Hvar Island in Croatia and Jelsa

Going to Hvar from Makarska

There are many boats offering daily trips and fish picnics to Hvar and Brac islands. I would say there are at least five boats, and I travelled on two of them, Makarski Jadran and Passat. The price is usually 200 kunas (40 dollars) for a whole day on the sea, starting at 8 or 8-30 am, and coming back at 6 pm. Many salesmen are scattered throughout Makarska, at seaport, beach, near restaurants and cafes with large boards depicting their vessel and picturesque sights of these islands, selling tickets. They speak English and, often, a couple other languages to sell more tickets. A prepayment of 100 kunas (20 dollars) is enough even for a group of three or four people.

It is a wise idea to come early as all the best seats become occupied quickly, and if you arrive 10 minutes before departure, you run a risk of sitting inside without good view. When the boat starts off, I am always excited. It is a nice sea trip, with a lot of positive emotions.

Some boats have loud music, and Makarski Jadran's playlist includes couple dozens songs in different languages to flatter tourists. They dance on top of the second floor inviting all the girls to climb tables and perform a belly dance.

Jelsa Trip (Hvar Island)


Hvar Island Interesting Facts

With a little more than 11 thousand inhabitants, Hvar is considered to be the fourth populated island in Croatia. It is funny. In Kiev where I live, 11 thousand inhabit a small block of houses in sleeping district somewhere in Obolon or Troeschina, but Croatians are different. There are islands that have only one or two houses or a castle belonging to some duke.

The slopes of this picturesque island are covered with both stones and trees. Books tell that this is a mesozoic limestone (what is the relation to lime I do not know) and dolomite. No wonder that people grow lavender, olive and vineyards, as they drink wine, sell it along with olives to all the world, and sell lavender to tourists in large quantities.

History tells us that Hvar was a popular trading spot, with many contracts with Italians, and Stari Grad town hosted one of the oldest European theaters. Greeks had their colony of Pharos here two, but it was long before.

Sometime it was a part of Venetian Empire, and rebellion was set to set the island free, but it led to disastrous consequences, and only at Napoleon epoch with its entrance in Austrian empire they progressed in many industries and trading, especially wine export.

They were also skilled wooden boat makers for a long time until the beginning of 20th centure when this business went down due to change in sailing fashion.

But then tourist era began, and the island now boasts many decent accommodation entities and developed tourist infrastructure. Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit Hvar each year.

Jelsa Is a Gem of Hvar

This is the town that you will have about an hour to explore and spend some money on your day trip to Hvar and Brac islands on a boat from Makarska.

We went on a little train-styled bus that went around the town in twenty minutes. You go right from the seaport, and along small streets that are adjacent to seacoast. We went through pine woods and past tourist camps where families from Croatia, Bosnia, Germany, and other countries find their place in this little paradise on Earth.

The town has less than 2000 inhabitants which is a middle size for an island town in Croatia. It has fertile ground, fresh water and extensive pine woods. In the vicinity are a couple fortresses, one of them is Tor, a Greek observation point dating back to the times 3-4 centuries BC, and Galesnik fortress where unsuccessful rebellion against Venice took place at 1310.

There is a large public garden of Perivoj that is located right off the entrance to the port. Here you see many palm trees, pine, ocacias and poplars. There are a little bridges and inviting branches, it is difficult to resist the urge to have a picture with a background of leaves and palms. The colors are fantastically green and fresh.

The town is exclusively inviting and charming. I visited it twice, and am willing to come there again.

Vrboska Is a Great Calm Resort

The name is probably coming from Latin verboscam, meaning forested, and with only half a thousand inhabitants it is a little deserted place where some people will be dreaming of spending their retirement. We did not really come to this town, our boat went by its harbor, but we had a chance of a few pictures.

Vrboska - July 2010


Departure from Makarska

Coming to Jelsa Bay

20-Minute Trip Around Jelsa

Seaport Area at Jelsa, Hvar Island

Palm-tree Park at Jelsa

Hungry Seagulls

Croatia Vrboska

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