Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park - Day Trip Near Ozamis in the Philippines

Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park in the Philippines


If you travel to the Philippines and happened to go to Misamis Occidental, which is located at the Northern part of Mindanao near Ozamis, make sure and don’t miss to go to one of the tourist spot, it is known as MOAP( Misamis Occidental Aquamarine park), which is located in the boundaries of the 4th and 5th class Municipality of Misamis Occidental which is Tudela and Sinacaban. It is a well suited location for all kinds of travelers whether local or foreign. You get a great idea of the types of animals that reside in the local areas, you can see different types of fish as well as enjoy the breeze along the sea when taking a walk out on the long dock.

MOAP is called as a tropical resort and a conspicuous habitat for different kinds of Marine mammals including even Dolphins in Misamis Occidental. MOAP offers you, a mini zoo which includes: crocodiles, different monkeys, different kinds of birds, snakes and other animals. There also is a fish hatchery, as well as growing crustaceans like lobsters and prawns and habitat to grow Bangus (also called as Milkfish- the National fish in the Philippines) and shrimps. And to those who wants to eat and stay overnight at MOAP, they also offers you an affordable Hotels which cost 250-2,000php,it depending on what type of room you take and a restaurant is available which serves delicious food at reasonable prices. They also have a store in which you can buy souvenirs and other items related to the marine park.

Before entering MOAP, you need to pay 10php/person for entrance fee, to the person who was in charge, usually the security guard is around the entrance area to take your fee, and he will issue you a ticket, after paying. You can walk through the numerous Mangroves that grow in the shoreline of MOAP. If you want to look at all the animals, where the mini zoo is, you should walk in the wooden planks which supported with bamboos, then you can see the different kinds of wildlife in their different cages. It is like half kilometer of walk on the wooden planks which are supported by bamboo during my last visit they were in the process of making several improvements to the facility including making the pathways out of cement so it is much safer for the average tourist walking through.They had finished out to one of the restaurants and probably have continued since then to make it out to the area for the boat ride if you want to go all the way to the Dolphin Island.

Feel free to take pictures as much as you want, when you are in the park.

The main attraction of MOAP is the “Dolphin Island“in which they took care of the recued dolphins. From the restaurant, you need to walk a little further in order to ride a boat to take you to the offshore man-made Dolphin Island in which you can see a dolphin pens on the center of the island. The boat ride is 130/person. And it takes 10-15 minutes boat ride in deep water.

In MOAP you can experience feeding the Dolphin’s by tossing them the fish and then they will swim after them and eat a meal. (100php per kilo of fish), Kayaking 100php/person, scuba diving 1000php/person (diving suits are available in the island) and snorkeling 50php/person in which you can swim with the dolphins. There is also restaurant available in the Island.

Make your travel to Mindanao and visit Misamis Occidental, to have a fun day and get to experience the Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park and Dolphin Island.

Special Thanks to Leah

Special Thanks to Leah Jane Morales for providing the content for this hubpage.  You can find more interesting things from Leah at her blog Hot Chocolate with Leah.  

Ozamis Misamis Occidental, Philippines

A Video of Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park

Feeding the Dolphins at Dolphin Island

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kerlynb profile image

kerlynb 5 years ago from Philippines, Southeast Asia, Earth ^_^

Geez, never knew about this place. I'm from the Philippines and a Filipino. Thanks for the info!

mechelle  5 years ago

very nice place

Florida Guy profile image

Florida Guy 5 years ago

Wow. Very nice hub about dolphins!

munchwaffle profile image

munchwaffle 5 years ago from Philippines

hi! We're going to Misamis for MOAP on my birthday on March. Can you suggest anything else to do in the area besides MOAP? We have 3 days there...


CZCZCZ profile image

CZCZCZ 5 years ago from Oregon Author

You can go to Hoyohoy Highland Park in Tangub City which is 30 minutes to travel from the main city of Ozamiz, you can go hiking on top of the Hill to see the view of the whole area. If you want to go shopping, there is a few malls and shopping stores in Ozamiz City(Gaisano Mall, GG mall, Unitop, Centrum and etc.) You can also check out the Cotta in Ozamiz City, Cotta is the famous religious place to go to in Ozamiz City especially for Catholics. If you will keep exploring, Oroquieta City can also be fun. They are few stores, shop, resorts and beaches that you can go to. Hope you have fun seeing some of this sites and the other places Misamis has to offer.

Belen Family 5 years ago

Can't wait to be back in MOAP especially the kids meeting the dolphins again...see you this december!!!

munchwaffle profile image

munchwaffle 5 years ago from Philippines

thanks czczcz! :D

Diane Sy 4 years ago

Anyone has the contact number of MOAP? They have 2 numbers on their website 1 is error and the other 1 keeps rejecting my call.

munchwaffle profile image

munchwaffle 4 years ago from Philippines

hi diane. have you tried these numbers - (088) 5860157/ 09169978484. I got it just early march from their flyers. Let me know if it works. I'm not yet done with my hub of ozamiz :))

CZCZCZ profile image

CZCZCZ 4 years ago from Oregon Author

Thanks for the helpful comment.

:-) 4 years ago

thanx for the helpful comment

wow,nice. 4 years ago


Princess M 3 years ago

I would like to know the contact number of moap because i cant wait for booking this time.

CZCZCZ profile image

CZCZCZ 3 years ago from Oregon Author

Not sure of the phone number to them directly, but here is a website that may be able to lead you in the right direction - http://www.misocc.gov.ph/official-website/

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