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I just HATE airports. I really don't mind flying in general, it's just the whole airport experience that puts me off, especially since 9-11. RDU is really not too bad, as a relatively small international airport. But with increased security everywhere, even leaving Raleigh requires a lot of standing in line and waiting.

A feature on CBS's The Early Show caught my attention this morning (December 5, 2008). Apparently, airports are hosting karaoke now to help alleviate our boredom!

Specifically, Houston's Bush International Airport is setting up karaoke just in time for the holidays. Now this is a trend I might be able to appreciate!

I became a serious fan of karaoke a few years ago. I have several favorite KJ's (Karaoke Jockey) in the Raleigh area, and a group of my friends likes to attend on a regular basis.

Actually, I've been accused of luring these friends into the habit. We start by encouraging newbies to participate in a group song. Then we all cheer for those brave enough to sing solo, and point out to the timid that it really doesn't matter if you can't sing. It's all in the song choice - pick something everyone likes, and the audience will sing along. No one will even notice if you can't sing! It isn't long before everyone has their own regular performances.

The "program" as outlined by my friend Debbie Nicely

  • Step 1 - Find a Location that has Karaoke on a convenient night
  • Step 2 - Call and invite all your friends
  • Step 3 - Play songs on youtube and practice
  • Step 4 - Go shopping for proper attire to fit your music style (leather jackets, shoes, cowboy hat)
  • Step 5 - More practice
  • Step 6 - Call your friends the day of to make sure they are still going
  • Step 7 - Drive to restaurant and find a table up front
  • Step 8 - Order 2 drinks at a time so you have plenty of liquid to keep throat moist (or for liquid courage)
  • Step 9 - Fill out song slip and turn into KJ
  • Step 10 - Patiently wait for your turn
  • Step 11 - Sing along when your friends are performing

and finally

  • Step 12 - Your name is called, you jump up and walk to the microphone as friends applaud, you feel the excitement as you wait for the music to start, and then you start your performance and the crowd sings along, dances, and cheers when you finish!

I might not mind airports after all!

Singing in an airport has even more appeal, as I think about it. Who cares if you are awful? Your audience doesn't know you. What better place to make a fool of yourself than in front of a bunch of strangers! And if you think you might have a decent voice, well, cheers in an airport would be a more accurate testament to your talent than cheers from a bar full of drunk friends.


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Lissie profile image

Lissie 8 years ago from New Zealand

You need to pick your airport - Changi in sngapore is full of local kids studying because its quiet and has free internet from middnight-6am- the pool is nice too though you have to pay for it. I also heard that the new Dubai terminal is pretty amazing as well. US airports tend to be amongst the worst in the world - well except for Heathrow which is pretty awful!

dineane profile image

dineane 8 years ago from North Carolina Author

Thanks, Lissie - the subject is definitely more up your alley than mine. I've only traveled out of the US once, and can probaly count on both hands all of the airports I've visited.

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