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 This working week has been fanastic. I absolutley love working here and I deffinately want to come back! I know I am going to miss my students too much when I have to leave...

This weekend we went to McCloud Gange to relax for a bit. We went to check out a club but it wasn't anything special so we went home at 10:30pm. Too many guys oogling etc and not exactly my kinda music. Had a good laff with the girls n I deffo feel I've made some good friends here like Kelly, Ifrah and Anne. We actually have the deepest conversations about everything from spiritualism, religion, outlook on the future and our varied pasts.

Unfortunately got quite ill yesterday, think it was food poisoning, went to doctor though n i am fine now really. Gonna work 2morro, hate taking time off. Thats about it folks! Write soon!


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