Moving Tips for Packing your Family Room

Moving can be exciting, not to mention that it can be a lot of work, but settling into a new home can be equally as exciting and even more work. One of the more difficult rooms to unpack will be your family room, unless you take the right actions when you pack it up. Yes, unpacking and setting up your family room can be made easier if you follow some simple tips to pack it up before the move.

If you are packing up a big screen television there are moving materials to keep it safe during the trip. By contacting Dunham movers you can arrange to get these materials, or even a packing crate large enough to house your unit. They are not nearly as expensive as replacing your television if it is damaged in transport. All those cables? As you are unplugging them, use wire ties, also known as zip ties to keep them neat and organized and use a piece of masking tape, wrapped around each cable, with what it is for written on the tape.

If you are moving an older style turntable, on the underside are at least two screws that will secure the table for transport, protecting it from damage. Many DVD and CD players will also have security screws to help prevent damage to the laser during a move. Speakers will need to be cushioned for transport and large speakers should be cushioned, usually with furniture pads, to protect them.

If you use a cable service, there usually isn’t much you need to do, except making sure the service is disconnected. If you have satellite television in most instances, all you take with you is your receiver. The satellite company will arrive at your new place with a new dish and make the connection if you make those arrangements in advance.

Books are generally heavy and should be placed in smaller boxes, making them light enough to carry. Pack them flat as standing them on end could damage the spines. Photographs in frames should be well padded to prevent the glass from breaking and packed in a box not used for other items. According to Dunham movers caution is needed to protect pictures if your belongings are going to be exposed to extreme heat in the truck or a storage facility before or during the move.

Tips for Packing Your Family Room from Mayflower Moving

When packing your lamps, remove all of the light bulbs and pack them in paper or bubble wrap to protect against breakage. Carefully wrap all cords to prevent them from being stepped on when loaded or unloaded. This protects the lamp as well as prevents a trip hazard to whoever is carrying them.

Your furniture will usually be packed first with all of your other items packed around or on it to help balance the load inside the truck. Any furniture than can be dissembled for moving should be. It will take more time but will make moving it and packing it easier. Loose shelves in book cases or other display cases will need to be removed and protected when being moved.

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