Ibiza Clubbing & Club Tickets - is it worth going VIP?

Carl Cox @ Space Ibiza

The world's best DJs at the world's best clubs

To watch live DJ sets of the world's best DJ's in Ibiza the clubbing capital of the world go to: www.dancetrippin.tv/Ibiza - If you've ever wondered what all the fuss is about Ibiza clubs, or exactly what you are missing, this fantastic one hour :

live set from>>> Carl Cox @ Space <<< in 2009 perfectly captures the vibe.


Club Capital of the World?

Ibiza is renowned worldwide for its clubs and if you are a dance music fan, no holiday in Ibiza would be complete without experiencing at least one of its mega clubs, which see all the big names and every type of club DJ imaginable pass through their dance-floors over the summer.

To avoid the sometimes large queues, especially in the main summer months July and August, buying your tickets in advance is a good option.

For the beginning and end of season opening and closing parties and the busier nights mid-summer, buying your tickets in advance is often the only option.

You can buy Ibiza club tickets online from various different retailers – and it’s a good idea if you definitely know the nights you want to go to get your tickets well in advance.

However, it’s also usually easy to get your tickets on the day from any of the local vendors or of at the clubs themselves on the night.

F*** Me!  HOW the F*** am I famous?
F*** Me! HOW the F*** am I famous?

Getting Club Tickets

If it’s a really popular night, such as David Guetta’s F*CK Me I’m Famous, you’d be advised to buy your tickets in advance as that night does sell out (!) and to get there early and to expect long queues to get into the club, especially in August.

The other big nights as well, especially when there are huge headline DJs or acts playing, will also sell out… you have been warned!! Buying club tickets on the day or tickets on the door can also be done (some nights will also hand out free bands on the beach if you’re lucky) and it means you don’t have to stick to a schedule and is great as you never know quite where you may end up… this is Ibiza after all!

There are also various bars and ticket touts on the streets in Plajta D’en Bossa and in San Antonio all too eager to sell you tickets (and get you drunk at the same time!).


Wanna Go VIP?

If you don’t want to be down on the dance floor with the masses Ibiza’s clubs cater very well for their VIP clientele, so long as you’re prepared to pay for the privilege, anyone with money can be a VIP in Ibiza.

For the more discerning / slightly older clubber it does make more sense to become an Ibiza VIP for a day– in the luxury of the VIP area you have your own private table for the evening and your drinks laid out - it certainly makes the clubbing experience more pleasurable – at a price.

Pacha’s VIP area seems to get bigger every year – it’s joked that Pacha VIP is as big as the rest of the club! And all the other clubs in Ibiza - Space, Amnesia, Privilege and Eden – have sizeable areas to cater for that all important VIP. It’s well worth it if you only go clubbing when you’re here in Ibiza to get that special VIP treatment.

Enjoy the night in comfort while not missing out on the legendary Ibiza party action (and be able to rest your feet at 5am when the dancing has got a little bit too much!). Either check on the club websites or one of the affiliates that official sell tickets and you’ll be able to book, or really VIP it up and get a concierge to sort it out for you.

Lift off 1min 30 sec !


Possibly the only club in Ibiza where you cannot *easily* just buy "VIP" status is the people's favourite, Circo Loco at DC10, for while there is a VIP area there, only actual clubland (or real) VIPs get in there, but really, who wants to be in a room out the back when the atmosphere of the club is this electric..

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