Morocco NORTH AFRICA Climbing Goats

Climbing Goats In Morocco

I m sure you are asking yourself what are these goats doing on the tree while their natural place is on the ground!?! I ll explain you this interesting fact. First of all i have to tell you that they climb Argan trees in morocco in need for food, which is very rare in this area. So loaded by their need for food, this goats are not only able to climb the trees but they also became skilled in this art, and you will agree that it's very hard for animals with hooves.

But there is more interesting facts connected with this phenomena. Actually the poo (droppings) of these strange goats contains grain seeds of Argan tree. After they collect it, locals use it to press and grind to oil that has many uses including culinary and cosmetics, but also medical.

Even if maybe hearing this you might be disturbed or you might want to skip over the versions sold by locals for smething more known, I have to inform you that quarter-liter of this product costs frm 15 to 50 USD (so think before buying something from locals).

But if you still have doubts and you don't believe the images of this fast skilled goats climbing trees up to 30 feet, i also added video to convince also the most cynical sceptic.

Climbing Goats

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Tom 6 years ago

This is really incredible!!!! Thank you for this interesting article!!!

Cookin' Cowgirl profile image

Cookin' Cowgirl 6 years ago from Cedar Rapids, Iowa

I've heard of (and seen) fainting goats, and I've seen goats climb on junk piles, and low buildings... But I've never seen one climb a tree! Too bizarre!

Roserbud profile image

Roserbud 6 years ago Author

I agree, but as you can see it's possible and this is also one prove what animals but also humans are able to do in their need for food :)

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