Mexico Is One of the Fattest Countries

Even the Mexican government  acknowledges it:  1 in 3 Mexicans are obese and overweight. Too many tortillas and tacos, too much sugar. Since the start of 2011, the government has set forth new rules for serving food in schools, where kids are obese due to junk food. The food is the same, just very small portions. Chips are not fried, but baked and soft drinks are banned. Kids at school access food during recess since schools in Mexico do not serve lunch.

About one-third of Mexico's health care spending is used to fight obesity diseases. Some schools simply do not allow any vendors to sell their goods at their schools. Adios! Many principals of the schools are directly intervening with the menu in Mexico City. Some schools offer hot rice and tortillas, pears with eggs, onions , squash and cheese.

After school, the kids leave and the vendors await with the usual junk. Students buy and walk home, but eating habits are hard to change in any part of the world and Mexican food is so tasty, it is hard to resist.

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