How to enjoy the renaissance faire

Enjoying the ren faire

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One of my favorite playtrons enjoying ren faire, and showing off her flower. Notice her bota bag full of water.
One of my favorite playtrons enjoying ren faire, and showing off her flower. Notice her bota bag full of water.

First time to the ren faire?

So, you're going to the renaissance faire. (As opposed to the county fair)

About time.

Here is what you do to enjoy yourself.

1. Take a camera. The faire is ripe with creative characters, and we don't mind showing off some. Asking to take a picture is polite if you want posed pics, but if you were to smile and just take the darn thing, that's generally fine too.

2. Take about 20 or so $1 bills for tips. A good rule of thumb is a dollar a person per show goes into the busking basket. They work hard, they entertained you, they deserve to get paid.

3. Wear comfortable shoes. There is a lot to see, and chances are you are not going to sit down much.

4. Bring lots of water. Remember to drink it too. Don't get so caught up you forget to hydrate. If you do forget to drink the water and you feel lightheaded or dizzy or clammy, do go to the first aid station and get yourself taken care of.

5. Lighten up. This is a place to play and interact with those around you. It is not the real world. Rennies dress up and often act out a personae. That brutish barbarian by the name of Thor that's offending you so much? He's supposed to be a jerk. He's a barbarian, and that is the roll he's playing. The guy whose playing him is actually named Dave, and he'll give you the shirt off his back, or a battery jump in the parking lot. Remember that this is a place of play.

6. Join in! Dress up, try an accent, call people m'lord or m'lady, ask where the "privy" (port-a-potty) is..

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