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Immigrating to Russia is one of the hardest nuts to crack on Earth. Especially for those who do not have any contacts in Russia. So why is it so? Probably it is one of the solutions imposed by the authorities to curb illegal immigrant population in Russia which has been rising exponentially in recent years. Russia is better known as Eurasia. A part of it is still considered in Asia and another part being in Europe. We’ll take a look at how we can proceed or try to crack down this complex procedure into simplified terms.

Whatever you wish, start by learning Russian language. Language is one of the most extensive barriers you’ll likely face there. Everything is in Russian, Russian and only Russian. English is still not widely used in Russia. It is advisable to take a preparatory course or read a Russian language book. If you manage to find someone who could help you with that then it’s splendid. Please note that there are private agencies in Russia who charge a good sum for the same work if you find it difficult to do by yourself.

On whatever visa you go to Russia (Business, student, private, work), if you intend to wish to immigrate you have to follow the rigid rules. You have to be very patient as it takes a good long time. The first step involves getting a Russian temporary residence permit. For TRP you have to go to OVIR (Russian federal Migration Services). They will give you all the forms (a lot) to be filled only in Russian (remember don’t do any mistakes otherwise you’ll fill them again which will make you go crazy all the way). Next you’ll follow a series of medical tests. Plus you’re required to deposit a set of mandatory documents and their photocopies. (Oh…already tired…you’ve to do more).You deposit your forms with the fees and wait for six months (quite a long period of time but can’t be helped). If your things are in order and legal then you’ll be issued a TRP in your passport (it’s just a stamp) for three years.

You got your TRP, great, wait for one more year to apply for your Russian permanent residence (PR). The procedure is almost as same as that of TRP. You’ll get more rights and freedom to move and work in Russia once you get your PR. The PR takes six months to be issued. It is issued for five years.

You conquered a great battle. But hey, wait, are you ready to wait for more years (not less than five) which will make you eligible to apply for Russian citizenship. I hope you’ve got patience to wait that long. Good luck.

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USCIS gov forms 5 years ago

Thank you for sharing this article.

Russia is a country which has all the rights to protect itself and its countrymen from illegal immigrants who may want to take part of its abundance with nothing to give it in return. I think any country must also impose the same, especially the use of their own language in transacting all businesses, most importantly when dealing with people who want to have their citizenship there.

Citizenship isn't a gift to be given freely. Russians have the rights to protect their citizenship. Maybe it's also their way of protecting their people and their economy.

If anybody wants to go to Russia, he must do what Russians do..nothing more..

Rooskaya profile image

Rooskaya 5 years ago from Russia Author

Thanks for the comment. I agree with you that every country must make and follow hard and fast rules to do away with illegal immigrants. But it's hard to digest 'He must do what Russians do'.I wonder if you've really seen what Russians do.

profile image

francisid 5 years ago

technically speaking,when you go to another country,it's your job to blend in with the country,and its people,not the other way shouldn't expect them to learn to speak your language,or learn about your customs and traditions.the only thing you can expect from them is to allow you entrance--if you do it legally.every country is different.we can never expect Russia's laws to be the same with ours,no matter how ideal we consider ours to be.

Rooskaya profile image

Rooskaya 5 years ago from Russia Author

I am in favour of getting assimilated into the culture and customs of the people we are living with,I have never mentioned in my hub that bring English or other languages and customs to Russia.I have advised people to learn Russian.Thanks for you comment.

profile image

francisid 5 years ago

well,Russia did not tell tell us to be there,right? we choose where we want to be so we need to blend in.

Rooskaya profile image

Rooskaya 5 years ago from Russia Author

Yes, Russia didn't ask for anyone and my comment describes everything, I have written this article for constructive information and not for destructive, it's a suggestion for those people who're coming to Russia and don't know Russian. I have advised all of them to LEARN RUSSIAN otherwise they may face trouble and in order to BLEND they need to learn, speak Russian too. I have written all my hubs based on real life experience. Thanks for the comment.

profile image

francisid 5 years ago

what better way to make a hub than to pattern it after your experiences..the more realistic the hub is,the more people would want to read it.

keep it up!

Rooskaya profile image

Rooskaya 5 years ago from Russia Author

Thanks for the appreciation.

yyy 4 years ago

Приезжайте в Россию!!!

maousse 3 years ago

hi please can you help me i wanna immigrate to russia but i don't know how i can so please guide me and gave me more informations i have experience 1 years and half at least of restaurant (cooking food).answer me if i have a possibillity to get this offer.thank you. From maousse to my brothers.

David 3 years ago

How about me that I have a Russian Wife? Is there any chance for me to get my Russian passport faster that those who do not have Russian Wife?

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