Luxury house plan the most expensive and glamourous home

Celebrities have houses that price a couple of million and when

looking at your own home, you can't help but thinking what would

you do with that amount. What type of renovations would you

construct or what would your dream home look like.

Up down Court in England is by far the most expensive house on

the planet. It is standing at about 139 million dollars, or 75

million pounds. Developer Leslie Allen-Vercoe currently is the

owner, although he has advertise it up for sale. Originally,

Prince Sami Gayed of Egypt owned the home, but it was part

destroy in a fire. When you think about 139 million dollars, it

is hard to wrap your head around it. We all have imaginations of

what we would do with just one million, so when thinking about

constructing a house for that price the alternatives and features

are limitless.

Leslie added many elements to the house including 5 swimming

pools, a squash court and a double lane bowling alley. The house

has 103 rooms, 22 of them being exclusive on-suite bedrooms.

There is a tennis court and 24 carat gold leafing on the library

floor as well as a 50-seat cinema.

That is all pretty impressive, but if an normal person were to

spend 75 million pounds on constructing a house, gold leaf

flooring probably wouldn't be on the list of what they wanted.

Donald Trump home

Donald Trump's house in Palm Beach isn't quite 75 million pounds

but probably includes more items on the normal person's


His house cost at 125 million dollars and is known as the

Waterfront Mansion. Trump bought it in 2004 from a health care

executive. It contains 15 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms. For

entertainment he has a 4,100 square foot conservatory, a media

room, library and 3 pools. Trump's property is on the top 10 list

of most expensive homes in America. His penthouse at the Trump

Towers is also on the list. The penthouse price is around 58

million dollars. This is attributed to the bird's-eye views of

the city from the penthouse.

But there is a home that stands considerably less than Trump and

Leslie's mansions, but probably has more charm than the mansions.

John Travolta home

For 4.9 million dollars, John Travolta's home is probably every

little boy's wish. The mansion has been named Jumbolair and is in

Ocala. In front of the house is parked a Boeing 707. John also

owns two jets and a Gulfstream that are located in the driveway.

Although the house only has 6 bedrooms and 2 kitchens, it does

have a 6500m garage and a 1.4-mile airstrip. If flying is not for

you, the estate also holds a pool, giant slide and golf course.

Expensive homes are expensive because the material they use to

construct the homes is pricey. But if you think about it, would

you rather have your own personal airport in your front yard or a

24 carat gold floor in the library? For most of us, we can't have

either. But most people that stay in expensive homes didn't have

it either at some stage, so we can still imagine

Let face it, to be that rich and having those type of property is

a fantasy. We can Only dream of, but reality check that we just

are not in the league with them. We can only dream and dream to

have like that. However, we can still build our own house just

by purchasing a house plan to start. Click the link below to know more.

How to choose ahouse plan video

For your general purpose, this video below will show you how to choose a house plan and other related house related plan. Ideas and tips to take into consideration before buying a house plan or house externtion plan or even a garages plan.


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