Interesting Facts About Finland

The Flag of Finland
The Flag of Finland

Interesting Facts About Finland - Geography

338,000 square kilometres

Europe's 7th biggest country

Country is divided into 12 provinces

Forests cover 2/3 of Finland

The Arctic circle covers 1/3

30 National Parks (Finland is considered one of Europe's last great wildernesses although at risk from clear filling, pulp factories and acid rain)

5.2 million population, half of which live in the south and south west of the country

15 people per square kilometre

Finland enjoys four very different seasons (an almost continuous 2 month day and almost continuous darkness in winter)

Shares borders with Russia, Norway, Sweden and the BalticSeas

Interesting Facts About Finland - Agriculture & Industry

Most businesses are privately owned but the government spending still makes up 63% of the GDP

Huge welfare system providing Finns with a broad level of equality

During the 90's unemployment has remained around the 16% level. (Why work when through government assistance you can still maintain a high living standard)

Finland's tax is said to be the highest in the world. e.g. 95% of the cost of a bottle of Vodka goes to the government

Metals and Engineering are the dominant industry

Cruise ships and mobile communications are two other big industries (Nokia).

The main mineral wealth of Finland is Zinc, copper, lead, silver and gold.

Main crops are cereals, potatoes and sugar beet

Its main trading partners are Germany, UK, Netherlands, France, USA and Russia

Interesting Facts About Finland - Tourism

Tourism is limited by the weather of Finland.

About 5 million people visit Finland every year

Europeans are able to ski Finland all year round but in the winter months it proves too cold and unpleasant for most European skiers

Its main tourist season runs from early June until late August

Interesting Facts About Finland - Government

Presidential Republic

President elected every 6 years by the people

Prime Minister is elected every 4 years by parliaments 200 members

Finland has been a member of the EU since 1995

In Finland a sauna is the natiuonal past time
In Finland a sauna is the natiuonal past time

Interesting Facts About Finland - Social

The Finnish flag is white with a blue cross

Image of a log cabin with a sauna by a forest lake captures the spirit of the Finnish culture.

Independent people, very gritty and resilient, determined.

100% literacy rate

One doctor for every 410 people

90% of Finns are Evangelical Lutherans

The language is a Uralic language, closely related to Estonian

English is widely spoken but not to the extent of many other Scandinavian countries

Currency is the Euro

Finland is cheaper than Sweden and Norway but still very expensive when compared to other parts of the world

The sauna is a big part of Finnish life, symbolic of physical and emotional cleansing

Fanatics will roll in the snow or dip in a near freezing lake during sauna time (Nude!)

Food- Seisova Poyta (Smorgasbord) inc. Soups and Fish

Drink- Beers and spirits very expensive, only cheap alcohol is low alcohol beer.

Sport - Soccer and athletics popular in summer, Ice Hockey and skiing popular in winter

Pesapallo also popular (Finnish baseball)

My name is Robee Kann, for four years I was a tour guide throughout Europe. I loved my job and I would love to hear from you. You are most welcome to message me to say hello or request a hub about a European subject. Please look at my other hubs and leave a comment for me.

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chariots london sauna  7 years ago

Thanks for doing the research , great working in bring us this info, there are many things that this post can be used for, keep it coming.

sbyholm profile image

sbyholm 7 years ago from Finland

It's worth to mention that Finland is called "the land of a thousand lakes", and in reality there is 187,888 lakes and 179,584 islands and 1/5 of the land area is covered with non-lake wetlands.

Robee Kann profile image

Robee Kann 7 years ago Author

Thanks Chariots for the encouragement

Robee Kann profile image

Robee Kann 7 years ago Author

Thanks sbyholm, you are right it certainly is worth the mention.

iyfc 7 years ago

hi bob

rtxtyx 7 years ago

pie is good

Robee Kann profile image

Robee Kann 7 years ago Author

Hi iyfc

Robee Kann profile image

Robee Kann 7 years ago Author

Yes Pie is good rtxtyx - what a strange comment to leave

La-sgdty 6 years ago

hi i like Finland

Robee Kann profile image

Robee Kann 6 years ago Author

Hi La-sgdty, so do I

John S 6 years ago

Last year my family hosted an exchange student from Finland. He is graduating this year and we are planning a trip to Finland. Do you have any suggestions of things that we should do while we are there?

Robee Kann profile image

Robee Kann 6 years ago Author

Yes, there are many historic sites in Helsinki that are worth a look but you have the great advantage of visiting a local family and therefore have a great opportunity to experience a slice of local life - take a sauna (Finnish Tradition) and experience how they live - great opportunity for you.

Pippin-Misty 6 years ago

Hi, I like Finland. Are there any famous landmarks there?

tt 6 years ago


Robee Kann profile image

Robee Kann 6 years ago Author

teetee ???

carla lamiao 6 years ago


Robee Kann profile image

Robee Kann 6 years ago Author

Carla, What does waley mean?

emdi 6 years ago

Nice hub.

Robee Kann profile image

Robee Kann 6 years ago Author

Cheers emdi, thanks for the support

1234tofy 6 years ago

hello pll

Robee Kann profile image

Robee Kann 6 years ago Author

Hi pll

Lillian 5 years ago

Finland fought along side of the Nazi's in WW2. There is nothing on the internet aboug it. Why???????

Robee Kann profile image

Robee Kann 5 years ago Author

You are very right, there is not much known on the internet about Finland being in bed with the Nazis, just the same way the Swiss (especially their banks) were silent allies. I guess the higher profile allies like Italy have more written about them. Thanks for your comment Lillian.

nightflight9 profile image

nightflight9 5 years ago from Scandinavia

You know.... you can make as long word as you like in Finish. Example, when explaining a pizza (...pepperoni cheese pizza is compoundword in finish)

Myles 5 years ago

Lalalallalalallalalallalalal Im in school

Nigerian 5 years ago

I love corn

cheeze 5 years ago


cheeze 5 years ago

i love to be fat

vroom 5 years ago

vroom vroom car car

anti kann 4 years ago

this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!LOL

Tiffany 4 years ago

I used to have a friend that lived in Finland, but we lost contact. I once used Google Earth to look at Finland and there were a lot of beautiful sceneries of the bridges and such. What are some of the main bridges in Finland?

Jomon Koyippally Joseph 4 years ago

I had been to Finland. It was a life time experience for me. I have written a post on it. Please read.

jane 4 years ago


fit 4 years ago

hi im doing finland for my country report and this page is helpful

clipperfan32 4 years ago

you are right FIT. i'm doing my country report on Finland too and this is really helpful.

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