The Dog's Balearics - The Luxury Villas of Ibiza & Mallorca

Millionaire pads in Mallorca

Mallorca's amazing villas

Because I live in Ibiza I am obviously quite focused and probably biased towards the smallest (and best of :) the Balearic islands, but recently got the chance to spend some time in Mallorca which along with Minorca is Ibiza's larger cousin.

The islands are in some ways very similar, but in some ways totally different, especially in spirit and culture, but one thing that they do have in common is that they are loved and frequented by the super-rich, and they both have some of the most amazing houses you will ever see on them.

Paparazi proof pads in Ibiza

Every summer both islands are descended upon by the rich and famous, some whom want to be seen in the places to be seen, and some who don't, and just want to be able to get on and party in private.

There is of course bundles of money to be made for pictures of celebs "mis-behaving" and so many will employ top VIP agencies -well known for their ultimate discretion, and private security teams guard the fabulous villas they hire, but you can always tell when someone really big is in town because the paperazzi will have helicopters circling..

Hence to be able to pull in the really big rental fees (upwards of $50k per week) "celeb-desirable" villas in Ibiza or Mallorca have to be not just utterly amazing, but private, secluded and not overlooked by anywhere sneaky photographers can hide up and get snaps but these houses are out there in droves, both in Ibiza and Mallorca.

Mallorca Uber Luxury Pads

Mallorca is frequented by many A list celebrities who maintain holiday homes there and spend substantial amounts of time on the island, including the likes of Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta Jones who have property there, through to tennis star Boris Becker, Supermodel Claudia Schiffer, billionaire businessman Richard Branson and the Spanish Royal family can all be found enjoying time in fabulous Mallorca villas.

This mind-blowing villa pictured on the right can be rented from the fabulous Mr & Mrs Smith Boutique hotels website from a mere €37,500 a week

- See here

But although when you get out of the big towns Mallorca is a lovely island in places, in my opinion the island is neither as lush and green, nor as picturesque and tranquil as Ibiza, and nor does it have the chic cool of the Ibiza party scene, - Mallorca's version of San Antonio - Magalluf, really does drag the international image and reputation of the island down in the same way as San An does for Ibiza, only more so.

If you have to choose between visiting the two islands, in my opinion there is no comparison, it's Ibiza all the way..

There really is no place like home..

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traveluxe profile image

traveluxe 6 years ago from Barcelona

I love Ibiza! The ribbons of white sand, busy capital Ibiza Town and the infamous nightlife continue to attract people from around the world... That's an amazing place to go and rent a luxury villa.

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