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Sweden is a nice and welcoming country and the only reason that Swedish society believes in access to free education for all level for all world, would be enough to say it a great. As at a time when almost everywhere else education is being used as a business tool, Sweden is continuing its free education program for betterment of humanity and spread of knowledge. I had also got the chance to complete my masters there and therefore got the possibility to interact and closely see the culture. And here I would like to share with you some interesting attributes which a stereotype Swedes does have.

A Swedish Flag
A Swedish Flag | Source

During my studies here in one of Swedish University I have got the chance to interact with Swedes and found some interesting characteristics which typical Swedes do possess. Although these are not so strange or something out the world attributes, and definitely more or less you will find it even around you as well. However as a set of habits these all are found in a typical Swede. Well if not all but about 95% I guess, because this is what I have observed.

1. A typical Swede has blond hair, blue eyes and is 180cm tall.

2. He is always in time, not only when committed to someone else but even in his own routine as well. Sometimes it feels like they are robots covered with human skin, as far as taking care of time is concerned. They come sharp at time in office (even if they do not like the job) and do not spare even one extra minute to close the shops (as the closing time mentioned on shops) even if there is a queue of customers standing outside.

3. He respects laws and rules too much.

A typical Swedish house has dull reddish exterior. This color comes from a color or material in copper ore in Sweden.
A typical Swedish house has dull reddish exterior. This color comes from a color or material in copper ore in Sweden. | Source

4. A Swede always tries to sit alone in the bus and try to solve some puzzle in newspaper.

5. Swedes are quiet and reserved and almost never initiate a discussion with a foreigner. You have to take the first step in order to break the ice. However when you ask for some help or information, they really provide the best they can. They always first start in Swedish (even if they clearly see that you are an outsider) however on your request they speak English as well.

6. A typical Swedes is one who spend his winter with too cold and ice all around out, taking coffee and wishing for some sun light, but when summer comes he at least once goes to further north to enjoy ice and skiing.

7. Bicycle is something essential which every Swede does have. And they used to ride bike even if there is 1m snow outside. They always have both front and back light on their bikes.

8. For him there is no bad weather, its only the cloths which are good or bad according to weather. But however on contrary, they look a little happier in summer.

9. Having Valvo for automobile and IKEA for furniture and other households is typical Swedish.

Some Interesting stuff you would love to have

10. He only takes coffee in the morning, while 2 – 3 coffee at work is sort of obligatory, and then he takes coffee with family in the evening. A typical Swedish coffee is one with semi-skimmed milk. However this is not as essential as coffee itself. And I must say that they do not drink coffee they consume it. I sometimes pass funny comments to my Swedish friends that if you happened to be medically examined your body would proved to be 70 % composed of coffee.

11. 12 o’ clock sharp is typical lunch time wherever he is and whatever he is doing.

12. He never takes last bite from the plate. And if two of them happen to eat a cake together , it goes as routine till last piece. And for last piece, they make half of it and eat one half, then make another half from remaining and so on. Until it would not be possible to make a further half of it, and then both of them leave it in plate.

13. He always has a pet which is normally a dog, mostly German Shepherd. He used to go out with his pet every evening. He is always with them plastic bags and picking up doggy-poo. And on his way back he goes to neighbours just for saying them hello.

Something about Sweden

14. He always remembers the names and nationalities of those who won Nobel Prize this year. And sometimes even upsets on it as to who won the Prize.

15. When two of them discuss or argue they do it loudly even if none of them is angry or loose tempered.

16. They sometimes try new dishes and and give them non Swedish names for not being called as "typical Swedish".

17. Swede takes part in physical sports too much and almost everyone plays something.

17. They call each other with names and not by titles, as they consider title as status gadget. And even student call the teacher with name frankly.

Although this is being shared with a positive mind set only, while still to write something which I have felt right. Here I just want to write a kind of disclaimer, that these are views which I have felt and discussed with my Swedish friends. And if someone got hurt by above, just send me a message or write in comments. As the primary purpose, in sharing them, is awareness and respect among cultures. And until we all be able to see beyond our own ego and does not want to know or listen about others, we will not be able to put this world out of misery. So if you know something which i have missed about Swedes or Swedish culture, I would appreciate if you share it with others by writing comments below.

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thougtforce profile image

thougtforce 5 years ago from Sweden

I enjoyed this article very much and I agree on almost everything here:) Your picture of the Swedes are very good. I especially liked when you say we don't drink coffee, we consume it. Yes we do! And now it has been validated that it is healthy, at least if you are a male! According to research 6- 8 cups of coffee per day is said to prevent prostate cancer. What happens to other body organs is another story:) I cant see any Swede get hurt by this because it is written with humor! By the way, I think it is madness to go skiing up north in the summer, but I don't like skiing and I hate winter and cold:)


ahmed.b profile image

ahmed.b 5 years ago from Sweden Author

Thank you Tina! for your comments. So now I think the hub is officially stamped, as atleast one Swede has read and conceded it accuracy :). You have good sense of humor. I liked "What happens to other body organs is.....".

Well I also thought that no body is going to hurt. But anyhow it was my first experience to write something about some other nation. So I had to be very careful for my choice of words and expression thought it would be better if write such a disclaimer.

Anyhow tack sa mycket for kommentarer


har trevlig sommar

Scilla 15 months ago

Thanks this really helped my homework assignment!

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