Ibiza VIP Services

Whether you are a VIP or just want to live like one for a day..

VIP Services in Ibiza

Ibiza now has perhaps more "VIP Services" websites and providers, on the internet at least, than anywhere else in the world.

The choice of Ibiza VIP & concierge companies on the island is bewildering as everyone and his brother are now offering the full "Ibiza VIP" service, but what does that actually mean?

Ibiza's "VIP Culture"

V.I.P stands for "Very Important Person" and used to mean that you were an important enough person that the club wanted people like you there, or that you knew the right people or had connections that allowed you access to the private areas, with Ibiza VIP culture that's all changed, it's now all about the € ker-ching.

It probably started with Clubs having VIP rooms to allow the VIPs to avoid the oiks all night, and of course VIP guest list meant free entrances, however now being "VIP" in Ibiza has come to mean exactly the opposite, it means you can pay to be treated as though you are important, whether you actually are or not, and of course this has been a huge success.

Ibiza VIP services offer services as diverse as Club ticket reservations & VIP table bookings, procuring reservation tables at "the" restaurants that are fully booked to everybody else, through to private helicopter or jet hire, and everything you could ever want between, assuming of course, that money is no object

VIP Lifestyle - could you handle it?


So if you want to live like the celebs do, even if just for a day, listed below the better known VIP Ibiza companies on the island with client lists such as:

Hugh Grant, Jemima Khan, Calvin Klein, Pete Tong, Paris Hilton, P Diddy, Jamie Oliver, James Blunt, Wayne Rooney, Jade Jagger, Primal Scream, Snow Patrol, Robert Carlisle. Mick Jagger, Jenson Button, Diane Kruger, Zoe Ball, Norman Cook, Naomi Campbell, Princess Eugenie, Princess Beatrice, Lady Gaga, David Walliams, Johnny Vaughan..

And if it's good enough for them..

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hello there ;) have you heard about the other kind of Ibiza VIP services?


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