How to Properly Pack a Suitcase

24 by 15 by 7 Inch. Suitcase

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When travelling, it is very important to pack the things that you are really going to need and those that are more useful. Going out of town is something that everyone needs once in a while. It´s more convenient to travel, when you take only the necessary traveling items in a well packed suitcase.

On a three or four day trip, you may only want to take a few garments with you and buy some others along the way. You may also want to take other useful devices, such as a latop, camera, tools, sunglasses, etc.; therefore, you really need to fit everything in your baggage, so as to use up all empty space.

What do you Need to Pack a Suitcase?

  • Table
  • Chair
  • Suitcase
  • Clothing
  • Personal Belongings

First, take a look at the things that you are going to carry with you. Put all those things on a table, first. You may want to fold the clothing, such as the t-shirts, shirts, and pants. If you´re bringing a plastic enclosure, like the one I´m bringing with me, you can place small items into it, such as an all purpose knife, flashlight, screwdriver, pencils, sharpener, ruler etc.

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To fit all those things into your suitcase, you´re going to select which ones are more suitable to be packed at the bottom of the suitcase. These might be, in this particular case, the telescope, the folding chair and the tripod. In between these items, you can put other small garments (socks, t-shirt, shorts), so as to use all space available.

Pack Big Items First

Three Items
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Next, place all folded clothing on top of the big stuff. Pack the pants first and then the shirts, along with the t-shirts, underwear and socks. If you´ve packed everything right, you should still have plenty of space for more stuff.

Mine is a 24 by 15 by 7 inch suitcase. Counting all the items inside of it. I have packed more than 25 pounds of weight and there is still a plastic storage box that weighs about 10 pounds. I need to make space for this small item storage container. Having packed everything the way I did, I can still place this box on top one side of the suitcase.

How to Fit Everything in a Suitcase

Packed Items
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You can still place more items inside the suitcase if you need to. Try to use the spaces along the outer sides of the suitcase. This will ensure that you use all the spaces and will allow you to handle better your suitcase when lifting it up or lowering it.

Traveling Items

Toiletry kit
mouth wash
toilet paper
Sun hat
tooth paste
Head lamp
Mp3 player

Finally, fit the toiletries inside the front external compartments of the suitcase. You can easily fit the tooth paste, razor, soap and other small personal items on one of the front compartments.

On the bigger compartment, you can place personal documents and a laptop. These items will fit perfectly there. You can use some extra bags to carry more items, but I don´t recomend it, as it may result cumbersome to be carrying more than one package if you can just carry one neatly packed.

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Very practical and helpful. You manage to make this tedious chore look simple and easy. I must measure my suitcase. Thanks.

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