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 Hi everyone!

Well thats me safely arrived in Palapur, Himachal Pradesh! We left Jaipur the other day after finishing all our orientation presentations etc. They were really interesting.

I was so pleased that mynew found glasweegin friend's homestay was with a Christian Indian family just rund the corner from ours. We went there to use the internet but personally it was more an excuse to find out more first hand about the persecuted church. He really knew huis stuff about the Orissa maacre and he was telling me of the horriffic violence even in Jaipur last year which is normally quite liberal about religious differences. I was just in awe of his conviction and how he was telling why God is so great and he said he will be praying for me and I likewise.

The Elephant ride was ace, however I was often questioning the health and safety haha!

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lyricsingray 6 years ago

Too much violence in the world, I know you agree, thanks for this update in your series, Kimberly

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