List of Nigeria’s Most Influential Pentecostal Churches

List of Nigeria’s Biggest and Most Influential Pentecostal Churches

1. Redeemed Christian Church of God

This is Nigeria’s biggest church and also the most influential. With well over 2 million members worldwide, the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) is so big that in many major cities of Nigeria especially in the south Western States (Lagos in particular), you can hardly move 200 meters along any major road without sighting one of their branches. The church’s headquarters at Redemption camp has one of the largest prayer grounds and church auditorium.

2. Living Faith Church (winners chapel)

This church popularly called winners chapel is so big that its members probably are as many as the RCCG although the church is not as influential as RCCG in south western Nigeria it has branches in all the states of Nigeria and in many countries all over the world. Also attached to this church is Covenant University and a number of other institutions including schools and colleges.

3. Christ Embassy

Christ embassy is not as large as say deeper life or mountain of fire but is a highly influential church especially with the youth. The church has branches all over Nigeria and in many countries all over the world.

4. DayStar Christian Center

Headed by Sam Adeyemi, Daystar church claims it is raising role models. It is a very influential church also targeting the young and the young at heart.

5. The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries

This church is very massive and influential with close to a million members. It is especially popular with Igbo speaking folks of South Eastern Nigeria. Lord’s chosen has a lot of influence among traders within the Lagos metropolis and in the eastern parts especially Onitsha and Nnewi, it also has a large operational base in Lagos.

6. Fountain of Life Church

This church co-founded by Taiwo and late Bimbo Odukoya is influential with young and upwardly mobile professionals living in Lagos Nigeria. The church has a lot of following among them highly educated and successful business folks.

7. Covenant Christian Center

Popular televangelist Poju Oyemade is senior pastor of this church whose television programme Insights for living is very popular in Lagos Nigeria. Poju is especially noted for his emphasis on breaking down situations of life and relating them to scripture.

8. Synagogue Church of All Nations

Highly influential among foreign evangelists and tourists, SCOAN as it is also known is headed by Popular Ikotun Egbe based Prophet TB Joshua. This church is noted for its miracles and spectacles that have been controversial over the years.

9. Latter Rain Assembly

Pastor Tunde Bakare, one time vice presidential aspirant of the Congress for Progressive Change, this former muslim is perhaps Nigeria’s most controversial pastor noted for his outspokenness.

10. House on The Rock

The senior pastor of this church Paul Adefarasin is noted for his flamboyance and eloquence. Handsome and fashionable his Television program something is about to happen is influential with many Lagos Nigeria residents. He is also famous for his annual gospel concert ‘the experience’.

11. The Redeemed Evangelical Mission

Former president of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria Mike Okonkwo is head of the church. It has been around for some time although not as influential as many already mentioned but the church has a strong presence in the Nigerian Pentecostal society.

12. King’s way International Christian Center (KICC)

London Based KICC is influential in Europe and Africa. In Nigeria it doesn’t have a strong presence but overall, a powerful Televangelism programme broadcast worldwide is a notable achievement.

13. Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM)

Controversial church with unorthodox praying style, this church is very big with many members who live aesthetic lives such as not wearing jewellery, wearing simple clothing and avoiding occasions for indulgence perhaps too much for less liberal Christians.

14. Deeper Life Gospel Church

Just like MFM, this church encourages members to be simple in their dressing and lifestyle. Members are known for not watching TV. It has a large church following especially in the south west of Nigeria.

15. Celestial Church of Christ

White garment wearing church whose members often move about bare-footed on their way to and from church, mostly Yoruba Speaking church in south west Nigeria.

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kishore 5 years ago

if you can able to give websites of the church's also it would be very nice

errandsinnigeria profile image

errandsinnigeria 4 years ago from Nigeria

lol. nice one bro. you have really done a great job with this article.

samuel 3 years ago

among all these churches only two has made me a better and matured christain 1 christ embassy and scoan

gold 3 years ago

the churches listed above are good but what about church of God mission

profile image

chijioke94 3 years ago


emovon austin osayande 2 years ago

the churches are alright,what about EVIDENCE OF THE GOSPEL CHURCH

me2u 2 years ago

Dats why U̶̲̥̅ made him focus on boko haram so he could fail. Sha BringBackOurGirls APCAdd Your Comment...

Rimamnyang Jerry Bauka 2 years ago

no church is bad except it doesn't preach Jesus Christ or operate by the spirit of God. My earnest prayer is that all homes in Nigeria should become churches. God told Abraham that through his seed the whole family of the earth shall be blessed. These blessings can only flow to the whole family of the earth by the presence of our lord Jesus Christ in every family. The numerous churches in Nigeria should therefore get at least one person born again in every family of the country, and by extension other parts of the world. thank you.

kola 2 years ago

That is great but what about Christ Apostolic Church. CAC?

damiski 2 years ago

This is nice keep it up

stainz 22 months ago

dis aint all de pentecostal churches in Nigeria.. Wat of NKST

Segzzy 22 months ago


Segzzy 22 months ago


oluyemi 22 months ago

you talk about pentecostal were is the foursquare gospel church

M A 21 months ago

What about CGM ?

KELECHI ORJI 20 months ago


Balley 20 months ago

Ok, wat about baptist?

kenneth awatt 20 months ago

wot about liberty gospel church? It one of the markable church jesus as prepared to eradicate the works of darkness

Tatachi Henry Malachi 20 months ago

All churches are good provided that they preach the message of Lord Jesus Christ.

taazeng 20 months ago

n k s t too should be included to avoid religious saggr


Evangelist Caleb 19 months ago

AG in the whole world is the head of all Pentecostal of all churches. So let us say the truth.

Evangelist Caleb 19 months ago

AG in the whole world is the head of all Pentecostal of all churches. So let us say the truth.

Sammiey 19 months ago

Nice one.......... But what about Gospel Faith Mission (Gofamint)

Femi J. O. 19 months ago

God bless you! so far that you' ve included CCC( Cele ;a white garment church) what of C&S not to forget CHRIST ARRIVAL INT'L CHURCH

lawtaker 19 months ago

nice one but what of rejoice Christian ministry international that focuses on restoration of relationships- with God, individuals, families .popular among youths

lawtaker 19 months ago

nice one but what of rejoice Christian ministry international that focuses on restoration of relationships- with God, individuals, families .popular among youths

austin 19 months ago

nice one but somethings are outdated i disagree the fact that deeper life are being restricted from watching tv n some of the churches mentioned are not as influential as the ones ommited e.g foursquare

moa 18 months ago

know cccg/cgm/ofm etc y

Dan 18 months ago

You should have made good findings before writing this. It looks sketchy, sentimental and soiled with errors. You included churches that are not pentecostals, yet you are talking of pentecostal churches. You also ommitted major pentecostal churches and included many that have presence only in Lagos with little influence compared to those you ommitted. Lastly your order of arranging the churches shows that you are either a local man in church affairs, or at least parochial and sentimental. God bless you.

john osamudiamen 18 months ago

only lagos based churches r listed here,no christ chosen church of God,u nid more observation boss

samuel 18 months ago

what about assemblies of God

ugo 17 months ago

You failed to mention Watchman Charismatic Renewal Movement

omooluwa 17 months ago

Only God known where His Presence is present in all the Churches you have mention

Genesis 17 months ago

wat about redemption ministries, founded by Rev Steve Akinola it z not pentecostal church?

Evangelist CalebIhechi 17 months ago

All The Churches Mentioned Is Good. But Talking About The Head Of The Pentecostal Church Is AGN. Because AGN Is The Head. This Who Doesn't No What To Say Let That Person Close His/her Mouth... Where Dose Deeper Life Come Out From AG. Where Dose Dunamis Church Come Out From AG. So Everybody Should know That AG Is Rasing So Many Denomination All Over The World....

Chris Uzoaru 17 months ago

The most populated Pentecostal Church is Assemblies of God church and is the mother of all Pentecostal church. AGC is about 156 District all over Nigeria. Lagos is about 6 Districts (Apapa district, Lagos District, Badagry district etc). If AG should come together for a national program Redeemed camp, AG youth camp and all the camp ground in Ibadan express way will not contain and the go slow will last for one year. Redeemers and Winners are not the most populated neither influential in the gospel.

Sir william 17 months ago

Reedem remains d best

Evang. Steven awa ibe 17 months ago

What we should knw is this one person can not take notice about all the churches in Nigerai the one he did not mention help and mention them. I love this keep it up God bles u

Adetunji Chioma Adefunke 16 months ago

I laugh at you all. Why are you all so keen about the name of your churches? This is funny. I attend pentecostal but i represent Jesus and mind you, on the day of judgement, question pertaining the name of your church will not be asked cos its actually useless. Lets put aside the church thing and lets relate as one who believe in Jesus and serve and worship only one true God. Be it redeemed, Christ embassy, Winners, CAC, TAC, Celestial etc we all are one in the sight of God. Ignore religion and embrace the SAVIOUR. God bless us all. CEO Beautyandyou consult

MESHACK KUTEB 16 months ago

my ROOM is my church,HOLY SPIRIT my pastor BIBLE my study book .(RCCG)

Evangelist Bapakaye David Bereni 16 months ago

Well,this is not a place for competition.I will say,all the churches are good except that one is not there. What about Salvation ministries(home of success) pastored by David Ibiyeomie.I strongly believe that one is also influencial.

Onwuka 16 months ago

...when God wants to change some one story He start from some where

Boluwatife 15 months ago

What about the foursquare gospel church in nigeria cos d church is so influential in this our country..

Britney 15 months ago

Maybe u should review because -THE GOSPEL FAITH MISSION INT (gofamint) Is more Influential......

Patrick 13 months ago

Seems a very outdated article. For instance Deeper Life Bible Church has quite great influence worldwide than any other church I've come across. Influence isn't number of worshipers or auditorium sizes but True influence on man's readiness for God's kingdom. NB. Who heads Deeper Life Gospel Church?

bro benedict 8 months ago

I dont have respect for influence or purpolation but for the word of God and that is what Deeper Life Bible Church Stand for, I thank God for W F KUMUYI and God will keep blessing him and the ministry IJN AMEN

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