Inexpensive Things To Do In Las Vegas

Welcome Sign

Welcome Sign On South Las Vegas Blvd.
Welcome Sign On South Las Vegas Blvd. | Source

The Meadows

Las Vegas, Nevada is not the first town in the west to bear the Spanish name, which simply means "the meadows". That honor falls to a small city in the northeastern corner of New Mexico, situated at the base of the Sangre de Christo mountains. While Las Vegas, NM prospered during the "Wild West", when the Old Santa Fe Trail was a viable means of commerce, the newer Las Vegas, situated in the southern tip of Nevada has attracted large throngs of tourists through out much of the twentieth century and into the twenty first. Today it is the entertainment and gambling venues that draws the most visitors. Even despite the presence of so many plush casinos and hotels, there are many fun things to do in the city that cost very little or are totally free.

The Luxor Resort and Casino

The Luxor Resort and Casino is modeled after the architecture of ancient Egypt.
The Luxor Resort and Casino is modeled after the architecture of ancient Egypt. | Source

Visiting The Welcome Sign

One of the first places many newcomers visit is the Welcome Sign, which is located on the far south end of Las Vegas Blvd., also known as the strip. First-time visitors and newlyweds flock here to have their picture taken in front of simple sign that welcomes everyone to the bustling city. Take careful note of the graphic qualities of the sign, for during your desert stay, you are bound to come across many fascinating examples of outdoor advertising.

If you do make a visit here, you might want to drive the distance, since the sign sits south of the main city near the airport. And while you're at it, you can watch the incoming flights to the Las Vegas airport as they tip well below the top of the nearby hotels and casinos on thir landing approach.

The Roof Over Fremont Street

The roof over Fremont Street provides substantial cooling, even on hot sunny days.
The roof over Fremont Street provides substantial cooling, even on hot sunny days.

The Fremont Street Experience

Fremont Street has a lot to offer the budget-minded traveler. First off is the pedestrian mall that runs the length of the street and the overhead canopy, which keeps visitors cool, while the sun is shining and serves as a movie screen for the overhead light shows that run every hour from 8 p.m. till midnight. The walking and the light shows are free, as are many of the bands and street performers that frequent the area. On both sides of the street, strollers will find numerous casinos, restaurants and stores that offer drinks and refreshments at very reasonable prices. The light shows vary slightly and are a nostalgic journey into the rock-n-roll past.

Motel and Mountains

Las Vegas is located in one of the driest counties within one of the driest states in the country
Las Vegas is located in one of the driest counties within one of the driest states in the country

Free Shows On the Strip

Walk the Strip and you will find a very different experience from that of Fremont street. Here, lavish architectural replicas from places around the world, beckon the traveler to come on inside and enjoy the shows and entertainment. Some of these shows can get pretty pricey, but along the main avenue of commerce, there are several free shows worth mentioning. At the large lagoon outside the Pellagio, pedestrians can watch the spectacular display of water cannons that shoot large volumes of water straight up into the air. These go on day and nighy and are quite fun to watch during the evening hours.

And just down from the Pellagio lagoon is a fascinating replica of a tropical volcano. This piece of modern engineering is located right in front of The Mirage and it "explodes" several times a night, accompanied by some fast-paced, electric Tiki music. Go a little bit farther and you will encounter the Sirens of Treasure Island. These scantily clad women spell trouble for the crew of buccaneers that comes cruising by three times a night between duk and midnight. This is definitely a fun show than involves, dialogue, singing, humor and acrobatics. Then there is always the large mass of humanity that moves up and down the boulevard, sometimes providng the best free entertainment around.

The Strip

The Las Vegas Strip During the Day
The Las Vegas Strip During the Day

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