae stamp without the form 137?


JICK 2 years ago

hi can I ask regarding the case of my documents, I already sent it for red ribbon and then, Its like I don't have any idea regarding of putting a stamp at the back of my documents / or attesting them to the embassy, so, I need to send it again for attestion in UAE embassy sa Pinas but the problem is that there looking for my DFA receipt but its already gone.. . is it possible that they can attest my documents/credentials without the receipt from DFA?please advise. i really need it as soon as possible.

Mitch 24 months ago

Does Docs from local civil registrar are still needed if i already have the red ribbon NSO docs? I was decline by DHL because i should submit it

jhem 24 months ago

same problem as jick..i lost my dfa receipt..what should be the best thing to do?

CJ Guegue 23 months ago

Hi.. How can i process document attestation for Qatar embassy by myself..? Thank you..

mel 23 months ago

hi,,,,pina certified true copy ko ung docs ko sa ched 2012 pa,,,pwede pa po ba yun gamitin for red ribbon at uae attestation??pls i need your reply.... june-aug.2015 kasi nasa dubai ako, mukhang di pa ready documents ko,,,tnx po, here's my email para sa mga willing po sana lmag entertain sa tanong ko mhel_cliff@yc. i need your help guys!tnx in advance!

DANIEL 22 months ago

Hi, I'm not sure if you already answered this on your previous comments-- I used my documents last 2011, napa red ribbon and attest na sila, valid pa ba ang mga documents na to this 2015? Wala kasi akong nakikitang validity date dito. Pupunta kasi ako Dubai this May or sa July.

Mark lopez 22 months ago

Hi my uncle send his spa from uae embassy its has a seal not dry seal or red ribbon,is it valid??

Jenny 22 months ago

Hello po!!! I just wanna ask cuz my husband working in Dubai and he want me get there were planning to apply a spouse visa his company want to help me but they want our marriage contract to be stamped in UAE embassy here in Phil , can I go directly in UAE embassy Manila to get stamped? What the requirements should I need to prepare?thank u po...

JesusGIRL 22 months ago

I have already completed the document authentication process from Phils. DFA to UAE Embassy in the Phils. Now, I want to verify if there is a period within which the Minister of Foreign Affairs of UAE should authenticate the same from the date of attestation by the UAE Embassy in the Phils.How long or within how many days?

michael 22 months ago

Hi. Ask ko lang po, paano mapprocess ung Attestation ng UAE embassy kung nawawala yung DFA Official Receipt? hindi kasi iprocess ng DHL ng walang maipakita na OR?


Cora 22 months ago

Hi 25,i need the stamping of our marriage contract at UAE embassy here in the Philippines,my passport is still on process,what i only have is a photocopy of my husband 's passport who is an OFW at my personal passport a requirement for me to have the stamping of our marriage contract?

domilyn Ruiz calderon 20 months ago

Hi Twenty five,

I want to take a certificate of no marriage,im not married but i have kids,im working here in UAE,how can i have this?

Thank you

Duanie 20 months ago

my diploma and tor was red ribbon back in january 2014 but unfortunately i didn't able to proceed with uae ettestation due to lack of time since i travelled on the same month of january 2014 to dubai, sine the validity of red ribbon is one year only, my question is, can i still use the same attachment and remove the old authentication certificate and re apply it again for new red ribbon.?

melanie 20 months ago

Good day po dito po ako sa uae ngyon..need ko po plagyan ng red ribon yng certificate ko punta po b ako ng uae embassy?or pwd ko po ba sa dhl nlng ipahulog at mgkno po ngyon yong byad for red ribon?at ilng araw makuha ..?

jerome 19 months ago

good day..i just got married last may 2015,i had my marriage certificate 2 weeks after my wedding and had it red ribboned in dfa,my question is,can i go directly to dhl to process the uae attestation for me because i am now in dubai and i just leave my marriage cert. to my brother to continue the process,will it be in the same amount of fees for attestation?thank u in advance

Myrene 19 months ago

Yung ate ko kc kaylangan nya palagyan yung nso and singleness nya stamp ng uae and phillipines ska ipaparedribon nsa dubai kc po sya sa dfa po ba yun kukuhain oh pwede din ba pag isahin nlng stamp po pls reply to me tnx

raque 19 months ago

hi. is it okay to go to uae embassy to process a stamp? they will accept walk-in? thankyou.

jonathan 19 months ago

Good day

Hi25 howmuch if my document need uae stamp and how long the process.

All my document have redribbon like tor and diploma. Any requirements for uae stamp.?

joan 19 months ago

hi gudpm po .. ask po ako kung mag punta po ako sa dhl sila na po ba ang mg papadala sa uae embassy pra ma attest ang mariage contract po . Or ako na po mismo mg walkin

Jerald 19 months ago

I just got my TOR from my school. Do I need to bring it to a CHED office or can I have it red ribboned right away? Also, can I ask DHL to do the process for having my documents authenticated in DFA and UAE embassy? Thanks.

Apple 19 months ago

Hello. i just got my red ribbon documents stamped by the UAE embassy in Manila. Do i still have it stamped again by the consulate here in dubai?

Nhald0202 profile image

Nhald0202 19 months ago

hi good day po. pano mag pa attest ng marriage contract sa uae embassy. yung marriage certificate ko po naka red ribbon na. anu po mga docs na kaylangan kong iprovide para mapa attestation na po ng pinsan ko yung marriage contract ko kasi andito po ako ngayun sa dubai.

please reply ...

thanks a lot..

jzel 19 months ago

Saan po ang office ng UAE EMBASSY sa Manila?

angelica 18 months ago

i already red ribon my tor and diploma, my only need is to attest it. how am i going to attest it and where id the exact address? thank you.

ascentattestation 18 months ago

We at ascent attestation services provide wide ranging legal documents related services which includes attestation and appostille, legal translation services and embassy related services. Our team of experts are adept at handling wide ranging legal documents and at providing reliable, efficient and professional service to our customers.

Pam 18 months ago

Hi 25! I got my husband's red ribbon docs already. He's in Dubai now and needs the uae embassy attestation. If i'm not mistaken, i just need to go to dhl and let them process the docs? Thank you!!

Ray 18 months ago

Good day tweenty five may i ask wat are the requirements for authorization other than authorization letter?I will authorize my sister on my behalf.plz consider my questions.

wilnaalipio 18 months ago


I have my documents ( diploma and TOR)'s red ribbon ( fresh from the philippines.

They said there us a stamp I need from PHilippines before it gets the stamp from UAE. will it be possible to get both stamps here in DUBAI- walk in? I need the documets handy by hte 15th of September.

Thank you in advance for your kind help!

lovely 17 months ago

Hi! I have my red ribbon birth certificate last 2014. Is this still valid for uae stamping or i need to have new one? Thanks..

Vi 16 months ago

For Diploma and TOR, hindi na sila dumadaan sa Malacanang like before (11 years ago)?

Jake Sudweste profile image

Jake Sudweste 16 months ago

Hi 25! I have my doccuments (TOR and Diploma)'s red ribbon.

Is it possible to walk-in at UAE Embassy in Manila for the process of attestation of my documents? or DHL is the only way to accept and process my documents to attest?

If they accept walk-in, how many hours or days we have to wait?

profile image

kcjayne 16 months ago


I have my documents ( diploma and TOR)'s red ribbon ( fresh from the philippines.

They said I need to stamp first my documents in PHilippines before it gets the stamp from UAE. will it be possible to get both stamps here in DUBAI- walk in? I need the document in for the early time.

Thank you in advance for your kind help!

Rovie 16 months ago

Any sample letter for attesting request of documents ?

joan 16 months ago

hello...i have my tor/diploma red ribboned already and it needs the stamp from uae embassy there any other way to get the attestation here in dubai. i am now here in dubai

Jr 15 months ago

Good day. May i just ask if authentication in the uae embassy here in the Philippines is still needed if you want your documents be stamped in the UAE embassy in UAE.

ginette vinagrera 15 months ago

good diploma and tor was already red ribboned. do i still have them to be stamped in the uae embassy for job application in uae?

lhor 15 months ago

I had my sister's docs already red from it much better that the dhl do the uae authentication or do it by myself on behalf of my sister is working in abu dhabi.but i dont know how to go to uae embassy.can u please help me

ff 15 months ago

what is the difference between NSO copy and etc copy of birth cert and marriage cert? does it mean we have to make a duplicate copy of NSO docs and have it CTC? thanks

Aejay 15 months ago

Do i need to get managers check for uae attestation? And where can i get that managers check?

Pineda 15 months ago

15 years ago, recognized universities like University of the Philippines did not require authentication from CHED. I went straight to DFA for the TOR attestation and have it stamped with red ribbon. Is this still the case, or do I now have to go to CHED before proceeding to DFA?

evelyn garay cesar 15 months ago

hello,just wanna ask how much i pay for a police clearance and processing time period

icaarr 15 months ago

@pineda no need for ched for state univ just go to dfa after you process it in registrar

mhydz 14 months ago

@lhor: At what year did your sister had her documents red ribboned? you can send it to any authorized dhl branch express as they were the authorizes courier for uae embassy.UAE embassy does not entertain walk in as what I have read.

airah 14 months ago

hi I want to ask how much it will cost for uae stamp for marriage certificate?thanks a lot...

harvey 14 months ago

hi there! I am here in Dubai now, I have my school documents and it was Red ribboned, but the problem is the employer needs an attestation by UAE embassy, and He asked me to send back to my relatives in the philippines, the documents in my hand and have it was red ribboned last September this year, is it still valid?

syne 14 months ago

i need to stamp school record in saudi embassy how long its take and how much cost

rhen 13 months ago

how can i process my docs? if it wil not make it thru DHL? can i go personally to embassy to process my own docs? can you teach me HOW?

Lucky 13 months ago

Hi. I would like to ask if you provide birth certificate (need local civil registry from municipality) when processing uae attestation? As of now (january 19, 2016), dhl megamall ask me provide one. Thanks!

jocelyn 12 months ago

How I can give my diploma still I don't have it red rebbon.I want to stamp UAE embassy in the Philippines.even we don't have red rebbon they will accept to put stamp in UAE embassy in the philippines.Pls help me give advice

Edwin14 12 months ago

I just want to ask if attestation is mandatory? For those guys who are having a visit visa and looking for a job at dubai, before they are going to be hired it is mandatory to have a attestation first?

liz 12 months ago

good day!

paano po ba yung process ng attestation? pwede po ba na gwin yun dito sa pinas lang?

Bhing 12 months ago

Hi 25 i want to authenticate my daughter's birth certificate but I lost the receipt for the red ribbon DHL said they need the receipt otherwise I need to give them affidavit of lost. Is it really necessary to have the receipt?

Yshel 11 months ago

Hi po, ask ko lang, para sa TOR and Diploma, need pa din po ba namen na pumunta ng CHED, kung pupunta na kami sa school namen?

Bale po, School - CHED - DFA - UAE Embassy ang punta po namen? thanks

jmmj217 11 months ago

good day.

i renew my CHEDCAV at DFA in the Philippines. and get straight to dhl for UAE authentication. Yes there's the Stamp of UAE embassy at the back. unfortunately my employer here in dubai asking me a Local athestation of it. because there's no philippine stamp at the back. what should i do...

thank you

Jeno 11 months ago

Is there any specified period for your Red Ribboned Certs before havind stamped by the UAE Embassy in the Philippines?

Aki 11 months ago

Hi, just hoping someone would answer me on this one... Is it okay for me to have my High School Diploma and CENOMAR attested at the UAE Embassy without the NBI Clearance?

Jimmo 11 months ago

Hi, my daughter is going to Dubai for a Visit Visa, I wanna know what are the documents that needs to be authenticated and how much UAE Embassy will charge per document? Please correct me if I'm wrong, The College Diploma and TOR are consider one document since DFA red ribbon into one, High School Diploma, Board Certificate and PRC License one document, work Certificate, What about NBI Clearance does it need to be authenticated in UAE Embassy? Thanks

gwen 10 months ago

hello 25, i just want to know if how how many days will take for the processing of the UAE attestation?

Eijhey 10 months ago

Hi po...ung redribbon ba 100 lang ba tsaka tanung ko lang po kung nakapagredribbon pero late nnmain nalaman n Kailangan pa pla ipa UAE stamp ung marriage sa April 20 po ata marelease ung redribbon ...pede po ba dfa nrin ang magpadla sa UAE embassy para sa stamp.mga ilang weeks kaya ang working process...thanks po

Renelyn Rivera 10 months ago

Hello i have my school credentials red ribboned already i just need to attest it in UAE embassy in Manila, currently im here in Dubai, is there any requirements needed if a friend of mine will process or forward my documents to dhl for attestation? Please help me, I really need to know urgently.

RodrigoDuterte profile image

RodrigoDuterte 10 months ago

Renelyn Rivera,

Your friend needs a Special Power of Attorney (SPA), that includes his/her name and address in that document. This SPA should be done in the Philippine Embassy UAE - since you are there, as per requirement of DFA 2016. Signed, Notarized, and send this document to your friend.

Note: Do not send via email/online. This has to be an original document.

Your friend needs 2 copies of your Passport/ID, & another 2 copies of his/her Passport/ID.

marc22 10 months ago

hi du30'

is it neccessary to have spa? or authorization letter is quite enough?

ardhie 9 months ago

hello,, ask q lng po need q pong ipa attestation ung diploma q,,, napa red ribbon q na po in last april... if ngaun q palng po ipapa attestation pwede q pa po ba ung gamitin? khit svi 1 year lng dw ang validity nun, pero may nakapg svi po kc na pwd p rn pong gmitin un bastat naka attach ung reciept.... totoo po ba?

Weng 9 months ago

Ask ko lang po, if kapatid ko po ang mgpaprocess ng attestation ng diploma ko sa uae embassy kailangan pa po ba ng spa galing dito sa uae embassy or valid na ang authorization letter?

faith 9 months ago

if my mother would process my docs for red ribbon in dfa would there be a need for a spa? just i heard from a friend... is it true? and if yes, what will she bring with her?

Mechad 9 months ago

Good Day! nagkuha na po ako ng TOR at diploma sa school namin tapos sabi ko ipapa red ribbon ko, tapos pinabalik po ako makalipas ang ilang araw, nang nakuha ko na po isang envelope na po binigay sakin with the official stamp at name of our school at name ng padadalhan sa DHL. do I still need to go to CHED? sa pagpapa attestate naman po para sa UAE stamp ano po mga requirements? salamat po.

lee 8 months ago

Hi! just want to ask, my TOR and diploma were stamped in the UAE embassy in manila May 2015, can I still go to MOFA for the attestation or do I have to get new stamp from Manila again? Thanks!

Lee 7 months ago

How much will it cost for Dhl? Estimated.

Pia 7 months ago

Hi! How would you know that your Diploma with Red Ribbon is already expired!Does it take how many years before it is totally expired and can not be process for authentication at the UAE Embassy?

bruce 5 months ago

As of 9/2/2016

UAE attestation - 2550

courier charge (DHL) - 590

total of: 3140 pesos,

(7 working days process)

then kung ipapadala nio ng direcho sa dubai plus 1740 DHL charge 10 days total asa dubai na docs nio.

mae 5 months ago

anu ano po mga supporting documents para sa uae attestation ..on thursday po kase ko mag papa attestate ..mag wowork po kase ako dun ..may kelangan po bang documents galing ng uae agency ko dun?? thankyou po.

Yeye 4 months ago

Hi bruce need pa ba ni DHL ng special power of attorney kung relative ko lng magbibigay ng docs ko sa DHL para ipaattest sa Philippine UAE embassy?

Dianne 4 months ago


Is it possible to send my red ribbon documents in UAE Embassy Manila for the attestation from DHL here in Dubai? I got my red ribbon documents here in Dubai but without the UAE Embassy Manila stamp. :(

Leslie 3 months ago

Hi bruce ask ko lang po panu po kung walang managers check how am i going to pay the fee.tnx po.

ron 3 months ago

how can i attestation my document if im here in phil.and i already have red ribbon my doc.

Raffy 3 months ago

Hi There,

I have all my documents attested before by Saudi Embassy (Manila) sometimes in 2000. I need my docs attested by UAE Embassy in Manila. My question is should i still start the process all over again (meaning school, DFA) or can i submit the documents all attested before by Saudi Arabia Embassy in Manila and be attested by the UAE Embassy in Manila.. Appreciate your response. Thanks

Jaz 3 months ago

Bakit po nung nagpunta ng DHL para sa authentication yung friend ko, hinahanapan pa sya nung OR na pink? need pa daw affidavit of loss pag wala yun. Please help

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