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disadvantages of cities over villages

   Most people today, would consider living in a busy and popular city than in a countryside, where they believed things where not lively and trendy as such, so they se living in the village as a big crime. On the contrary, some people would prefer living in a very remote village (with at least basic amenities and facilities) than living in a big city like Los Angeles or Tokyo.
    Now, the big question is why do people prefer to live in villages than living in the big cities? Please don’t rush it, before I answer this question, I will first take a general overview of some of the problems and daily hassles encountered in the cities today, and then, compare them with those witnessed in the villages (or more better, countryside).
    Firstly, what is a city? A city may be defined as a large and important town, where many human activities take place, thereby attracting the interest of many people from different towns, regions and country, which contributes to its large population. While a village or countryside is a place smaller than a town, having two three places of worship, shops, buildings (sparsely located) and some other basic amenities for human survival.
     From the above definitions of a city and a village, we can understand clearly that a city is very bigger than a village. A city has several things that makes it lively, among which are casinos, clubs, brothels, hotels, stadiums, recreation and shopping centers, gyms, fashion centers, cinemas, industries, big hospitals and many others. All these contribute to the liveliness of a city, making people become so fond of it, but yet, there lies some bad sides of living in it.
      Experts in parenting and child upbringing, have said that children raised in the villages, are more balanced and sometimes more responsible than those brought up in cities. They also said that children raised in cities are more violent than their counterparts in the village. Little wonder why some parents prefer to send their children down to live with their grandparents or at least visit them every time during vacations.
    I also agree with these experts, because children brought up in cities are familiar with many city lives and corruption, they se and witness a lot of these activities, and they are more likely to exhibit when they become adults. Sometimes, a child who is living in a city might be coming back from school, and he or she will see some teenagers or adults, kissing and necking on the road or street. Though he or she might be too small to practice this, but his brains would record it and may be in the later years, recalls it for him to make use of.
      Again, children brought up in villages are more familiar to animals, birds, trees and flowers, which are their nearest companions. They saw lesser crimes and corruption, they are not exposed to seeing adults using hard drugs frequently or witnessing armed robbery incidents and rapes. Coming on the other side of sexual corruption, they has lesser access to pornography films, magazines and posters, unlike their counterparts in the cities, that have all these at their door steps.
       Let us now examine some of the danger of living in a village and that of cities.
Disadvantages of living in a village.
      Living in a village is a very challenging thing though. If you are living in a village, you will be faced with many challenges to survive, ranging from food, water and drug availability, safety from some animals and the likes.
      In a village, good schools are always in a lack, and if they exist, they always far from home. Above that, their learning conditions are also poor when compared to those in the cities. Some parents in the village complain that their children are not taught well, while others complain of inconsistency of the teachers. All these are challenges in the village.
       Also in a village, some dangerous animals habit there, because of the huge number of natural vegetation and forest that surrounds the villages. These animals can be harmful at times, like reptiles, wild pigs, leopards, bush rats, wild cats and the rest of them. But one can avoid them through proper housing and cleanliness, because most of them hate clean environments.
       Obtaining clean water, good food, reliable drugs and other human needs, seem to be difficult in the village. And in some villages too, communication is very difficult, since most have no telephone or GSM networks around. But all these are better enhanced as each day rolls by.
       There other challenges of living in a village, which includes the collection and receipt of parcels, gifts and mail messages from family, friends, relations and even colleagues, though most villages now have local postal service to render these services. But what happens to situations, whereby the messenger or business client refuses to send messages through a P.O Box address like in the case of Google Adsense program, which allows only street address for registration? This has served as a big limitation to so many clients who would love to join the Google Adsense program?
       Above all, we also know that most social welfare benefits and services do not always reach the hands of village dwellers, such as educational scholarship aids, health and welfare schemes, bank loans and subsidies etc. but all these can better be managed by someone who really care to maneuver them.
        Yes, village is full of challenges, but it can never be measure with those deadlier ones we see today in cities. Let us now look at the limitations and disadvantages of living in the cities.
Disadvantages of living in the city.
        Living in a city has to do with courage and daily struggles, for you to remain there. The rents are high, hospital bills are high, feeding is also high, refuse disposal is difficult and highly charged, risks is also at the top. One living in a city cannot tell exactly when death will strike, robbers can attack at any moment without prior notice, assassin can invade wrongly on a wrong identity, flying bullets from fighting gangs or police chasing a mob, can hit you at any time. All these are high risks faced in a city.
       Maintaining good relationship with street neighbors is also a great challenge, which can result to quarrels or exchange of words. Should we talk about the kids, who learn a lot of bad habits and behaviors from other city people you may not know about.
      Bullying of children is also high in cities, posing ones’ children to greater risks of falling ill with fever and bruises.
      Now let us consider the hassle with transportation, heavy hold ups and traffic on the roads, daily accidents, even when you are driving well, what about the other person who might be drunk in a party or occasion.
      Suicide attacks and gunmen shooting in public places like schools, airports, shopping centers and even at religious places, pose ones’ life to a greater danger.
     Recent researches has also proved that city dwellers are more prone to illness and diseases due to overpopulation, and they also suffer more depression and stress related sicknesses, due to city stress and work overload, which has led to many committing suicide in their homes and offices.
     If you are living in a city, you are exposed to a greater rate of: stress, depression, robbery attack, assassination, unknown deaths (for example, due to unknown shooting from a gunman), suicide attacks, terrorism attacks, fire accidents and many others.
    In the overview, the disadvantages of living in a city cannot in any way be compared to that of living in a village, because city own tampers more on personal life and security, which makes it more dangerous. Therefore, don’t condemn people living in the village, as every one has a reason for doing whatever he or she is doing, and to my own understanding, it is more better to live in a civilized village than to live in a very big city.
    My reasons comes in various ways, one, I love trees and green plants, I love nature and its gifts, they make me happy and lively, so I love to live wherever I will be closer to these things, because they make my life whole. What about you, where do you prefer to live if every other thing is put aside, or where will you love to spend your next vacation? Let us hear, and know your reasons, it might be a good source of information for other online users. Thank you.

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KStyle 7 years ago

so true, great hub!

sam 7 years ago

thanks very much

Michael Shane profile image

Michael Shane 6 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

Definitely countryside! Very nice hub! Thanks!

hi 6 years ago

bye-bye see you later

accofranco profile image

accofranco 6 years ago from L Island Author

Hello Hi,i love your four word comment.But i found it difficult to decode where exactly you are going to,anyway,take good care of yourself.Bye?

lol 6 years ago


ASAD 6 years ago


accofranco profile image

accofranco 6 years ago from L Island Author

Yes ASAD, but we can't run away from it, because that is where one can be gainfully employed. anyway, thanks for reading and commenting. God bless.

cindy 6 years ago

i love my hometown

accofranco profile image

accofranco 6 years ago from L Island Author

@cindy, thanks for reading and commenting, i am happy to hear that you love your hometown, its good to be home. i love mine too. keep reading and how's life? best of luck in your life endeavors.

nguyentrang 5 years ago

thanks for sharing your opinion..I am aslo talk about this topic in my lesson! your opinion is the material for me to try speak in font of class today

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

@nguyentrang, i am so pleased to hear that...i wish you the best in your presentation, and thanks for finding out time to comment.

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