Beers of Oktoberfest

Beer Rundown

According to the Official Oktoberfest website there are six official breweries of Munich. They are, in no specific preferential order:

  1. Augustiner
  2. Hacker Pschorr
  3. Hofbräu
  4. Löwenbräu
  5. Paulaner
  6. Spaten

Brewer Testing Beer Quality
Brewer Testing Beer Quality

Bavarian Purity Law

In the beer tents at Oktoberfest, and in Germany in general, lies the Bavarian Purity Law. Oktoberfest abides by this law, which means that only beers brewed in Munich will be sold in the tents. Translated from German according to ( the law states:

"How beer is to be brewed and poured out across the land:
We decree, establish and ordain at the behest of the Lords of Bavaria that henceforth in all the land, in the countryside as well as our towns and marketplaces, there is no other policy than this: From Michaelmas until the Feast of St George, one mug or 'head' of beer will not be sold for more than one Munich penny; and from the Feast of St George until Michaelmas, a mug will not be sold for more than two pennies of the same reckoning, and a head for no more than three heller, under pain of penalty. But when one brews any beer (other than Marzenbier), it will under no circumstances be poured or sold for more than one penny per mug. Further we decree that henceforth in all our towns, marketplaces and the whole of the countryside, no beer shall contain or be brewed with more ingredients than grain, hops, and water. He who knowingly violates these laws will be summarily fined every kegs of such beer each time it happens."

What It's Like

Munich Oktoberfest Breweries

These are the breweries mentioned above, that are sold at Oktoberfest. They are all brewed in Munich according to the Bavarian Purity Law.

Hacker Pschorr

Founded in: 1417

In 1417, Joseph Pschorr and Maria Theresia Hacker founded Hacker Pschorr Brewery and it quickly rose to soaring heights of popularity in the late 18th century. The breweries were divided into two separate breweries after the couple's death and then reunited into one single brewery again in the 1970's.

Hacker Pschorr's Oktoberfest brew is a golden amber beer. At 5.8% ALC, it is the lightest beer that is offered by the brewer, but also the most popular. It is highlighted by the Malted Barley from Bavarian Countryside farms.


Founded in: 1328

Augustiner brewery is the eldest of the breweries in Munich. Founded in 1328. It's founding location is the Augustiner Monastery at the Haberfeld next to the Neuhauser Gasse. It's fairly obvious at this point where the brewery got its name, which is from the place it was founded. A major fire was set in the founding year of 1328 sparing the Monastery and the building is now a historical monument.

Augustiners's Oktoberfestbier is sold exclusively at the annual event and is 6% ALC. Augustiner still uses wooden barrels to store their beer as a means to keep it fresh and unique.


Founded in: 1589

Wilhelm V, the Duke of Bavaria founded the Brewery in 1589. Him and his family were dissatisfied by the options of beer and so he set out to build his own brewery with master brewer's to fit his distinct taste in the alcoholic beverage.

The Oktoberfest beer sold by Hofbrau is the strongest one sold at the Munich Festival. Coming in at 6.3% ALC. this lager is bottom-fermented and is made from pure water, hops and the best quality malt.


Founded in: 1883

This decently small sized company grew to be the biggest brewery in Germany in the 19th Century. During the grand opening of the brewery, Table linens were a luxury and this brewery was one of the first to offer this to all patrons.

Their 6.1% ALC Oktoberfest Lager is one of the first beers to appear at Oktoberfest and is famous for it's moving lion logo that is represented each year at the festival.


Founded in: 1634

Paulaner's beer is the most recent of all the breweries represented at the festival. A light hop and a strong hint of malt, this is one of the more intense Oktoberfest beers.

With 6% ALC, this beer used to only be sold on holidays and is now only sold at Oktoberfest and goes very well with some almonds and a nice fair ride.


Founded in: 1397

Managed by the Sedlmayr Family for the last 200 years, this beer claims to be the first Oktoberfest Beer, and also the original.

This gold colored beer is 5.9% ALC and has a very savory taste and an aromatic scent.

Oktoberfest Language

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