Magic and charm of Morocco

   Every year more and more Europeans prefer to visit exotic countries like Singapore, India or African countries. They go there in search of new emotions and feelings, life in these countries differ greatly from usual European style of living, here people live in concordance with other norms and traditions, they have other view of life and they are adherents of other religions. For those who got used to sunny beaches of European countries and five-star comfortable hotels it's the best way out to my mind.

   My friend visited Morocco last month. She returned greatly impressed, charged with emotions and full of impressions. She couldn't stop telling me about this countries and I couldn't stop listening to her for hours. Her stories were so vivid and gripping that I came to conclusion that I have to visit Morocco as well.

night in Morocco

   Morocco is not a country about which everything was said and written. It's a magic eastern country that will always amaze Europeans and charge them with unknown feelings and emotions. This is a country that changes and confuses your plans all the time; it's a country that calls you to visit one place after another, this country lures you all the time by its unknown horizons; it's impossible to stay at one place here. 

   Morocco provides all the possibilities for unforgettable holidays. Those who prefer to bathe in the sun, who like to swim in caressing waves or who are fond of diving can choose one of this resorts - Agadir, Casablanca, Marrakech, Essaouira, etc. Here one can find a great variety of hotels from posh ones to quite inexpensive and simple. So everybody can choose a hotel he or she can afford. 


   When you are in Morocco you shouldn't forget about swindlers whom you can easily meet in the street; so don't give them an opportunity to fool you and it's better not to speak with them. You should remember that English can hardly help you to communicate with local people and it's better to know French or Spanish at least a bit. 

   Morocco is a kind of country that will surprise you all the time. My friend was greatly impressed by the fact that they eat cacti! You need first of all to peel a green rind and eat orange pulp that contains a lot of small stones. Fruits are very sweet and juicy and their taste is like melon. She said that I definitely have to try it. 

   I'm going to visit Morocco next summer and as I'm practically an expert in this country I think that I'll receive maximum of pleasure from time spent in Morocco. 

magic Morocco

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Gin Delloway profile image

Gin Delloway 7 years ago

Great hub! After reading your article I have a strong desire to visit Morocco. I'm looking forward for your new hubs!

Gennifer profile image

Gennifer 7 years ago from Minsk, Belarus Author

thanks a lot!

Gamet 7 years ago

Totally agree about Maroc. Had a job in El-Jadida (100 km South of Casa) and spent a few months. (working in construction sucks, occupies all your time 7am to 7pm and steals your life) so I really couldnot enjoy my time.

I made many contacts though. and I learned where to find what. I shall be definitely going back,this time as a tourist and indulge in the joy which I had just a bare glimpse...

yeah, Maroc is cool. No wonder so many great man but outcasts from the society have chosen Maroc to escape and live for years.

I have 2 months to improve to improve my Arabic and French, then I'll start from Casablanca and tour Morocco for 2 months staying 10-15 days each in Marrakesh, Casablanca, Tangier and Fes.(i hope:)

medarj profile image

medarj 7 years ago

thank you, visit my hubs for more morocco photos !!!

Gennifer profile image

Gennifer 7 years ago from Minsk, Belarus Author

I totally agree with you Gamet! Marocco is a great country to visit. You'll never be dissatisfied!

ripplemaker profile image

ripplemaker 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

These photos are truly charming :D Thanks for sharing!

Gennifer profile image

Gennifer 7 years ago from Minsk, Belarus Author

thanks! I'm glad that you like them!

James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

This is a fine Hub. Well written and great pics, too. I haven't been there but it looks fascinating. Thanks! And welcome to the Hub Pages Community.

Gennifer profile image

Gennifer 7 years ago from Minsk, Belarus Author

Thanks, James! That's great here!

Ms Chievous profile image

Ms Chievous 7 years ago from Wv

Very nice hub. Enjoyed the pics!. Will look forward to seeing your hub AFTER you have visited Morocco!

Gennifer profile image

Gennifer 7 years ago from Minsk, Belarus Author

OK. I promise to write a new hub about Morocco after visiting it. I hope that it would be even better! =)

Journey * profile image

Journey * 7 years ago from USA

Hi Gennifer, I've never been to Morocco but would love to visit one day. Thanks for sharing this information and the pics!

Gennifer profile image

Gennifer 7 years ago from Minsk, Belarus Author

Hi, Journey! I want to visit Morocco as well. All these western countries attract me with great power. It's a kind of passion. :)

myra636 profile image

myra636 7 years ago from Viginia

Morocco is great and yes they do eat cacti what we call prickly pears and they are very good just do not eat to many they can clog the pipes lol

Gennifer profile image

Gennifer 7 years ago from Minsk, Belarus Author

As far as I understand, Myra, you've been to Morocco? That's great!

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