Fall In Texas

Texas Longhorn

Texas Longhorn
Texas Longhorn | Source

Autumn in Texas

Beach in Freeport, Texas
Beach in Freeport, Texas | Source

Summer's End, Crisp Air and Blue Skies

I love Texas in the Fall. The long bitterly hot summer is over. The humidity drops when the first cool front comes in, and there is just a bite in the air. I am a Native Texan but I can barely tolerate the heat of the summer. When it is over one feels like a new life has begun. Where I live we do not have the brilliant change in the color of the trees, but the crisp cool air reminds one that the season has changed. It is lovely.

Because our winters are mild our lawns and flower beds perk up at this time of the year. We usually give the beds a good layering of mulch to keep plants safe from the light freeze we sometimes have. sky is the most wonderful blue you can imagine! I feel sure the sky is blue in the summer but I am never able to see it because of the bright sunshine hitting me in the eyes and the heat rising from the pavement!

Guadalupe Mountains National Park
Guadalupe Mountains National Park | Source
Leucistic Texas Rat Snake
Leucistic Texas Rat Snake | Source


The Classic Car Swap Meet in Grand Prairie, Texas on I 30 and Belt Line Road has been in existence for twenty-two years (22). The event planners expect hundreds of collector cars and thousands of restoration parts for sale or trade by owners. Parking and admission is free. There are food vendors and over 600 non food vendors are expected. The event estimates there will be 5000 visitors in attendance. Date: Oct 25 -Oct 26, 2013 Phone:254-751-7958

Wine in the Pines Mt. Vernon, Texas on 113 Main Street. The festival is four (4) years old and takes place in one picturesque location. There will be two food vendors and live music. Event planners expect 25 non food vendors. 1500 visitors are expected to attend. There will be wine tastings from wineries all over Texas. Date: Oct 25 -Oct 26, 2013 Phone: 903-537-4070

Seabrook Festival of the Arts Seabrook, Texas on 1214 Anders Lane There will be a variety of fine artists, entertainment, activities for kids and more! This is the second year of the festival. There will be five food vendors and fifty non-food vendors. Event planners expect 3000 visitors. Date: Oct 25 -Oct 27, 2013 Phone: 281-907-3140

Dia de los Muertos Street Festival Corpus Christi, TX located on 415D Starr Street There will be made-by-hand art expo, parade, live music, Folklorico/Tehano/Mariachi performances, kids' activities, art & pinata exhibit. There will be seven food vendors, eighty non-food vendors. The The festival is 5 years old. Event planners expect 8000 visitors

Date: Nov 02, 2013 Phone: 361-887-6834

Festival Map

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A markertexas -
Texas, USA
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B markerGrand Prairie, Texas -
Grand Prairie, TX, USA
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Classic Car Swap Meet October 2013

C markerSeabrook, Texas -
Seabrook, TX, USA
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Festival of the Arts

D markerCorpus Christi, Texas -
Corpus Christi, TX, USA
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Dia de los Muertos

Pumpkin Pie

Food just tastes better in the fall. My favorite is pumpkin pie! Here is a favorite recipe. I have always used Libby's pumpkin and not the premixed filling.

MIx sugar, salt, ginger, cinnamon, and cloves in a small bowl. Beat eggs in a large bowl. Add pumpkin and sugar spice mixture. Pour into pie shell. Bake in preheated oven 425 degrees 15 minutes. Lower heat to 350 degrees and bake 40-50 minutes or until knife inserted in center comes out clean. Serve immediately or refrigerate.

May garnish with whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, or pecans.

Do not freeze.

Libby's Special Pumpkin Pie Recipe

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Libby's Famous Pumpkin Pie

  • 3/4 cup or 6 ounces sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon Salt
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon, ground
  • 1/2 teaspoon ginger, ground
  • 1/4 teaspoon cloves, ground
  • 2 eggs, large
  • 15 ounce pumpkin, puree
  • 12 ounces milk, evaporated
  • 1 pie shell 4 cup

Texas Seasons

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Wow, the pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

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Beautiful fall pictures. The hills of West Virginia looked a lot like that until a windy rain storm last weekend and now the leaves are on the ground.

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