Most Popular Tourist Destinations in Bali - Spend Your Holidays In Bali

The Wonderful Island- Bali

Bali, Indonesia, is one of the most visited places around the world. Ranked as the most beautiful island of the world, this small island is often referred as "the island with 1000 gods". The island is blessed with beautiful beaches, forests, rice fields, volcanoes, temples and much more.

Some of the beautiful places that one should never miss while visiting Bali has been mentioned below:

Kuta - Hotpot for the Tourists Visiting Bali.

Once a lonely village, Kuta is now a hotspot for the tourists visiting Bali. The beautiful beach with endless rows of coconut trees of this place is a best choice for surfers. This crowded beach has a breathtaking view of the sunset and is well known for its white sand.The night life is very active in this place with pubs, restaurants and all kind of shops. Also, various Balinese dance performances are staged in Kuta every night.

The beach is not suitable for swimming due the strong currents in this area.

Sanur -The Real Historical Destination in Bali

Sanur was the first developed tourism destination and also the first multicultural region in Bali and remains largely unchanged since then. The place has several historical sites like museums, galleries and temples that line its streets. The Offshore reefs that protect the beach from the waves, makes it a popular place for windsurfing, boating, and other water sports. There are hotels, restaurants, shops, and other tourist facilities here. However, what is really invaluable here is the hardly spoiled pristine greenery and the culture visible in everyday life.

This is an excellent place to see the sunrise.

Nusa Dua - Ultimate Luxury in Bali

Nusa Dua offers the ultimate luxury in Bali. It hosts most of the major 5 star resorts and international restaurants with international price tags to fit. The place is home to one of the best museums in Bali. Geger Beach, the public beach in Nusa Dua has splendid white sand. The beach is generally safe for swimming and has some of the warmest water temperatures in Bali. Serangan Island or Turtle Island is a beautiful location that one should never miss while visiting this place. Boats available to this island are usually glass bottomed allowing the tourists to view marine life from within the boat. Serangan is a turtle conservation area along with others like reptiles, birds, snakes and bats. Also, many companies in Nusa Dua offer water sports activities.

ThePura Tanah Lot temple - One of The Famous Sea Temples

ThePura Tanah Lot temple is one of Bali's most important sea temples, which sits on a huge rock and is surrounded by sea. The rituals of this temple include paying homage to the guardian spirits of the sea. Only worshippers are allowed into the temple. This temple allows a spectacular view of sunset. There are also others temples which can be viewed during the visit to this place.

Poisonous snakes dwell in the caves that surround the temple which are believed to guard the temple from evil spirits and intruders.

Mount Agung -Holiest Mountain of Bali

This is the biggest and the holiest mountain of Bali. It is a beautiful place from where you can view the entire Bali. The Telaga Waja River that begins in the foothills of this mountain has white clear water, nature life, green plantation surrounding and cold natural spring water. There are breathtaking views of rice terraces plains all along the way. Mount Augung is also home to the important Mother Temple of Besakih, the largest and holiest temple in Bali. Situated at about 1,000 meters (3,000 feet) in altitude, Besakih is said to be the only temple where a Hindu of any caste can worship. Surrounding three main temples dedicated to Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu are 18 separate sanctuaries belonging to different regencies and caste groups.

You can also have a spectacular view of the sunset and sunrise from this beautiful mountain.

Celuk Village - Gold and Silver Crafting in Bali

  The village is famous for its gold and silver crafting. They outstand others in the area with their individuality and excellence in production of gold and silver ornaments.  The productions are sent to local markets as well as to national and international ones. The workers also respond well to the market demands. The natives of the village were earlier farmers who later changed their profession to gold and silver crafting.

All kinds of ornaments like butterfly brooches, garnet-studded bracelets, earrings, chokers, rings, bangles, ear-clips are available here.

Mas village -Woodcarvings in Bali 

It is a village of woodcarvers who exhibit quality woodcarvings and other handicrafts. The art of woodcarvings, both modern and traditional are taught by the masters to their pupils in the village. Topeng masks, which exhibit a wide range of expressions, are very popular items.  The village has undergone transformation from agrarian society to the crafting society at an early period.

The Tilem Art Gallery presents highest quality woodcarvings, all sold at the most exorbitant prices.

Traditional Balinese Dance

Ubud village - Centre of Arts

 Ubud has been renowned as the center for the arts in Bali. Ubud has maintained its naturalistic view to inspire its artists. There are several cultural events staged in Ubud especially for the tourists like the fire dance, the monkey dance and the Legong dance.

Most of the main streets and the market stalls sell objects that are attractive to visitors like gold, silver, jewellery, wood, cloth, clothing, pottery, batik, paintings, metalwork, antiques, second hand books and many other products.

There are several museums like Puri Lukisan, The Neka Museum, which exibit marvelous collections of traditional Balinese paintings by local artists as well as foreign artists who lived in Bali. You can also have a walk along the Ubud’s famous damp and shady monkey forest. A few kilometers from the town is the elephant cave, "Goa Gajah" with the figure of the Hindu elephant god Ganesh at the cave entrance. There are many carved stone nymphs in the bathing pools within the caves. Also visit the ancient bas relief carvings on the rock wall within walking distance of Goa Gajah.

Tirta Empul Temple- The Holy Spring Temple

The holy spring temple,Tirta Empul Temple is situated Tampak Siring. The holy spring in the temple's inner courtyard is said to have magical curative powers. It is said to be created by god Indra when he pierced the earth to build the amerta, the elixir of immortality. The temple has two bathing places which have cool clear water pouring from mossy spouts that have been used by the Balinese for over 1000 years for good health and prosperity.

Another attraction of this place is the state palace. The government still uses the Presidential Palace to welcome and entertain state visitors. You have to report yourself to the guard before entering the area and you are not allowed to enter any of the buildings. Anyway, the surroundings of the palace are worth visiting.

Bedugul Lake

The BeratanLake situated here is an ideal place for relaxation while enjoy the beautiful panorama of lake There are various water recreation activities which are conducted here like parasailing, canoeing with the traditional boat, banana boating, water skiing, and others.

Ulun Danu Temple on Lake Bratan is a unique temple on a small island on the lake. Buyan Lake and Tamblingan Lake are other two lakes lying near to the BeratanLake which are the next places of interest.

The Kebun Raya Botanical Gardens which are said to have over 500 species of orchids, trees and other native flora is also worth a visit. You can also buy some fresh local fruit and vegetables from nearby village market.

Travel Tips: Bali, Indonesia

Kintamani -Hill Top in Bali

 Kintamani is a name of countryside located in the hill and a beautiful panorama surround it. The major attractions of Kintamani are the active volcano of mount Batur and the beautiful Batur lake. Mount Batur, located at Kintamani has erupted about 24 times since year 1800 and is still active, impacting the local society life around this mount. Lake Batur is the biggest lake in Bali and functioning as irrigation source to all farmers around it. There is a cool weather all around as one enjoys the beautiful panorama from Kintamani. The residents of this area are mostly working as farmer, merchant, or work at industrial tourism.

Menjangan - Island  of Unique Species

Situated in the protected marine reserve of the Bali Barat National Park, Menjangan Island has very diverse eco biology. The island is surrounded by hectares of exellent coral reef and is a great destination for both snorkel and diving. You can view here colorful, tropical fish, many kinds of sea- and shorebirds and Hawkesbill Turtle. The island is also home to a unique species of deer, called Menjangan, for which the island was named and one can spot this animal at the secluded, sandy beaches of the island.

You can also visit some of the Hindu temples on the island.

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Bali Sea TempleBali Sea TempleBali Sea Temple
Bali Sea Temple
Bali Sea Temple
Bali Sea Temple
Bali Sea Temple
Bali Sea Temple
Bali Sea Temple

Great Destinattions of Bali

Bali is a destination that suits all kind of tourists. Nature lovers can indulge in the beauty of beaches and enjoy trekking to forests and volcanoes. Those interested in knowing about the culture can view the ceremonies that take place in the many temples here. Sports lovers find here dozens of diving clubs. For the fun loving tourists there are night bars, clubs or beach parties.

So pack your bags and get ready to visit this beautiful place!!!

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Ployie 5 years ago from Bangkok,Thailand

Great hub,wish i was there now after saw the pictures :)

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voted up beautiful, interesting and useful ! this is a place i always dreamed of visiting and now thanks to your hub and lovely pictures and videos i feel like i did !

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Hi ployie,

You would really enjoy the place. Try to visit it.

Hi jamila,

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