List of buffets in Las Vegas

Vegas buffet
Vegas buffet

Vegas Buffets

You can find all kinds of buffets in Las Vegas - from free buffets to Buy-One-Get-One Free buffets to expensive high quality all-you-can-eat buffets everywhere in and outside the strip. Choose from these plethora of choices - Vegas even has all-you-can-eat-All-Day buffets for a flat rate. Hope this list of buffets in Las Vegas helps you in your quest for good and cheap food while you are in Vegas. Las Vegas buffets used to be really cheap like just for $2. Now, the quality and the range of buffet offerings have increased significantly. You can find special seafood buffets to cheap under $10 buffets for breakfast lunch and dinner at many casinos on and off the strip.

Bellagio buffet review


Buffet pictures

Wynn Seafood buffet
Wynn Seafood buffet
Dessert aisle at the Buffet
Dessert aisle at the Buffet

Buffets in Las Vegas

The Buffet
Caesars Palace 
Cafe Lago 
Circus Circus 
$10 - $13 
Circus Buffet 
$12 - $18 
Round Table Buffet 
$9 - $11 
The CourtYard Grill 
$14 - $22 
Paradise Garden Buffet 
$7 - $16 
Paradise Buffet 
Gold Coast 
$7 - $18 
Ports O Call Buffet 
Golden Nugget 
$10 - $21 
The Buffet 
$15 - $22 
Imperial Palace 
$11 - $16 
Emperor's Buffet 
Las Vegas Hilton 
$12 - $17 
The Buffet 
$14 - $30 
More, The Buffet 
Mandalay Bay 
$16 - $27 
Bayside Buffet 
MGM Grand 
$15 - $28 
MGM Grand Buffet 
The Mirage 
$14 - $25 
Monte Carlo 
$12 - $19 
$8 - $17 
Bistro Buffet 
$15 - $25 
Le Village Buffet 
Planet Hollywood
$14 - $25
Spice Market Buffet
$15 - $24
Carnival World Buffet
$11 - $14
World's Fare Buffet
$10 - $14
Sahara Buffet
$10 - $22
Season's Buffet
$12 - $21
The Buffet
Treasure Island
$15 - $22
The Buffet at TI
$11 - $16 
Island Buffet 
$18 - $38 
The Buffet 

Where to find great buffets in Vegas?

show route and directions
A markerWynn Resorts -
Wynn Resorts Ltd, 3131 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109-1967, USA
[get directions]

B markerBellagio -
Las Vegas @ Bellagio Casino (S), Paradise, NV 89109, USA
[get directions]

C markerCaesars Palace -
Cleopatra's Barge, 3570 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109-8924, USA
[get directions]

D markerMGM Grand, Las Vegas -
MGM Grand, Paradise, NV 89109, USA
[get directions]

Las Vegas Buffets

THE Buffet at Wynn

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Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

Thank you for a great research and writing such a lovely hub.

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Oh my, I think I put on ten pounds just thinking about the buffets. Nice hub.

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This is such a helpful list! The Wynn and Rio buffets are my favorites.

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Some of the ones we have been to were a lot more expensive than what it says on the list.

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This list is a bit old and outdated with some hotels that are no longer there.

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