Linville Falls on the Blue Ridge Parkway

The misty view of Linville Falls
The misty view of Linville Falls
The frothing gorge.
The frothing gorge.

About thirty miles south of Boone North Carolina on the Blue Ridge Parkway, lies one of the most spectacular mountain landscapes one can view. Set deep in the foggy Carolina forests, there is a steep cascade known as Linville Falls.

The cascade itself is spectacular. It begins with a short fall and spills into a swift, swirling cauldron cut into a narrow gorge, before finally ejecting out over the rocks and into a forty five foot free fall. The views and woodland which surround this spectacle are worthy of keeping such lofty company. The forests are dense, populated with spruce pines and rhododendrons and prone to the heavy fog for which the nearby Smokey Mountains are so famous.

The fall can be viewed from several angels, starting from the top of the fall. From the top, you can peer down into the canyon through which the creek flows. The water foams and seethes with energy, beckoning the onlooker to drench himself in the cool quenching water, which is drawn inexorably toward the lethal falls.

The next view can be reached by traveling along the heavily trafficked unofficial trails which crisscross the pine forests surrounding the falls. As a hiker, feel free to explore these trails and try and discover your own personal view of the Linville falls.

The final, and surely most breathtaking, view of the falls requires a three mile hike. But I assure you, the hike is well worth the spectacular sight that awaits the hiker upon reaching the top. The overlook is perched upon a large stone which sits surprisingly far away from the actual fall itself. No matter, from this vantage point the whole of the fall and the woodlands around it can be appraised.

Linville Falls is a spectacular landscape which everyone should be granted the gift to see. If you are in the Boone or Asheville North Carolina area I urge you to make the trek to Linville Falls, you won’t be disappointed!

The upper fall.
The upper fall.
The creek flows on peacefully after the fall.
The creek flows on peacefully after the fall.

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