Legoland 2

Green Bionicle

Legoland: Imagination Zone

Imagination Zone was the area we went on the most rides. One of the rides is called the Aquazone Wave Racers. I did not go on it because I did not want to get wet, but my brother and Dad went on it. It ended up being my brother’s favorite ride. I am not sure why they are called racers because you do not really get to control anything, and you sure are not racing others. I am sure it would be a fun ride on a hot summer day, but it was a cloudy winter day.

Another ride here is the Bionicle Blaster. It is like the Tea Cups at Disneyland. You can spin the cup around fast if you want. Actually, I could not get it to spin much, but my dad was strong enough to spin it some. I thought the ride was a lot of fun. Outside the ride were giant Bionicle sculptures, which were a great photo opp.

The last ride in this area is Lego Technic Test Track. It is the largest roller coaster in the park. You go up a hill, and at the top is the brake test. Supposedly, it fails, and off you go on a wild ride.

We stopped for lunch at the Upper Deck Sports Café. It is a table-service restaurant that serves sandwiches, burgers, and fish. The room was decorated with posters of famous players such as David Beckham and Michael Jordan. In the back, there is a place for kids to play with sports Legos.

On the weekends, there is a tent sale in the Grand Pavillion. Here you can find good deals on some Lego sets. I am guessing this is where they sell stuff that has not been selling or is overstocked.

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