Hunting Canada Geese in Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan deedsphotos

Goose Hunting in Grosse Pointe

In case anybody wondered, as I did, whether goose or duck hunting is legal on Lake St. Clair a stone's throw from Lake Shore Drive, I'm informed that it's legal so long as the blind or boat is 500 feet off shore and the hunters fire toward the lake, away from the shore.

Years ago, racing in the Fall Series on Anchor Bay, I can recall errant bird shot rattling off my sails.

As Detroiters can tell from the picture, this blind was located near the shore just north of the Grosse Pointe Farms' Pier and about a mile south of Grosse Pointe Yacht Club, not far from Richistan (Provencal Road). This blind reminded me of something out of the movie, "Waterworld."

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