How to choose the right hotel

It’s evident that every journey starts at home when you decide where to go and which hotel to choose.

To choose the right hotel is always a burning question. The fact that today the majority of hotels have Web sites full of breath-taking photos that can make you believe you'll be bathed in luxury as soon as you step foot into the public room. How one can understand whether a hotel really worth visiting or not? I’ll try to help.

Believe me that selecting a good hotel will make any trip much more enjoyable. I’m definitely sure that all of us prefer to stay in a hotel which is comfortable, safe, clean, where one can have a rest and where the staff is friendly and helpful.

Since everyone has different needs and preferences when looking for a hotel that will suite, you'll need to ask yourself what is most important for you.

1. It's essential to choose a hotel that will be conveniently located for your itinerary. If you travel for business, the hotel should be located close to the place where you’ll meet your partners. If you're going to organize a conference, it’s better to choose a hotel which has meeting and event facilities.

2. Unless you are renting a car, it's better to choose a hotel which is within walking distance of shops and restaurants. That way you'll save money and have more flexibility at mealtimes.

3. After you have decided where a hotel should be located (in the city or in a suburb, close to some business centers or close to the sea) it’s high time to do an Internet research and to find some comments posted by other travelers who have already visited this hotel. Read reviews of the hotel you plan to stay at. Such reviews always give an opportunity to hear firsthand about issues such as dirty rooms, inedible food or poor quality of service. Many people confirm that recommendations of travelers are very useful in helping them decide between hotels.

Have a good time! ;)

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billyaustindillon profile image

billyaustindillon 6 years ago

Very nice ideas - I have to remark on the wings - just like the butterfly wings from Eurovision and Belarus :)

Gennifer profile image

Gennifer 6 years ago from Minsk, Belarus Author

Thanks a lot! I hope that these small tips will help you. ;)

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