Living In Midland, Texas, and Why?

Living In Midland, Texas, and Why?

Living In Midland, Texas, and Why?
Living In Midland, Texas, and Why? | Source

Living In Midland, Texas, and Why?

Midland, Texas Sunsets

Midland, Texas Sunsets
Midland, Texas Sunsets | Source

Midland, Texas Parks

Midland, Texas Parks
Midland, Texas Parks | Source

Living In Midland, Texas, and Why?

Midland, Texas, Why?

We have all lived in places we do not care for and living in Midland, Texas is one of those places that I could leave in a heartbeat. Now, do not get me wrong this county has a population of about 100 thousand people and we have two Wall-Marts and a healthy retail center. The town has several new jobs during the year 2013, and on Forbes List for 4th Best Place to Work in this year of 2011, because of the oil and gas fields that surround this part of the country. There is a hustle of people from all over the USA. Now since the word has gotten out about the oil and gas production crews needed. One can tell by the license plates on the cars and traffic. This little city is busy all day long instead of just certain times of the day. Yes, Midland, Texas is booming again, the last boom was in the 1980s, and we saw an upsurge of people and drilling back then. At the present time, this boom in oil and gas will stay around for a while, and not bust. The reason I say this is the new drilling and recovery techniques have changed and new oil discovery. Also,just check your gas pumps and notice the price per gallon of gasoline at the pumps, this is fueling the economy..

Whenwe have gold prices at a record high and silver up with this, and a boom in oil prices with the dollar spiraling every day in a downward twirl. The only thing left is liquid that makes money, fuel, and precious metals that can be solidified and refined to be sold for profit. All of these including natural gas prices up extremely high for the owner of natural gas lines. This is the place to be for those who want to work out in the dust, in an oil patch, or hopefully you have a degree in Petroleum Industrial work, so you do not have to sweat it out like the rest of the money makers out here. There are the very rich and the very poor as most counties in America are, make no mistake about it. We have a drug problem with being close to Mexico, only five hours from the area. Midland is a city where there are the old timers that grew up here and made it here through the rough times and the high times of the oil booms" and bust.

It’s funny to be from Midland, you can tell the new people that go here and buy these multimillion dollar houses while this may be their first oil boom. Later in time they may find out that when a bust happens, all is dead out here. The house won’t sell you’re in debt, and your gambling in the oil industry is over. I have good news though, this time we are in it for the long haul, with the dollar at a low that is incredible that we still trade in US Dollars, and the governmental situation in which two parties can’t get their act together and blame each other for their own mistakes.

Vist to this area, and look at the oil derricks at night light up the sky around the basin. It is quite a place to see if you never have seen this. Once is enough for this writer, but I have grown up here and moved several times, like a magnet it draws you back. I think it’s an addiction to the fumes of the oil you miss them when you go away, and you can breathe in fresh air. That is why taking a vacation from here is possibly good for your health. To get a breath of fresh air is always good to travel away from this area. The lack of entertainment is reason enough to leave for a weekend

I wish there was water in my town, we are in a drought that is an emergency status now, and with plenty of oil money you would think there is a system on the table for getting water to us. We can only pray that greed does not get into the way of everyone here. The idea of having a man made lake or something like Dubai is a great idea for this section of the country. There is nothing to do once you are off work, except get on a plane and fly to a city or resort. We have one large theater and several bars to hang your cowboy hat and drink your life into the sun. Plenty of restaurants in town to feast and get fat on in town, and possibly more Mexican restaurants than any other in the world.

The crime is not bad, and we have the best police department around, I suppose. In Midland, we seem to watch out for our neighbor, and this is only true in this city unlike any other I have lived in the United States. Great place to raise your children, and the best in schools and a college that keeps getting better. No, this area is different from any other, what it lacks is entertainment up for what it has to offer. So if entertainment is what you’re after chose Austin or Houston. Midland is low keyed and yet in high swing because of the oil industry, and it seems there is significant amounts to come for a few more years.

Reminds me of the Beverly Hillbillies television show, get in your truck and pack the kids and dogs and grab granny. Move where the rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting pushed out by high prices in rent and regular living expenses. This is happening all over the world, and not just in this oil and gas city where former President Bush has lived in this town. You know there is money in this little town when a Bush lived here, and some of the biggest names in the Oil and Gas industry have either had a home here, or live here. Midland, Texas should be the sister city for Dubai as it will thrive and grow with the oil prices rising and no end in the site of them coming down. This town could use some entertainment value that Dubai seems to have and like Midland are out in the desert, where no one in their right mind would leave unless it was for greed and income from oil reserves and production. Living in Midland, Texas is safe, secure and growing daily. There is work for most everyone, but bring your tent, or mobile home unless your rich enough to build a new home.

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Southtexmex 4 years ago


NowInOregon 3 years ago

There is only one thing I can tell you if you are thinking about moving to Midland and that is don't. I grew up there and like most people that grow up there, got the heck out as quick as I could. No way would I ever go back.

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