Melbourne Australia: Walking Tours to Hidden Gems

When on vacation, with limited time and money, it is easy to overlook the hidden gems that make most major metropolitan areas unique in their own right. By honing in on major tourist areas we miss out on much rich, native culture.

Melbourne is one of the hippest and most culturally significant cities in Australia with an amazing wealth of art, fine dining, and shopping. But unless you know where to find the hidden gems, you may never experience what life is truly like for locals. That is what makes walking tours such great opportunities.

Entrance to Luna Park Fun Fair

Sommelier's City Walk

Sommelier's City Walk is geared toward those who love good food and wine. Eight or fewer guests will join experienced locals on a visit to three restaurants at which they will indulge in magnificent food and wine pairings. Each tour offers a new set of restaurants so you can take more than one tour and not sample the same dish twice.

Lanes and Arcades Tour

The Lanes and Arcades Tour is not geared toward gamers. Rather, this tour starts with morning tea before guests embark on a three hour journey through the historic streets of Melbourne. After an afternoon of shopping, you will indulge in a gourmet lunch and wine at the Caboose restaurant. Each guest receives a small gift bag, a shopping guide and city map to help them along and commemorate their tour.


Vintage Outing Tours

The Vintage Outing Tour is a four and a half hour treasure hunt through local boutiques. Each guest will receive a vintage inspired shopping tote, tea and handmade treats, and a personal journal for recording memories from your trip. This is an excellent opportunity for mothers and daughters to spend a lovely afternoon together doing what we do best!

Hidden Secret Tours

Hidden Secret Tours offers guests the chance to experience what life is like for locals.Tours are designed for those who love to shop, dine, appreciate architecture, art, literature and more. Whether you are here to sip wine or tea, learn about the city's history and culture, or enjoy sweeping oceanfront vistas, there is something for everyone.

Hidden Secret Tours also offers tours that appeal to a host of other interests and include private tours. For a complete listing, pricing and hours visit them on the web at

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marshacanada profile image

marshacanada 6 years ago from Vancouver BC

Thanks, good photos, I hope to visit Melbourn sometime-when its not flooding.

Jaynie2000 profile image

Jaynie2000 6 years ago Author

Yes, between the flooding and cyclones, they've had their share of recent disasters. I hope you get there someday. Thanks for reading.

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