Iceland Waterpark, Ras al Khaimah - A Review

Another Dubai Waterpark!

Iceland Waterpark in Ras al Khaimah opened in the second half of 2010. It is the fourth waterpark in the UAE with 2 others being in Dubai and the other one in Umm al Quwain. It is themed on the desert freezing over and has lots of ice, snow and other similar decorative effects together with a whole herd of model penguins! It may seem excessive to have 4 waterparks within a couple of hours of each other but they were likely planned before the downturn of the last couple of years and each also has it's own charm.

Check out another of my articles to read a review of all of the waterparks near Dubai - this article is purely going to be about Iceland waterpark itself.

The entrance to Iceland Waterpark has a huge waterfall coming down a large rock face.
The entrance to Iceland Waterpark has a huge waterfall coming down a large rock face.

Where is Iceland Waterpark?

Ras al Khaimah is another of the United Arab Emirates and is only around an hour to an hour and a half from Dubai (depending on where you are staying). You can get to the waterpark by driving from Emirates Road, through Sharjah and then turning left when you effectively get to the end of the road and you reach a roundabout. It is only a couple of miles down this road on your right hand side.

In order to get to Iceland waterpark you will need transport of your own as there is no public transport to take you that far out of Dubai. So if you have access to a car then it might well be worth a visit. Alternatively if you are staying in Ras al Khaimah then you can easily get a taxi to the waterpark which is in the al Hamra area.

Iceland Waterpark - The Rides

Iceland waterpark covers a massive area and hence has a huge number of rides to choose from. Whether you have small children or are with a bunch of adults, the waterpark should suit all tastes. There are plenty of adrenaline filled high rides and stomach churning tubes and half-pipe type rides. There is also a plunge pool where, if you dare, you can jump from a height into a deep pool of water!

Of course there is the obligatory lazy river which looks to be quite small but when you are actually on it the ride winds it's way around a large part of the park and you can be on it for a fair amount of time before you get back to where you started from. Included in the lazy river is a portion that goes into a cave with pseudo-stalactites which will be nice in the summer when the weather is heating up outside.  

Iceland Water Park - Rides for All

For those who can't go on the fast rides (like me!) because they make you feel ill, there are some more gentler rides that you can do - from the long, multi-person slide which you will stop on if you don't get enough momentum (tip - just make sure the front of the sled thing is pulled up in front of you to go quicker and you don't stop!), to straight and gentle slides, the fun bucket and large shallow water area, to the wave pool and lazy river, there is plenty to keep you occupied.

The huge kids area is probably bigger than any of the ones at the other waterparks (Wild Wadi, Aquaventure at Atlantis and Dreamland Aquapark) so the kids will not feel left out.

Not to mention the full sized water football pitch in the middle of the park where you can play football whist being covered with sprays of water! Not great for making the ball move along the ground but fun and different all the same!

The coral reef attraction at Iceland Waterpark
The coral reef attraction at Iceland Waterpark
Full size swimming pool
Full size swimming pool

Unique Waterpark Features

One thing that Iceland Waterpark has that is different to the other waterparks in the Dubai area is a coral reef attraction. Most of the reef is manmade but there are real fish and the attraction is a seawater one and so gives a genuine feel to it. You get given flippers, snorkel and mask so that you can swim through the reef and see the fish and coral that are under the surface. This is a great and safe way for kids to do this but is also fun for adults.

Another unique feature of this waterpark is that it has an Olympic sized swimming pool complete with starting blocks! So if you want to get some laps in or practice your racing turns then you are at the right place!

Teething Troubles

With an attraction of this size, there are bound to be teething troubles for at least the first year or so while the waterpark gets up and running. Even now, after being open for around 6 months, there are not huge crowds coming so possibly not enough numbers to test out some of the facilities. One are that wasn't great was the Tundra Baths. This is basically an enclosed area of hot tubs. Only some of the tubs were hot and only one was hot enough on the day I visited.

Also, it looked apparent to me that the first version of the flooring was not working. From what you could see, it had initially all been painted white and was some kind of concrete floor but it looked like it was too slippery so they have put down a whole lot of blue matting throughout the park to stop people slipping over. However, the matting is a bit hard on your feet so I recommend that you take a pair of flip-flops or other shoes that you can wear between rides.

Iceland Waterpark - Food and Drink

There is the usual selection of food and drinks that you might get at a waterpark - fast food type options but with a bit of a local flavour too. I am pleased to report though that I thought that the food and drink prices were very reasonable - for example you can pick up a burger (chicken or mutton), fries and a drink for 25 dirhams.

Lots of cute little model penguins are scattered around the waterpark!
Lots of cute little model penguins are scattered around the waterpark!

Iceland Waterpark Entry Prices

Entry prices are reasonable at 150 dirhams for adults and 100 dirhams for children. When I visited they also had a great offer which I took advantage of. For 399 dirhams you could get access to the waterpark plus a night for 2 in a nearby hotel. The hotel was a good standard and had a pool, gym, restaurant and indeed a nightclub! It was not in a great area but had all you would need for a night's stay anyway and the rooms were clean and modern.

You can find more information on their own website at

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cardelean profile image

cardelean 5 years ago from Michigan

My family is a big fan of waterparks and this one looks super cool! Too bad it is way too far to travel to. :(

Azure11 profile image

Azure11 5 years ago from UK Author

Yes, it is a great one to visit so if you do ever get the chance then definitely go!

LeisureLife profile image

LeisureLife 5 years ago from USA

That place looks AMAZING!

Cogerson profile image

Cogerson 5 years ago from Virginia

It looks like an awesome place.....Iceland and a waterpark....I would never have thought that would be a place I would want to visit...voted up and useful

smanty profile image

smanty 5 years ago

Wow, that ace sounds fantastic. Nice hub too, it really explained it well. I hope to check that place out one day.

Azure11 profile image

Azure11 5 years ago from UK Author

Thanks smanty (and belated thanks Cogerson!)

reviewer ... 5 years ago

i been to ice land before and it very worst water park ever. not good facilities and dirty water...yaksssss..

Azure11 profile image

Azure11 5 years ago from UK Author

Not sure when you went to iceland waterpark, reviewer, but I have mostly heard good reports so it is interesting that you thought it was bad. I agree the changing rooms are not brilliant but the rides and the rest of the park I thought were pretty good.

rock star 5 years ago

the park is ausome and i went there recently and the facilities are good , the water is fine and who ever wrote its not is completely blind

YVR_Xpat 5 years ago

This is definitely NOT a Water Park for expats or tourists. If you go, you will only be met with disappointment and discomfort. I went with friends today to check out the Iceland Water Park in Ras Al Khaimah. It was the worst decision we ever made to spend the day there. I strongly recommend you do not waste your time or money to visit. Atlantis and Wild Wadi are by far the best, well-organized and safest in the UAE.

Iceland Water Park is disappointing on so many levels. For a fairly new water park it looks quite run down, dirty and unorganized. Safety standards do not exist here. We saw that there were quite a few people with injuries. They either bumped their heads or stepped on something. This is all due to the lack of attention from staff giving proper instructions on the safety of sliding. The lifeguards and staff don't seem to know how to handle crowds very well. They allow people to exceed the limits. At times people haven't even cleared the slide and they allow the next person to go, which can be dangerous. Also they don't even have working knowledge of english.

Beware of people jumping the queue all the time, especially large groups of teenagers. My friend saw a teenage boy slip a staff member money in his hand to skip the line! They would line up by the vip gate. At one point 20 teenagers were let through the vip gate to slide down all at once. This is so dangerous and unethical. Whilst this was going on, I even had two teenagers shove me aside to jump over the railings for the line-up to dash down the slide straight away. My friends grabbed a hold of the second one and he threatened to punch my friend. As women we were extremely shocked by this mistreatment. It was a shocking experience and ruined the entire day. We will never go back! You couldn't even pay us a million dollars to!!

Azure11 profile image

Azure11 5 years ago from UK Author

I'm sorry you had such a bad experience at Iceland water park. I think the times I went it was not that busy so maybe that is why I didn't experience those problems. Hopefully they can sort the issues out as it does have some great rides.

Reviewer 5 years ago

My recent experience with Ice Land was not favourable at all. The environment was filthy, and there was very little shade - the inconvenience of which is inexpressible, once the UAEs torrid summer weather is considered. The rides were certainly numerous, and had the appearance of being thrilling; but I was thoroughly discouraged from attempting many of them due to the evident lack of safety.

Safety is certainly deficient; on one of the rides that I went on with a companion, the dinghy stopped moving in the middle of the ride, and we had to inch ourselves forward to get to the final drop. This is an indication of very poor design, and it was this experience that discouraged me from attempting any of the more serious attractions. During my visit, one of the lifeguards began to fight with one of the guests; not verbally, but with fists. It was my immediate inclination to flee the scene.

Perhaps most appaling is the size of the park; indeed, Ice Land is the largest waterpark in the UAE, but I don't understand as to how something like this deserves commendation. All it means is that you do A LOT of walking to get to any location of interest. I mentioned earlier that there was very little shade available; combine this with the immense distances you will be required to travel, and the experience is agony.

Overall, my experience was exceedingly distasteful, and I shall certainly never return.

Azure11 profile image

Azure11 5 years ago from UK Author

Reviewer, (same one as last time?), I guess it is going to be tough anywhere put in the sun during the heat of summer, but yes, maybe more shaded areas are needed. As I said before I had a good experience on all my visits to Iceland waterpark but I accept that people will have different views. Hopefully others who have had a good time will comment too.

Nothin LAST 5 years ago


Simple !! it's rly an AMAZING place ~ i had such a GREAT time :D

Basselio 5 years ago


Alex 5 years ago

I went to the waterpark and i am never going there again It is extremely dirty,no maintenance as i saw 2 pools that were empty and dusty. I found a hair in my burger, so did my sister. As said, the staff are useless there, people skip the lines all the time and i also got stuck in the middle of the ride. There is no safety.

I would not recommend going there.

Azure11 profile image

Azure11 5 years ago from UK Author

Well there definitely seems to be mixed opinions on Iceland Water Park. As I said previously I thought it was good but in the interests of an impartial review I will approve all posts that seem to be genuine. It would be interesting to hear any more favourable reviews as it is often the case that once someone has been there and it is good they do not go on to post positive reviews, they are more likely only to do that if they had a negative experience so this should be taken into account.

Megahaa 5 years ago

Wow what a ride it is nice

Ayn 4 years ago

How on earth they call it iceland without ice?

Azure11 profile image

Azure11 4 years ago from UK Author

Well it is all decorated up with fake glaciers and stuff so it looks like you are in a little ice kingdom!

tehlil:) 4 years ago

iceland is so cool!!!

travelholidays profile image

travelholidays 3 years ago from India

Fantastic Hub :) the final image is simply describe the water park . Thanks for sharing

kissmaki 3 years ago

I just wanna ask question. Is this dealgobbler agency a legit? coz i bought tickets and we will be going to Ice Land water park this tuesday

Azure11 profile image

Azure11 3 years ago from UK Author

Kissmaki I have not heard of dealgobbler but there are a lot of those deal websites about so hopefully your tickets are good.

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