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Loftus Hall
Loftus Hall
Sitting Room
Sitting Room

Loftus Hall

On the Hook Peninsula, in the County Wexford of Ireland sits a building called Loftus Hall which is said to be haunted by Satan himself.

Loftus Hall was built by the Redmond family in 1350 and later became the property of the Loftus family in the year 1666. Imagine that.

In the mid-1800's, a man named Charles Tottenham and his family came to live in Loftus Mansion. One cold, rainy night, a man on horseback came to the door and asked if he could stay the night since the weather was so bad. The family agreed and asked the man to join them in a game of cards. During the card game, one of Charles's daughters dropped a card under the table, when she reached down to pick the card up, she the man's feet which weren't feet at all but hooves. She screamed in horror and the creature jumped straight up through the roof in a cloud of fire and smoke. People say that no matter what construction was done to fix the hole, it could never be patched properly and to this day the ceiling still looks totally different in that spot.

Charles was so disturbed by the happening that he called upon Father Thomas Broaders to exorcise his home. Thomas Broader's tombstone still stands to this day and on it is written, "Here lies the body of Thomas Broaders, who did good, and prayed for all, and who banished the devil from Loftus Hall."

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mary 8 years ago

loftus hall has been closed off from the public for the last few years which is a shame cos it is an amazing place. the windows are all boarded up and the gardens are over grown

Liam 8 years ago

i was in there when i was 12 (15 years ago) and the owner then told my mum that she met ghosts every night on the stair case but that they were not harmful. Very eerie place but its a pity its just being left to ruin. Does anyone know who owns it now?

P.J. 8 years ago

YEH, a man by the name of Micheal Deveraux owns the place.

sophie 8 years ago

well loftus hall has been locked up for many years but i think what's the point in havin it if know ones gonna be able to see inside it i personly think they should open it up to the public but first secure the place.

emily 8 years ago

i am about half irish on my mum and dads side and i have been there and seen it too. its very fasinating. my mum says that the man who owns it is waiting for it too fall into to the sea so he can build on the land. i agree with sophie my parents went in there when they were first married while it was a hotel and stuff they said it was cool. why should a rther ineteresting plave like that bee locked up and waiting for it to be ruined.

kieran 8 years ago

was there yesterday beautiful place all the furniture still in it, would b great if it was open 2 the public as curiosity

Felton Crikk 8 years ago

You were inside? How did you get in?

Aoife 8 years ago

i was in the grounds loftus hall in 1993 which was 15 years ago and i took a photo of the outside of the building as it was open to the public 15 years ago

John 7 years ago

Hey everyone, I'm apart of an Irish paranormal group Na Mairbh Paranormal, We are trying to gain access to Loftus Hall for some time now. If anyone who's how to contact the owner please let me know, My email address is

Also check out out webiste

Thanks for reading


derek 7 years ago

loftus hall went under the hammer yesterday in new ross so it should be easy to find the new extremely lucky new owner

conny 7 years ago

i hope the new owners will let the public in coz i have great interest in the place,would be a shame.!!!!!!

pa 7 years ago

does anyone know where i can get the documentary the legend of loftus hall on dvd or video.

essmbee 7 years ago

this is a jewel in my home county and it hasn't been exploited, so much for the celtic tiger and now its going to be some sort of hotel.... feckin shite holes !

Tom 7 years ago

Video interpretation of the card game incident at Loftus Hall

aisling 6 years ago

me and few nof my friends went in der lst summer and most of us felt very weird as it was bou 9 o clock pitch dark,got a very cold scary feeling i do believe dis hall is haunted,i tink u wud nly understand if u entered the building urself.defently goin 2 go again believe in paranormal,ghosts,would love 2 go iun halloween nite and see wat happens

Nate 6 years ago

I went three days ago, at 12am of all times - didn't get a freaky feelin or anything off the place but it was cool

conor 6 years ago

how can you get in any one know?

Cindi 6 years ago

I believe that I am a decendant of the Redmond family that used to have the castle located here prior to Loftus. I'd really love to visit there.

sf 6 years ago

was there 2nite was very scary cudnt wait to go home

kent 6 years ago

i was in loftus hall not more than three weeks ago and have since got the swine flu..any connection maybe?

anom 6 years ago

Was there yesterday, we couldn't get in, the farmer hunted us out

Shannon 6 years ago

Ghost Adventures will be there in 2011.

John 6 years ago

Loftus Hall is doomed, neither the local council or heritage groups are prepared to do anything to aid in its restoration. The present owner hasn't the money to do so either and in its present state the place is only worth land value. The Tottenham family, who built the Hall, still exist and live in Canada but the current Marquess of Ely hasn't the money or interest to save their ancestral estate. It is well on the way to ending up a ruin.

Ellen 6 years ago

You can just get in the window at the bak :)

Its Open lol ...That's How everyone gets in

But really is a shame how messed up it is now

People drinkin in it and ruining it

Lyk it wasn't already bad enough

Theres drink cans and bottles everywhere and its just a place where people dump rubbish now

They go in the window and throw there rubbish in one of the rooms and go out again and just leave it

I hate people doing that

I hav a feeling there was a ghost in it

Ive gotten a chilly feeling in there once or twice

and the halway makes me get a weird feeling lyk someone wants me to stay out or something

I hear the ghost is supposed to be a 19 year old

woman who was pregnant but was locked in the tapestry room

to die and stave because the family didn't like the man that the womans child belonged to ...So her mother and father locked her away with no food and it was about 4 days before her due date and she started to go into labour and she died in the middle and the baby was alive but they just left it in her to die Because they didn't want a baby belonging to a man they hated ....The mans family and her family were enemies

I should end this comment now :)

cp781 6 years ago

does anyone know who owns it??? i really need to know as im part of a paranormal team and well this is one id like to investigate.

joe 6 years ago

on the link up the page the property is only letted out details can be got at the estate agent

shannon 6 years ago

omg dats evil

how the hell could they do that to there own daughter

i pitty her and her child

hope fully the parents rotted in hell

any way i think they should open up the place

for a public area so people can go on tour

in it :L

Andy 6 years ago

You can get the DVD "The Legend of Loftus Hall" in the Hook Lighthouse, it's the documentary that was made in 1993 by Michael Whelan for RTE. It's a very poorly made one to be honest. The devil story is a myth..Charles Tottenham daughter had mental illness and they made up that story to keep her locked up, and made her look insane. The only reason people are afraid is because it's all their head. I suppose it makes a good story.

Sinead 5 years ago

A new film is being made right now, and is being filmed in Loftus Hall starring Samantha Mumba, apparently should be in cinema's early 2011

bekabee 5 years ago

Is there still access points to get in here?

lauren 5 years ago

im doin a project on loftus house at the moment and i wud reli love if some1 gave me the real gist of thr story...ther is just so many versions of it...the house is for sale at the moment for 900.000 euro....

michelle2011x 5 years ago

i was there on 3days ago and i swear i will never go there again was way to freaky and been dark didn't help the matter at all i would definitely go and see that movie about it tho cause twud be very interesting to see the story after all is said about it

nicole 5 years ago

im doing a project on loftus hall for school and im findin it really confusing about the history of the house , like who owned it an when can anyone explain it in stages to me ?

Mymy 5 years ago

I'm going there in about 30 mins to check it out with some friends, cannot wait :)

mark 5 years ago

The ghost story has nothing to do with the present day structure. That story took place in 1751. Loftus Hall was demolished in 1870, & the existing one was completed in 1872.

xxx 5 years ago

i just want to ask is the hole in the roof still there?

johnboywalton 5 years ago

that place is seriously freaky.. even in the daytime was der today..

nikki 5 years ago

omg its freaky

Aoife 5 years ago

I just saw Loftus Hall for the first time today and I thought it was lovely and it is such a shame that it is not open to the public

Amanda 4 years ago

Im on the way down from carlow now to have a look at it... Wish i had the balls to go inside but im a firm believer in evil so id rather not

ac153103 4 years ago

I am a descendent of the original Redmond family who possesed the property before the Luftus family obtained and renovated. I am highly curious about the state of the Hall and whom I could contact in regards to it? Thank you

aaron reville 4 years ago

hay guys it was really freakyi was there one day i know a bit about it ill tell u k i went there one day an i found out before that the beach behind loftus hall is called loftus bay its relly cool i went down there an there was lots of shels there an i went around the back an there was a babby toy it was freaky i wonder why that was ?????? an i went in the sheds an there was just lots off rubish if u want the reel story u find it in the hook lighthouse that's where i got it an on my facebook page i have the story my name is aaron reville an when i was on loftus bay i saw some people thay must off being toyrist or somthin thay come in on a boat it was really strange an when i was at the back of the loftus hall there wasent even a window there all u coud see was the curtens flying out the window freaky huh an i got in loftus hall grounds is that the field at the left hand side an go up to the top an there is a little way off getting in there just get over the wall an i will tell u more some oter time ok thanks for reading oh an i know where the devil off loftus hall come in he came in on a boat an go to the hook light house an it will tell u everything an does anyone no where to get a DVD OR VIDIO off loftus hall it would be relly cool ok bye an thanks for reading bye bye

aaron reville 4 years ago

hi again guys keep on putting up thoes things about loftus hall hhaa

aaron reville 4 years ago

hay guys i have the best news ever i called the hook lightouse and the man say that loftus hall is going to reopen in may 2012 oh man i can't wait to go there yahooooooooooo can't wait ha haaaaaaa :) ok guys ill tell u more after ok bye now hahah i can't wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aaron reville 4 years ago

hi guys again does anyone no how to get in loftus hall ??????????????????? my friend saed that hess friend sead that thay got in somhow does anyone no how to get in loftus hall ?????????????

aaron reville 4 years ago

hay guys say somtin i told u everytging about loftus hall u talk to me plzzzzzz


aaron reville 4 years ago

hi again guys i back am i found out more about it ya ya it opening in may that good. oh and at night time or at holoween there is a light in loftus hall or something soo id say there must be something or someone in there.ha ha ill definitly be down there straight away when that opens jesus i can't wait . ok ill talk again guys bye oh and when u see what i said here be sure to write something back to me guys ok thx bye

aaron reville 4 years ago

hay guys u should type in on youtube loftus hall and click on the loftus hall short one ... well u can if u wanted to but its really scary ..:( but u should do it .... OMG ITS FREAKY....... it about thease people.......... well i am not going to tell ya soo find out urself k...... oh and this not about loftus hall but anyway type this in annying orenge its really good ha hahahahhaha i can't stop laghing hahahahah ............... and find out more more more!!!! about loftus hall!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plzzzzzzzz OOOMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGG

Ghostbuster 4 years ago

Wexford Paranormal, a ghost hunting team spent a night in Loftus Hall and they have released a video about their experiences here

There is an amazing photo showing what looks like doors on fire

robert 4 years ago

my ancestors originally owned the land and the hall when it was Redmond hall.

Redmond 4 years ago

I am also a direct descendent of the Redmond family. I would love to see it restored to its former grandeur but at the moment it seems impossible

aaron reville again... 4 years ago

yo again loftus dudes ................ robert i really like what u commented there about ur ancestors. :) oh and to remind u again loftus hall is reopening in may 2012.. OMG I CAN'T WAIT :) ... AND IF U GOO DOWN THERE TODAY THAY WILL BE REBUILDING IT THAY ARE PUTTING NEW INDOWS AND ALL ON IT BECOUSE THERE IS NO WINDOWS . AND IF U GO DOWN THERE WHEN IT OPENS .... KEEP AN OPEN MIND.......................

criesto 4 years ago

been reading these for a while.

i never knew you could get so close!

i knew about this place for years now, but didn't think anyone was able to get close.

that's amazing if this guy says they are rebuilding it

please post more =]

aaron reville 4 years ago

yo again.. criesto u can get lose but a not at the moment beouse they are putting on the windows on loftus hall now at the moment . its atully reopining in june now not may . i ant wait lol ha ha plzz post more loftus dudes .. :)

shannon 4 years ago

this is a load of dung

katnjam 4 years ago

As a Loftus descendent living in the U.S.A., I am terribly interested in the history of Loftus Hall. Why was it named Loftus Hall? Why were my ancestors allowed to move in and take possession? What Loftus family was it named after? Wondering if it is the same Loftus family as the one that I come from. Any info on Loftus hall and Loftus family history would be greatly appreciated!

Sandra 4 years ago

Its Friday 13th July 2012 and Loftus Hall is open today to view! I can't wait to get down there!

Sandra 4 years ago

Just found out it is only the outside that is open with a tour to walk around. The inside of Loftus Hall will open on 27th October 2012

aaron again.. 4 years ago

hey guys im back with lots more news loftus hall is now OPEN!!!!!!!!!! but,...

u can only have a tour outside becouse its too dangerious inside... but its supose to be open inside at holiween :) uhhhh ha ha holiween is gonna be a scary one ha ok see ya again guys ill tell u a bit more after kk

jim long 4 years ago

Hi I live near Loftus Hall and when I was doing up my old house I bought the old cooker from Loftus Hall, that was nearly 40 years ago.

The cooker is an Ideal cookandheat,it's cast iron and everything is screwed together so it can be taken apart, the boiler is like a large horseshoe and the grate can be raised or lowered to have a large or small fire

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