Jhumri Tilaiya: Scenic Beauty, Sainik School, Reservoir & Natural Resources

Tilaiya Lake
Tilaiya Lake

Jhumri Telaiya is not a new name for the people belonging to radio age (eighties/nineties). I have stayed in nearby places in the past and even worked for the benefit of rural people residing in this area. I am nostalgic to this place since I am hearing its name of this place from childhood on "All India Radio" & Radio Srilanka (Ceylone). Binaka Geetmaala and Vividh Bharti's various musical programs always mentioned the name of radio listeners from Telaiya. Besides nostalgia to music lovers, place is also known for Mica resources, Sainik School and Tilaiya reservoir. Damodar Valley Corporation has worked lot of work in the fields of electricity generation, help in improving farm productivity and supply of reservoir related data to research scholars from scientific organizations and famous Institutes of Technology especially, IIT, Kharagpur. I have a great fascination for this place and I have to fulfill my duty as an author of an international site to bring this area on global map for its peculiarities.

Once Koderma (city adjacent to Tilaiya) was known for production and export of Mica and several businessmen have their palatial houses in Koderma (adjacent to Tilaiya). However, demand of Mica has declined substantially after collapse of Russia and mineral has been substituted by other synthetic products. Mica mining had always been a source of employment for thousands of people in region and contribution of Bihar, being the main producer in the country, confined to more than half of the total production in India. Mica is well known globally for its excellent insulating properties and high-heat-resistance capacity and main consumers are chemical, pharmaceutical and paints industries. Media reports in recent past hinted about the interest shown by the chemical and pharmaceutical major Merck delegation for allotment of mica mines in Jharkhand’s mica zone in favor of Merck’s six suppliers. In addition to mica, world famous quality of Ruby Mica produced in India is available in the Koderma mica belt. On inquiring about the scenic beauty and spots of tourist's interest, I was told by local people to visit the Tilaiya Sainik School and Tilaiya Dam where electricity is produced utilized water from the Dam. I was amazed to see the beauty of the place and surprised to find that State Govt. has done very little to develop this place as the tourist spot to improve people's earning.Had it been in any other state, people residing in this place may have got opportunity to generate more revenue serving tourist's needs.


Presently, Jhumari Tilaiya has come in prominence due to "Sainik School" and "Tilaiya Dam". Water of the Tilaiya Dam is used to generate electricity and irrigate farmers' land. Tilaiya Dam was constructed on the Barakar river. Scenic beauty of the place is difficult to describe in words. Dam is located about 18 km away from Koderma railway station and same distance from nearest point on GT Road called Barahi. I visited this place in 2008 and posted some photos on this hub. Few days back I have one more opportunity to visit this place and snapped few more photographs. Comparing both photos, I observed that recent photos are more interesting and I updated this hub by replacing few old photos and uploading more photos.

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Tilaiya Lake
Tilaiya Lake
Tilaiya Lake

Preparing boys from their early age not only academically but also physically and mentally for entry into the Defence Services is the primary objective of all Sainik schools.Tilaiya Sainik School was 12th in the chain of 24 Sainik Schools whose foundation stone was laid down on 16th September 1963 that later settled itself as a landmark on the scene of the Jharkhand state to become the top ranking nursery of the NDA in the India. Removal of regional imbalance in the officer cadre of the Defence Services was the main objective of its establishment in Jharkhand/Bihar besides bringing public education within reach of common men.

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Sainik School Tilaiya
Sainik School Tilaiya
Sainik School Tilaiya | Source
Guest House Park, DVC
Guest House Park, DVC
Overview-Sainik school, Tilaiya
Overview-Sainik school, Tilaiya
Tilaiya Dam
Tilaiya Dam

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crusador profile image

crusador 4 years ago Author

thanks Anuj

ANUJ 4 years ago



Nick this is the Railway station of a samall town inhabited by simple people. the station caters to a number of other samall town and village in the belt. it is soon going to bea junction jhumri telaiya city.


Nice photograph. I also studied there in DVC tilaiya dam and completed my graduation in J J College. Now I am working in Home Ministry. I also Know Rajiv Ranjan, sanjeev ranjan, shashi and vivek bhaiya. I have spent more than 25 years in tilaiya dam and living in delhi since 17 years. thanks for posting photos.

uttam kumar jha 4 years ago

Hi friends ,

i have visited to Tilaiya dam . one thing i must say that it is a very expensive place , every thing is found in very high cost .

except some of the spots her broadly this is a very boring place . i have just visited here for 30 days and found very boaring here .

ajay modi 4 years ago

Beautiful photos,thanx,I belong to this,I love this area,

kundan Kumar Singh 4 years ago

Pictures Took me in old memories i studied at SST my roll no was 2559 I Left In 1992

Tinku 4 years ago

I lov jhumri telaiya

crusador profile image

crusador 4 years ago Author

thanks Binod & all who liked these photos.



madhukar kumar 5 years ago

i belong to this place..n its very pleasing to see all of u guys loving this place and i must thank u for uploading its beauty.

@radhe shyam shukla with utmost respect to u and late rameshwar barnwal i would like to say that even though he was a very frequent caller in AIR but he was not the only one...in fact there used to be so many calls from this place that even Ameen Sayani(the famous announcer) had acknowleged the contribution of people of Jhumri teliaya in his success.anyway thanks lot:)

Rajiv 5 years ago

i have listen abt it but i never visited there, hope i will make one trip with family. Nice place.

Arvind Kumar 951 5 years ago

Well done my friends. These pix took me to bloomed pleasure recollecting my old memories. Any SSTian can call me on 9830443895.

Wish my all Tilaiyans for happy and prosperous life.


crusador profile image

crusador 5 years ago Author

"Jhumari Tilaiya group" is for the people who love jhumari Tilaya and have ever been associated in any form with this place in the past at some point of time. Groups address is - http://indian-college-teachers.ning.com/group/jhum...

drpkjha 5 years ago

these photograph put me back in school sainik school tilaiya.one good hotel could be established

Capt. Arvind Kumar 5 years ago

Really nostalgic fotographs....these fotographs renewed the memories and brought the life spent at SST. Thanks a lot for putting these fotographs..



T. kumar yadav 6 years ago

I already belong from Jhumri telaiya, ( MARKACHO) at present i leave in Surat( Gujarat) but i like my native place this is really nice place, i also purchase some land in Jhumeri Telaiya bypass road )

Santosh Kumar Sinha 6 years ago

I already belong from Jhumri telaiya, at present i leave in noida but i like my native place this is really nice place,





yashraj 6 years ago

jhumri Telaiya is a small town in the state of Jharkhand, India. It's in the district Koderma, which is quite famous for Mica, Coal and Kalakand. Though it’s NOT a tourist place, it’s still hugely popular in Hindi films/songs (in a humorous way).

yashraj 6 years ago

telaiya is one of the best place of jharkhand

Ram Ratan Awadhiya 6 years ago

Proud of India.

reeta singh 6 years ago

i am really missing my telaiya after seeing these pix.i am feeling like going there right now. i wish a gennie could come and take me there.

nanalal vora 212 /1987 6 years ago

the photos published reminds me of my old days.it gave me the clear picture showing the difference of past present. thus my memory came afresh.

Abhaya prasad 6 years ago

Good old days at sanik School passed thru my eyes when i ran thru the fotos.Having passed out in 1983 I never had an opportunity to be back to the campus.The fotos have ignited the urge to visit the school. Thanks for beautiful fotos and evrything.

khublal rana 6 years ago

kya sexy image hai

crusador profile image

crusador 6 years ago Author

thanks rajiv and captain Himansu, I never realised before placing these photographs that these photographs may bring nostalgia back to persons like you. I'll try to post more photos like this if I get an opportunity to visit tilaiya. I'll try to get to place again even if i've to break my journey again.

Capt Himanshu Shekhar,586 6 years ago

Thanks a ton for posting these fotos,I am sure you must have touched many hearts,like you touched mine.We are what our memories are & you reboted the pleasant memories.Tks to the internet age that I cud see the fotos when I am thousand miles away in Tema/Ghana(on a ship).After having passed out from SST in 1977,always felt tt must visit the school & the fotos have given a boost to that urge.Tks again,

Capt Hiamnshu Shekhar at Tema/Ghana.

Rajiv Ranjan 7 years ago

Fantastic Photograph. All the places are more beautiful than as I left 10years back. i spent 20 years living in DVC Tilaiya Dam including 7 years of schooling in Sainik School. i haven't seen the place physically for the last 10years i cannot resist my temptation to visit soonest possible after looking at your's nice picture

crusador profile image

crusador 7 years ago Author

thanks satyendra singh for such nostalgic comments. I never realized that these photographs will be so popular. I'll again go to this place and add more photographs whenever I get a chance.

Satyendra singh  7 years ago

Really i miss the days what i used to enjoy having a tift with my seniors,really it gives me immense pleasure when i go through the recent photos on the page

crusador profile image

crusador 7 years ago Author

thanks rajiv, radhe shyam and vikramaditya for enjoying photographs.

Vikramaditya 7 years ago

excellent photographs


As you have written in your comment that since you heard this name in your childhood while listening programs based on songs tuned in "All India Radio". Every third or fourth listener of these programs belonged to Jhumari Tilaiya. perhaps you know about the person who have made famous this place the only one person was Late RAMESHWER BERNWAL. He was the person who used to send request for songs. So, there was not third or fourth listener was from JHUMRI TILAIYA he was one and only Late RAMESHWAR BERNWAL.

rajiv ranjan 7 years ago

Nice pictures and this reminded me of my school days at SST and the dam and many good memories. this was nice of u to get down to just visit the place in middle of no-where.

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