Kauai Beaches: A World within Themselves Kauai Real Estate, and Volcano Tours

When you visit the Hawaiian Islands there is so much to do and see. The thing that most people want to do though is just lay on the beaches, soak up some sun, and just relax. On the island of Kauai, you do just that. There are public beaches on all four sides of the island. Whether you are heading to the NorthShore or just want to cruise the leeward side of the island there are beaches that will inspire you to wriggle your toes in the warm sand and enjoy the wealth of nature’s bounty. Most beaches are not crowded and you and your loved ones can enjoy some time alone or you can just snuggle up with a good book as you listen to the water lightly licking the shore and the breeze rustling exotic fauna in the background.

One of Kauai’s beaches is just a short drive from the main cities. Donkey beach, named after the donkeys and burros that haled cane from the nearby fields, is a secluded get away that few tourists know about. It is rock strewn, but has a lovely area of sand to lie upon. There are trees for shade and the area is safe enough for you to take a nap in the sun. The water is rocky and the coral could cut your feet so wear shoes when in the water. It is a great space for snorkeling though because the ground drops off over a ledge and you can see both coral and deep water fish within feet of each other. There are strong currents around the rock so be careful and the shore break during high surf can really be dangerous.

One of Kauai’s famous beaches is HideawayBeach on the NorthShore. This is one of the nicest sand beaches on the island. There is great swimming and surfing. Be careful, if the seas are rough, it may be dangerous for poor swimmers. It usually takes about a ten minute hike to get there, so there is less people there then you would imagine. There are no life guards, so test the water conditions before you go swimming. There are nof facilities also. You will have to contend with the call of nature by visiting nature herself. There are shade trees that make a wonderful spot for a picnic or just to relax to get out of the sun. The coarse white sand makes a great place for a blanket spread out for relaxation alnd fun.

Kauai beaches host sixteen open venues for the public to enjoy. There are more secluded, private beaches but these are hard to get to and you may be trespassing if you go there. Always ask the land owner if you can hike or use their beaches and always clean up after you leave. Leave only footprints and take only the memories of relaxing on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Kauai beaches are pristine and being conscious of their fragile existence will save these beaches for generations to come.





Kauai Homes Your Slice of the Garden Island

Kauai, or the garden isle, is a beautiful island of the Hawaiian chain. There is a semblance of paradise as you step off the plane or boat and enter this enchanted world. This island is great for vacations and the mixed business and pleasure trip, but wouldn’t it be nice to make Kauai you home. There are many Kauai homes for sale on the island. There are affordable bungalows and million dollar mansions with extensive grounds. No matter what your budget, you will be able to find the home of your dreams of Kauai and end your days in a paradise fit only for the best in life.

Kauai homes can be purchased on the beach, near tourist areas, or downtown in many of the local cities. If you want a piece of rural life that will keep you away from the hustle of urban living, than that can be arranged also. Would it be nice to have your own beach front home. You could get up before work and take a dip in the ocean or spend all weekend laying on the beach and soaking up the sun. You can even spend the weekend doing your favorite water sport like diving, snorkeling, or surfing. You can eat what you catch out of your backyard as you live the good life.

If the beach is not your things, there are rural Kauai homes that will let you be minutes from the ocean but at the same time give you the privacy and quiet that you want. Your home will be cooled by tropical winds at night as you sit on the terrace drinking your favorite cocktail and letting your day’s worries drift away. You home is your castle, but this castle will be enveloped in tropical fauna that will inspire you to live your life to the fullest. A Kauai home is you home, but it happens to be sitting on one of the most beautiful sites in the world.

Kauai homes can be researched on the web. You can take a trip to the island, but with technology you can have a virtual tour of your new home as you sit in front of your computer stateside. Contact a real estate agent online and see what is available. You will be surprised at how Kauai homes are affordable, comfortable, and spacious. You can pick your home even before you visit the island. The helpful real estate agents will take care of every detail and all you have to do is pack up and head for the islands.

On Kauai, homes are set in beautiful, tropical settings with palm trees rustling in the trade winds and the cloudless sky beckoning you to adventure and fun. You will the life that many dream of and not dare to follow. Kauai is open to outsiders and soon you will be welcomed by the locals and living the life that was meant for you to live. Kauai homes are the paradise on earth that you have been looking for all your life.

Hawaii Volcano Tours Offers The Thrill of a Lifetime

When visiting the big island of Hawaii there are plenty of things to do and see. Once you are tired of the beach and the other mundane tourist attractions, you and your family might want to take one of the famous Hawaii volcano tours. These exciting tours will get you up close and personal with a live, erupting volcano. You will be able to walk on rock that has just cooled from molten lava or see lava pour into the sea and create more land on the island that is always growing. There is nothing in the world so exciting and adventurous on of the Hawaiian volcano tours.

The big volcano, Kileaua, has been spewing lava in majestic fountains and eruptions for almost twenty years. This makes this volcano one of the most active in reference to constant eruptions. You can be picked up at your hotel or rental and be whisked away from the hustle and bustle of the big Hawaiian cities and see the real Hawaii. VolcanoNational Park and all its features will be yours for the taking for a day or multi-day tour. You can hike around the safest reaches of the crater and still see lava boiling from the depths of the earth.

There are even Hawaii volcano tours that offer camping in the National Park. With this extra time you can see the entire park and if you are lucky, you will be able to see one of the larger eruptions that shoot thousands of feet into the sky. It is like natures own fireworks display as lava, ash, and rock is sent hurling towards the heavens in a spectacular lights extravaganza. No where on earth will you be able to get close to a volcano like you will in Hawaii. The views are spectacular and the experience is one that you will not soon forget.

This volcano has destroyed villages and religious shrines for hundreds of years and you as a tourist have an opportunity to walk around and discover history at your very fingertips. You can see the destructive nature of this giant monolith, but you can also see the forces of nature creating a mountain that has become the island of Hawaii. You can close your eyes and imagine the original people of the island worshipping the volcanoes and throwing in their sacrifices so the gods of fire will give them luck in the coming year.

The VolcanoNational Park also has a visitor’s center where you can see the history of the park and see pictures of the famous people who have visited Kileaua in the past decades. You can take a helicopter tour of the volcanoes or you can go with a tour guide to get up close. It is best to always have a tour guide in this park because they are familiar with the danger areas and know what to do if there is a sudden eruption that was not planned for.

The sky is the limit to the fun and the adventure you can have on one of the Hawaii volcano tours. Ask your hotel about a tour while you are in Hawaii or research volcano tours online. This is one adventure that can’t be missed


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