Italian Flea Markets...the best of Umbria

Italian Flea Markets

Italian market produce
Italian market produce

Italian Flea Markets...the best markets in Umbria

Who doesn't love a good antique/flea market, come on be honest? Since moving to Umbria I have become addicted to Il Mercato del Pulci - the humble flea market. If not for the stock presented, most definitely for the colourful characters who lurk amongst the quirky collectables on sale. For the visitor it most certainly makes for a lively day out; a welcome respite from endless museum & church visits & a great opportunity to witness Italians going about their exhuberant daily dolce vita. During the better part of the year these markets are held on various days of the week, usually in the village centres & move around the neighbouring villages on a continuing, repetative basis. Only in the dismal depths of winter are they non-operational, when no sane soul would venture too far from the warmth of the hearth.

I am fortunate to live very close to some of the best markets in Umbria - from fresh produce to slightly tacky "Mom & Pop" markets, to the best antiquario markets showcasing the most sublime & unusual artefacts I have ever seen. I am constantly in awe of the ancient relics on sale & often wonder exactly where & how they turn up in such places. Always on the look out for any items to decorate our country house in an authentic manner - objects that place a unique detailed touch to a simple décor; my personal fetish is antique linen & I am constantly discovering beautiful pieces at incredibly inexpensive prices.

The Italian Flea Market will uncover an array of "quirky" objet d'arte ; indeed, one mans trash is another mans treasure. Items ranging from rustic farm objects such as garden tools & old machinery, ancient rusty keys, books, hand embroidered linen (collected for marriage trusseau), beautiful aged ceramics & glassware, to valuable jewellery & simple functional furniture...the markets unveil a treasure-trove of antiquity! One can spend, at the very least, a few hours rummaging then enjoy a leisurely sustaining lunch at a nearby trattoria afterwards (& perhaps leave with a small treasure from antiquity) without digging too deeply into ones pockets. All in all, a great day out & a true representation of Italian daily life.

Here is a list of the markets I frequent regularly in Umbria - take the time to visit one on your next stay...I doubt you will be disappointed!

Antique Markets

Perugia - Palazzo della Prefettura/Rocca Paolina (last weekend of every month)

Pissignano - Via Flamina/Clitunno (first Sunday of the month)

Castiglione del Lago - Piazza Gramsci (third Saturday of the month)

Narni - Piazza dei Priori (third Saturday of the month)

Todi - Piazza Communale (last week in March - a large antique fair)

Produce & General Markets

Mondays - Montefalco, Amelia, Panicale, Assisi (Piazza Matteotti-upper town)

Tuesdays - Deruta, Foligno, Gubbio (Piazza 40 Martiri), Perugia (Ceramics/pottery - on the Duomo steps)

Wednesdays - Spello, Castiglione del Lago, Corciano

Thursdays - Trevi, Orvieto, Citta di Castello, Perugia (Ponte San Giovanni)

Fridays - Spoleto

Saturdays - Assisi (Santa Maria degli Angeli), Todi, Passignano (Lago Trasimeno)

Sundays - San Giustino, Bastia Umbra, Tuoro (Lago Trasimeno)

These lively, colourful markets offer a great way to embrace life at a local level - here you will mingle with villagers & visitors alike. Discover where food produce especially, represents the very best of the season.

 * All markets operate from early morning to (approx) 1 pm...the antique markets well into the afternoon. Enjoy!

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knell63 profile image

knell63 6 years ago from Umbria, Italy

Hi Michele, sounds like we ended up doing the same thing in the same area of the world. I adore Umbria, such a lovely part of the world.

Michelle Jacobson profile image

Michelle Jacobson 6 years ago from Umbria, ITALY Author

Hi Knell63, thanks for stopping by. I agree Umbria is certainly a beautiful place to live - every day here unfolds a unique & rewarding experience.

Sewing-Embroidery 6 years ago

Thanks for an interesting hub, Michelle.I live about 9 miles north of Assisi. I often go to the Mercato in Bastia and Gualdo Tadino, but you've inspired me to branch out and try some I didn't know about.


Michelle Jacobson profile image

Michelle Jacobson 6 years ago from Umbria, ITALY Author

Hello Kamala nice to meet you. Discovering new regional markets is one of my favorite past times here...who knows perhaps we have travelled the same paths on the same days!

Ci vediamo!

Dorit 3 years ago

Thanks for the great article.

We will be in Umbria within 10 days. Do you know the exact dates of the big flea market in Todi? According to your article, it is in March. We don't want to miss it.

Any other interseting market around Umbria in the last week of March?


Michelle 3 years ago

Hello Dorit - nice to see you here & thanks for the feed back... Unfortunately the wonderful Fiera Bella antique market in Todi has been cancelled this year (with the promise of returning in 2014)...not sure why exactly --as it is indeed a fantastic spectacle if you don't mind crowds. Renowned dealers from all over Italy usually front for this market making it one of the best on the calendar. However, if you are in the area --you may like to pop over to Perugia for its antique market held on 30 & 31st March (8-9pm). There is another held in Amelia, also on the 31st.

All the normal weekly markets will be held on their respective days as usual.

Cordiali saluti


Dorit 3 years ago

Thank you for your kind reply.

Unfortunately, we will be in the area 23-26 Marc ):

Martingail 2 years ago

Was totally helpful. Thanks so much. Gail

Michelle Jacobson profile image

Michelle Jacobson 2 years ago from Umbria, ITALY Author

Hi Gail

I hope you had fun exploring the markets in Umbria - I ve found some amazing items myself this year!



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